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Possibly the cleanest Harvest Rack, looking for Sniper and/or Solly miscs.

Can't believe I have to say it, but taunts wont get you very far.
Sidenote, this Rack does not glitch with it's effect. Works a hundred percent fine. This is the only Rack I'm intending to sell, I may never use it or wear it, but it wont leave easily.

Thanks for reading my trade, good luck folks.
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Pure only.

Scattergun buyouts:
Hypno-Beam (Manndarin/Emerald) 15 keys each.
Tornado Hot Rod 17 keys.
Fire Horns Violet 21 keys.
Fire Horns Manndarin 23 keys.
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2 keys, 20 ref each.
Spectral Spectrum - Multi class cosmetics.

Bruiser's Bandanna - sold for 8 keys.
Dead of Night - sold for 20 keys.
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 15 keys
Breakneck Baggies 16 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Multi class cosmetics.

Ghastlierest Gibus - sold for 3 keys
Weight Room Warmer - sold for 5 keys
Macho Mann 3 keys
Brown Bomber - sold for 2 keys
Killer Exclusive 3 keys
Merc's Mohawk 7 keys
Haunted Hat 3 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Pyro cosmetics.

Haunted Headgear - sold for 20 keys pure.
Pyromancer's Mask 4 keys
Hazmat Headcase 4 keys
Filamental 3 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Medic, Sniper & Spy cosmetics.

Nunhood 2 keys
Lady Killer sold for 3 keys
Cold Killer 3 keys
Snow Scoper 4 keys
Toowoomba Tunic 10 keys
Strange Genuine Anger 4 keys
Vintage level 0 Master's Yellow Belt 17 keys, declined 13 keys pure twice.
Birdman of Australiacatraz 4 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Demoman cosmetics. (and some multi class ones)

Tippler's Tricorne 6 keys
Conjurler's Cowl 4 keys
Teufort Toothkickers 4 keys
Buck Turner All-Stars 7 keys
Hat With No Name 9 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Soldier cosmetics.

Tyrant's Helm 2 keys
Soldier's Stash sold for 4 keys
Strange Confetti beard 6 keys
Hornblower 5 keys
Antarctic Parka 6 keys
Exquisite Rack 4 keys
Slo-Poke 9 keys
War Pig 4 keys
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Spectral Spectrum - Scout cosmetics.

Baker Boy 3 keys
Essential Accessories sold for 3 keys
Digit Divulger 3 keys
Cool Cat Cardigan 3 keys
Backwards Ballcap 4keys
Superfan, sold for 3 keys.
Track Terrorizer 3 keys
Flapjack with Headless Horseshoes 10 keys.
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Pure only.

Team Shine Ubersaw sold for 1 key.
Pure only.

Villainous Violet Sniper rifle kit sold for 2 keys.
Deadly Daffodil Scattergun kit sold for 2 keys.
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Fresh from the crates.

1) Manndarin with Hypno-Beam.
2) Villainous Violet with Incinerator. [sold 18 keys]
3) Manndarin with Fire Horns.

4) Hot Rod with Incinerator.
5) Deadly Daffodil with Tornado.
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Possibly the cleanest Harvest Rack.

I rarely use this masterpiece, but it wont leave my home easily.
As a fellow Rack collector I am, I am obviously interested in other Racks, but the Merc's Mohawk also lurks my interest.

Closing for now. Might re-open in the near future.
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Professional Killstreak Scattergun Kits. Which I literally just unboxed.
Both kits shares the same sheen, which is Manndarin. Alongside with Fire Horns and Hypno-Beam (rip)

Also, they're tradable now. Shoot some offers.
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Factory New Freedom Wrapped Rocket Launcher
Factory New Bonk Varnished Scattergun both up for offers.

Now tradable.
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Both clean with short histories, PE Tyrants has an extremely short history, I'm the third owner.

Declined offers:
Voltaic Hat Protector Captain Space Mann ~87.5 for PE Tyrant's.
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Clean Anti-Freeze Exquisite Rack.

