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34 keys pure!
Can offer unusuals or mixed offers
I have keys to add if need be for higher quality offers!
Thanks for looking if you add me please post to my account first!
Looking for offers on this all class 1stgen effect! I'm open to anything.
For good offers I can add pure if need be.
Pure is preffered!
BO is 36 keys.
If you add me please post on my steam page or here first thank you!
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Strange fun festive rocket launcher with stat track and minimal wear. Really fun a great weapon! These are pretty rare and cheap for what it is I find it hard to believe since the non skinned one goes for 12 keys.....this is a steal. shoot me an offer Cheapest on outpost is 8.5 keys. Let me say again that i'm open to offers! seriously lets talk! feel free to add me just please post first.
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1 key and some ref. looking for a key and something close to 6 ref thank you!
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Hello all I'm looking to sell this gorgeous all class unusual WITH TWO halloween spells for
72 keys pure
That makes this the cheapest on outpost even though it has the spells (which match the effect)
This is a nice discount.
you can offer whatever you'd like add me or post here if it's not in my BP it's for sale on OPSKINS
ayyyyyyyy its been while. selling this hat for offers really. I'm reasonable not looking for anything too crazy.
20 keys is the BO it's a good discount


Please offer here before adding or anythimg thanks guys. peaceeeeee

class hats id be most interested in trading for: Medic, soldier, pyro, scout.
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ayyyyyyy sbeen awhile. selling this gawgeous soldier misc.
I love soldier stashes id be down to trade for a smoking stash with added keys.
I'd need about 10 keys on top of it.
im not looking to extort keys hurdur overpay hurdur but I'm not down to get JOHN CENA'd on the price. since it's a misc I'm not doing the whole item OP thing you got a stash add some keys and we can make a deal.
if you've got a higher tier unusual and are interested ive got some stuff I can add so yah know just check out my BP if you want and if its something crazy I might be willing to buy keys to add or uprade to make it fair
BO price....I havent really set oneevery ones askin around 60 to 70 but high 50's sounds good to me

.....anywhooooo offer here please. peaceeeeeeee

classes I like : soldier, medic, scout, pyro....in that order lol
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yyyoooooooooo. selling these ear buds! open for offers of anything really. if I dig it I dig it lol. but 2 keys and 7 ref takes it
offer here please!
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selling this wonderful effect scotsman stovepipe :) most people are selling them for 3 buds. me? im not that greedy so offer away! unusual offers need to be worth more than (or equal too) the price of the hats full value. im always open to offers so feel free to add me and we'll try and work something out. BO in pure 2 buds 8 keys or 38 keys :) if you have a killer unusual offer i can add :) feel free to offer! have a good one and good luck :)
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looking for some unusual offers :) stuff like aussies are welcome too :) quicksells, not quick sells, offer anything really (for one or both of the buds) :)
id love for you guys to offer here before adding me but if youd like to keep your offer private then feel free to add me! also feel free to send me a trade offer :)
got this here unusual sniper misc!
nice low person history :)
im always open to offers!!! so feel free to add me! id love for you to post here first unless you want to keep your offer private :) id prefer pure but like i said offers are always welcome ! thank you and have a good one :)
no set B/O atm looking for 2 buds
level 1 festive smg ! 1 ref :) add for quick trade or send trade offer :) i would also be willing to trade for a craft hat depending on the hat
selling this terrorwatt unusual honchos headgear! beautiful hat. i think the effect looks great i don't know what the hate's about. anyway great looking solly unusual with cool effect for a very cheap price. selling for 1.5 buds (aka 1 bud and 8 keys) I'm always open to unusual offers and to negotiate so feel free to add me.
If you have a much higher tier unusual and would still like to buy this one i can add if your hat interest's me :)
in other words offer away you guys! any and all offers accepted :) thanks a lot have a good one and good luck everyone.
hey guys :) specialized killstreak kit for a lugermorph! its a must have if youre a luger fan :) two keys is the price feel free to add me to discuss :) I'm aways willing to try and work out a deal. thank you have a good one and goodluck :)
selling this specialized killstreak festive medigun for 4 keys or close to that :) pure is prefered however im always open to offers. i would prefer offers in a few higher priced items. feel free to add me to discuss I'm always willing to try and work something out :) thank you and have a good one good luck :)
theyre going for 2 keys currently so thats would i would like :) also side note its level 1! feel free to offer but offers need to be comprised of a few higher priced item :) im always open to discuss to work something out. feel free to add me or send a trade offer if paying BO :) thank you very much have a good one and goodluck :)
selling these gorgeous festives :)

festive SMG (1 ref)
festive Revolver (1.3 ref)
festive buff banner (2 ref)
festive shotgun (3 ref)
Specialized Killstreak Festive Medigun (4 keys)
Festive knife (1 key 5 ref)

