B/O: 1 bud
Killstreaker: Singularity
Sheen: Agonizing Emerald

Feel free to offer.
Hitman's Heatmaker.
Killstreaker: Singularity
Sheen: Emerald

Looking for offers.
Prefer pure.
Sheen is Team Shine.

Add me.
Offer here

Just got this nice Scout hat, feel free to offer.

Rare effect.

Scout/all-class preferred.

B/O: 5 buds
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Looking for pure above unusual offers. Please offer here before adding me

Been offered:

Sunbeams Ushanka + 10 keys

Spectral Max + sweets

Planets Tossle + bud

3 pure

2 pure

Steaming Modest + 4 keys

Blizzardy Tossle
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Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Deadly Daffodil

Looking for pure offers above unusuals, but feel free to offer.
Just got this nice Professional.

Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Deadly Daffodil

Offer here.

C/O: 11 keys
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Trading this SF Sticky launcher for a 1:1 SF Minigun or 20 keys. Add me.
Add me
Selling this nice soldier hat with a Halloween effect.
Very short history.
Looking for buds or unusual offers.
Selling at backpack.tf prices

Have a ton more stranges for sale, look at my backpack.

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Selling this nice soldier hat with a Halloween effect!
Very short history.
Looking for buds or unusual offers.

Just got this, looking for offers.



2.5 buds
Blizzardy Company man

Please add me, i'll be able to get back to you much quicker.
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Just looking for offers on this bad boy

C/O: Stormy chapeau + Ghost coupe

13th hour Conquistador (waiting for him to get it)
Willing to 1:1 for any of these hats. Also accepting key offers.

Please add me, i'll be able to respond to you much faster.
Selling keys at $1.30 each

If you have less rep than me, you go first. If you have more rep than me, I go first.

Must be sent as a gift.

Include note that says "I am paying for virtual items and will not charge back."

Buyer pays any and all fees.

Feel free to add me, it's MUCH faster than me seeing your message here.


Current stock: 0 keys
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C/0 = 2 keys
Selling pretty much every strange I own, check my BP. Add me if you see one you're interested in, i'm mainly looking for metal.

If you respond here, I will probably not see your post as I don't go here often. Please just add me.
Let's try this again.

Selling them seperately, feel free to offer hats/metal
Looking for other new stuff
Looking for offers
Looking for key offers
Not a fan of pink so i'm looking to downgrade to a no-paint all father. Pink goes for 2.66 so im selling it for one ref cheaper, if you were planning on putting pink on your all-father
B/O: 2 keys
Gettysburg: Armored Warfare
I'm looking to buy a team spirit essentials, I currently have an Op Overalls Essentials. I can add more metal, post here or send me a friend request.
$20 game, looking for around 3 keys.
Looking to complete my set
In Stock: 0
Sold: 25
Price: $1.50

Rep here: http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=82300

If you have more rep than me i am fine with going first. Add me
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Stormy is a high tier effect and the Authority is also a great hat that looks right on the soldier. Feel free to add me or make an offer here.
$73 for the lot or $36.5 for one is my B/O
Awesome effect on awesome hat = sex. Feel free to lowball or talk about the weather. Or just give me those unusual/promo offers that I always see.

COs: cloudy moon tam o shatner
Hearts sultan + steaming scotch + 1.5 buds
Scorching whoopee + 1 bud

If I hide your offer, it doesn't mean I deny it. Just making it better for my eyes
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Also looking for unusual offers
I love stormy storm.
Can add more sweets besides this (bills)
24 keys EACH.
Can maybe add a bills for your unusual

Hide = denied
B/O is 2.5 buds
Feel free to offer anything else. This is a legit max head.
Max = 2.5 buds

Also looking for unusual offers
Just doing this so I can use the match system. Thanks