Looking for reasonable offers on this, placeholder is 440 keys.
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Can sell both for an Audi RS6 R Avant. :^)

Jokes aside, Disco Beat Down is probably the 2nd best effect for making up combos, after Frostbite that is.
Arcana Scout misc, dope, goes well with most effects.
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Sold to an individual with a tail.
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Clean Searing Plasma Exquisite Rack, with a footprint spell attached.
Buyout is 80 keys pure, I can also upgrade to a Ghosts or Cauldron Rack!
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I can trade all these items for a Golden Pan.

Can go slightly lower if paying full pure.
If selling seperately, my buyouts are:
Bonk Boy - 450 keys
Veil - 400 keys
Shred - 85 keys
Crone's Dome - 55 keys
Viewfinder - 100 keys
Most Wanted - 24 keys
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Pure keys takes high priority, I can add keys for a Spectral Headless Max's.
Level 56. Perfect spell combination team spells.
Clean and low man history too.
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Or 100 keys pure for the lot.
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Closing for now, feel free to add me and discuss.
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Scorching Flames Villain's Veil. (Now painted white)

500 keys or generous overpay in items.
Willing to 1:2 GE Rack and Veil.
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Craft #1337
Dual spelled too, and I do consider it more valuable.

Not for "1 key"
Multiple keys to take this off from me, even though I don't use it that often. It's a collectible, a true rarity and of course, a one of a kind.
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Selling this budget low tier Unusual.

I value this hat at 600 keys.
Hey wanna hear something funny, I don't give a flying fuck if this hat is duped or not, trying to get it cheaper due to it's status? Piss off.
I enjoy every second of having this hat, I paid 600+, so I have the right to value it at 600.

Whatever, no buyout, but willing to listen to dope offers.
I'm willing to 1:1 a Spellbound Exquisite Rack, or make a (2:1) deal of a Burning & Scorching combination.
Racks > Tyrant's > Stash >>> anything else
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Hearts set, both clean as well. (Comes with extreme short histories too!)
Can add keys for a DBD Rack.
Rack - 125 keys
Taunt - 50 keys

Rack is now tradable.
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Dual spelled and Specialized Killstreak.
Also level 13.

I'm looking for 36 keys on this.

If you're offering Unusuals, it has to be ridiculously overpay. Long story short, don't offer Unusuals.
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Decided to keep the TC.
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Looking for offers on this Sunbeams Exquisite Rack. Double spelled and level one.
http://prn...efqwg5 View count as of 2017-03-04 00:50 AM
http://prn...f7ztr9 View count as of 2017-05-15 11:47 AM
http://prn...ff2l3d View count as of 2017-06-02 15:17 PM
http://prn...ff2lyo View count as of 2017-06-02 15:19 PM

Sold! Bulk deal for Secret TC.

Passed offers:
§1 Green Energy Woolen Warmer
§2 Silver Cyclone Pool Party ~420? keys +40 keys [ http://prn...dq5ga7 ]
§3 Tesla Coil Phononaut ~400-500 keys?
§4 Spellbound Burning Bandana ~102 + Green Energy Patriot Peak ~400+ http://prn...dvm0zv
(if I add my Normal 'nade Launcher)
§5 Circling Peace Sign Noh Mercy ~400 keys (http://prn...dwe5yi)
§6 Vivid TC, Stormy Rack, '72 Fresh Brewed Victory, Tesla Coil Toadstool Topper, PKS Cool Aqua Marine, PKS Aussie Black Box and other sweets ~350+ http://prn...dwnh7j
§7 Holy Grail Rancho + Strange Atomic Captain Space Mann ~355 (http://prn...dwook8)
§8 TF Logo Antlers ~250-300 (http://prn...e1zndi)
§9 TF Logo Antlers + '72 Schadenfreude ~360+ (same buyer^)
§10 Hellfire Merc's Mohawk ~440, if I add 20 keys ~420.
§11 Vivid Plasma Cotton Head + GE Executioner ~380 http://prn...eb8h1t
§12 Showstopper Fresh Brewed History + Screaming Tiger Soldier's Requiem ~350 http://prn...eb8ha2
§13 SBTWC Brotherhood of Arms ~390 http://prn...eb8ft1
§14 Burning Flames Kiss King ~321 http://prn...edr0u5
§15 Screaming Tiger Pool Party ~600 keys http://prn...eh2npa
§16 Tesla Coil Law + 15 keys pure ~400 http://prn...en9sie
§17 Duped Burning Tyrant's + 110 keys ~330 http://prn...eolfvh
§18 Time Warp Exquisite Rack (if I add 79 keys) ~450+ http://prn...epzeg5
§19 SGG Pool Party, Showstopper Bucking Bronco, SGG Second Rate Sorcery and Mega Strike Soldier's Requiem ~400 http://prn...f4u9i9
§20 Duped Vintage Max's Severed Head ~300+ http://prn...f4uasy ( price 744, based off clean sales)
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Buying items with Spectral Spectrum, offer down here, then we'll talk.
But this trade will be open forever most likely, since I collect Spectral Spectrum items!