Feel free to add me to discuss anything. im always willing to try and work something out. thank you good luck and have a good one ! P.S. the knife smg and medigun are all level 1's grab em while im not being a classic outpost trader and overcharging the crap out of them :)
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Looking for unusual offers ! any and all unusuals are welcome! could be for one bud could be for both :) If i like your price and hat i will buy it! however if you wanted to offer australiums or something like that i will also be willing to look into that. feel free to add me i am allways willing to discuss :) thanks a bunch have a good one and good luck :)
Hey guys :) quick selling this beautiful solly unusual :) 1 bud 12 keys and its yours! feel free to give unusual offers but they must be greater than the hats full value. feel free to add me. I am always willing to discuss with traders :) thank you very much have a good one and good luck.
7.3 ref for this lime green god tier solly hat! comes with a fun unique description as well :)
selling all of this stuff!

festive bonesaw (.66)
festive smg (1ref) (stock of 2)
festive buff banner (2ref)
festive shotgun (3 ref)
spec. kill streak festive medi (3 keys and 10 ref)
specialized ks lugermorph kit (2 keys pure)
lime green war pig (7.3 ref)
Festive revolver (1.3)

feel free to add me you guys. thank you have a good one and good luck :)
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1 bud and eight keys looking for anything you guys want to sell to me :) (prefer unusual offers) I have an unusual honchos headgear terrorwatt for sale too and could add. show me what you guys have ^.^ dont be affraid and feel free to add me thanks a bunch :)
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6 keys for a vintage luger morph add me ^.^
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two keys pure takes the lot. peace out :)
6 keys for a vintage lugermorph add me ^.^
4 bros (also known as buds). ;) and 4 keys for the set. Talk to me we can try and negotiate something !Offer here! if your paying the B/O add me idgaf ! All effects are welcome i just have to think it's a bitchin effect. <---- item over pay plz <3 thanks you guys have a good one offer away and peace :)
yowza. this hat is gorgeous. totally awesome hat. totally awesome effect.
beautiful history.
Just an awesome unusual ! paint looks great with the effect. Fun name and description as a bonus. its currently the only one on outpost!!!
It'd be hard for someone to come up with one better and cleaner than this one.
yes I know BP.tf says 2.5 its wrong you guys sorry <3
looking for offers right now cause i'm not sure I feel like letting this beauty go. offers have to be ATLEAST 3 buds to be even considered. nothing under that because I will not sell it. if youre offering unusuals all effects are welcome idgaf about 1st gen 2nd gen superiority all that bs. whats important is if I think its more bitchin than this beauty. so just offer away if you would like. please try and avoid adding me thank you <3
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Painted a distinctive lack of hue! Add me for a quick trade ^_^
Painted A Distintive Lack of Hue!!!!!!! 5 keys PUREEEEEEEE cheap priceeeee !!!!! add me for a quick selll!!!!!!! WURBLBLBLRBLRBLRLBLRBLBRLRRRRBRBB
5 keys 5 ref!!!!! really good price because of the paint it comes with. probably the cheapest on out post but im to lazy to check. again it has DISTINTIVE LACK OF HUE PAINT!!! WURBLBLBLBLBBLRLRBLRBLRBBRRRRRR add me for a quick trade!!!!!! might be open to offers.....maybeeeeee add me and we will discuss!!!!!
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add me for a quick trade
hey guys! QSQSQSQS!!!! quick selling this at 10 keys underprice!!!! worth 37 selling at 27 :) cheapest on outpost :) will 1:1 for an unusual exquisite rack unless its like nuts and bolts. and as always im open to unusual offers :)
add for a quick trade :)
yup yup yup. three keys for fallout 3 GOTY. add me.
18 for 1 peace you guys
hey guys :) got 25 keys available! looking for some good deals on unusuals :) all effects and hats are welcome. thanks have a good one :)
WORTH 31 asking 25 flip for some prof! send trade if paying MY LISTED PRICE! have a good one !
QUICK SELLING QSQSQSQSQS low bp tf2 price on this hat is about 31 keys! and i'm selling it for a bud and 8 keys! hats clean and shnazy af. open to unusual offers as always but i really would like some PURE RIGHT NOAAW. add me on steam if you're paying my asking price!
Great sheen :) add me for a quick trade if paying my asking price thanks :)
yup yup yup 16 keys is my price. hats worth bout 18.clean hat good stoofs :) always open to unusual offers. only add me on steam if youre paying my asking price thank you :)
hey guys kewl medic hat with fun effect :) very short history im the sixth owner :) have a standing offer for 14 keys already. paint matches the effect! selling for 15 keys pure! <---- le price of firmness. only add me on steam if paying my asking price! also always open to unusual offers :) if its not in my bp its on the community market :) thanks! as always gl trading :)
1:1 only add me if youre down to trade my asking price :) thanks :)
hey guys! used a middle man got scammed out of everything i had XD workin my way back up and buying a cheap scrub tier unusual! i have a timid 13 keys! thanks you guys ! gl trading :)
inb4 misc you guys! lots of hype on the festivizer! selling it at the low listed price or looking for unusual offers :) only add me on steam if youre paying my asking price please. thank you and gl trading :)
selling this starter unusual for 10 keys good way to get into unusual trading ! only add me on steam if youre paying my asking price! feel free to post unusual offers equal to the hats full price. hat is clean :) thanks gl trading !