Spectrals I'm selling: Haunted Crone's Dome w/ Voices and Teufort Toothkickers.

Can pay refs to keys depending on the hat. I.e craft hats with Spectral -> price + 10 refs

Spectrals I already have:
Max's Severed Head
Brown Bomber
Spine-Chilling Skull 2010
Exquisite Rack
Vintage Tippler's Tricorne
Merc's Mohawk
Summer Shades
Villain's Veil
Haunted Crone's Dome
Genuine Killer Exclusive
Ghastlieriest Gibus
Strange Genuine Anger
Lady Killer
HazMat Headcase
Birdman of Austrliacatraz
Genuine Tyrant's Helm
Snow Scoper
Backwards Ballcap
Teufort Tooth Kicker
Essential Accessories
Vintage Master's Yellow Belt
Digit Divulgers
Bruiser's Bandanna
Vintage Killer's Kabuto
Antarctic Parka
Toowoomba Tunic
Hat With No Name
Strange Outback Intellectual
Weight Room Warmer #74
War Pig
Breakneck Baggies
Vintage Ye Olde Baker Boy
Track Terrorizer
Vintage Soldier's Stash
Dead of Night
Pyromancer's Mask
Haunted Hat
Cold Killer
Bill's Hat
Conjurer's Cowl
Cool Cat Cardigan
Skull 2011
Strange Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
Haunted Hard-Headed Headwear

Spectrals I'm interested in:
Shaolin Sash
Fruit Shoot
Spooky Sleeves
Rogue's Col Roule
Fancy Fedora
and everything else most likely!
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Sinister Staining Veil - 1.5 keys
Die Job Belt - 1 key

Buy the lot for 2 keys
Still selling, just add me or whatever.
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Chromatic set, also comes with Headless Horseshoes and Voices from Below.

Still selling, just add me or whatever.
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Black Box - 3 keys

Still selling, just add me or whatever.

Can pay about 120+ pure keys.
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Sold for 2 keys.
  • Completed
'nade Launcher - 18 keys
  • Completed
Black Box 4 keys
  • Completed
LF 13 keys pure
  • Completed
Spectral / Voices Crone's Dome - 4 keys
Die Job Master's Yellow Belt - 1 key
  • Completed
Long names are pretty long tbh
Strange Sophisticated Collector's Professional Killstreak Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol

Apparently one of one for sale anywhere.
  • Completed
Spectral Spectrum cosmetics
Crone's w/ Voices - 4 keys
Teufort Toothkicker - 1 key
  • Completed
Spectral Spectrum All class hat and multi class boots.
  • Completed
Strange Deep Cover Operator, with Rotten Orange Footprints (basically burning flames)

No less than 4 keys.
You could also offer hats / miscs with Spectral Spectrum spell.
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Offering pure keys for either PKS Unique or Strange Festive RL and Shotgun. They must be Tornado & Team Shine.
  • Completed
Level 11
Headless Horseshoes

Toss offers around the area of 30 keys.
Whatever, pure or an air of debonair as payments.