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Just a bunch of stranges with good parts , some of them are even killstreak .

There's no price just make an offer !
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I'm selling this Strange Merc's Muffler painted Team Spirit equipped with 3 Strange Parts : Damage Dealt - Critical Kills - Kills for 5 KEYS
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Between 1 and 2 keys for this Baby
( Notice the killstreak and the damage dealt strange part! )
Selling my two low crafts ! I'm open for all kind of offers , but more inclined to accept pure over anything else.
Looking to sell those low-craft's for all-class items
( cheap but cool unusual , killstreak or not stranges with cool parts ,other low-crafts, bring what you want ! )

Also accepting pure but not putting prices now ....
That's just some ideas ...but I will accept pure...

Paints not required but prefered .

NOTE : I have incorrectly picked cream spirit instead of Team Spirit
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Cool set that goes well on all classes (ok ,maybe not Pyro ...)

Prices ? I don't know . Show me your offers ....

Notes :
- #35 is still pretty low

- Notice the strange parts ( Didn't even know you can put robots destroyed on hats )

- If you are rich as fuck , it can go well with aussies too...
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EDIT : WHOAH 100 views , really cool....

Just want to see how much i can get from ma Heavy Set .

SO ! What do we have here ?

-A TF logo Officier's Ushanka

-A PRO KS Collector's Natascha

-A Pro KS Collector's Family Business

-A Collector's Dalokohs Bar

-A Strange Festive Sandvich with Allied Healing Done

- PRO KS Strange Fists

-A LowCraft Cuban Crisis Bristles

-And finally , (not really , there was much more , but there are some things that i don't want to sell ) , a Strange cosmetic with all the good parts which goes extremely well with the Ushanka...

SO ? How much ?

Pls notice that the killstreak effects here go really well with the unusual , that there's a LowCraft ( and it's multi-class now ) and that all the stranges come with good parts .

Last Note : I can sell them separatly if you want .
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PB Prices (high end pls)
+ 1 ref if painted

EDIT: no, the gold digger is not + 1 ref, its price may vary but I think 1 key is enough.
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Selling this really cool multi-class beard fro 14 refs (BP price) or for 1 key if you prefer .
You will evidently get 6 ref back if you choose the second option (if key is 20 ref at the moment)
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Some Hats (backpack prices , do not count the paint...)
And some stranges killstreak weapons with g00d parts (damage dealt , critical kills )

I'm not sure of their prices ( cus parts ) so i'm ok with pretty much any offer !
Pure is needed , except if i reeally like the item. Don't add me if you're buying with hats and weps , post your offer below please...

Have a nice day .
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Kinda themed... Nice hat, decent effect...
= 20 keys pure
Not more, not less...
Selling this PAINTED Insulated inventor ( TEAM SPIRIT) for 8 REF !

! OR !

The Bearded Bombardier AND The Cold Breeze Set
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There's also pro KS ccollector's G.R.U (manndarin // fire horns )
Hello ! I'm buying BEARDS ! Cuz Beards are cool ....I will certainly pay with hats or weps in the first time....then i'll go with pure (or ToD tickets)

I'm looking for these beards with grey paint ... ...What ? Yours is strange ? IT'S even BETTER !
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hello ! I'm selling my set of killstreak (actually , two of them have Manndarin) Pyro strange weapons ! And it comes with great parts !
I really want to sell it as a set , but i know it's pretty impossible...
SO ,
IF you buy the whole set : you'll pay about 17-18 keys
IF NOT : well , i don't have price for each of them ...try to be reasonable...
Selling low craft multi class misc for KEYS (don't really know how much) or a low craft chronoscarf or medi-mask
21 keys not less , not more...
Unusual = 21

Loose Cannon = 6-7 keys

Carbonado = 3 keys

Gold MK1 = 5 keys

Brick House = 4-5 keys

Low Craft Muttons = dunno ...(offers)
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Quickselling this unusual for 21 keys ...
Hello ! I'm selling my Demo Set (not very used as you can see ) !

I'm looking for Pure BUT i will accept support classes items as long as i like them (I'm don't want spec or pro KS weapons and i'm not interested by unusuals)

SO ,

-Unusual = 25 keys

-Low Craft Muttons = Idk (offers)

-Mann of the seven sees (painted and come with parts) = around 3 keys

-Grenade launcher = around 6 keys

-Sticky-launcher = Around 6 keys too ...

-Loose Cannon = 8 keys (look at theses parts man ....)

-Charge n' Targe = 4 keys

-Tide turner (sheen goes well with the unusual effect) = 5 keys

(Not actually shown in the trade)

- KS pro Persan persuader with critz kills (sheen : emerald // singularity ) = 6 keys

-KS strange Claidheamh mor = offers

If you're taking a large portion of it , i can discount some items ...

(Sorry for bad english)
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i'm selling this , and you might be like " WHAT IS THIS ? "

Well son , this is the ultimate ( not really ) Tank buster soldier set !

So ,what in it ?

Firstly , a COLLECTOR's PROFESSIONAL killstreak BLACKBOX ! (sheen team shine // killstreaker incinerator )

Then , A COLECTOR's Battalion's backup

And finally , the master piece of this set , the STEAMING grenadier's softcap !

I know what you're thinking ! Why the fuck is this crappy and worthless unusual is "a master piece" ?

Because incinerator and steaming work veryyyyy well with each other ! I'm not saying it's themed or that kind of things ,i saying they work well !


So , you want to buy this set ? yes , you really want ? ok.

IF buying the whole set , will be around 35 keys

IF not ....

Black box = 18 keys

Unusual = 16 keys

Backup = 3 keys


Last point : if they're not in my bp , they're on the market ! Just Add me !
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Selling theses Professional KS heavy weapons ! ( and sandvich )

(Actually not PRO KS )Minigun = around 12 keys ( cuz parts )

Sandvich = 5 keys (healing allied done)

"made for MVM " Brass Beast = 6 keys

Holiday punch = 4 keys ( taunt kill part )

Family Business = 4 keys (Kritz kills )

Apoco-Fists = 5 keys ( damage dealt )

Huo Long Heater = 4 keys (damage dealt too )

Fists = 2 keys

I'm currently looking for an unusual SoftCap with low-mid tier effect , or a good black box , but i HIGHLY prefer keys....
Prices are still able to change , we can discuss about that ....

Last thing : if they are not in my backpack , they're on the market , just add me !
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SELLING this professionnal KS strange liberty launcher ( team shine / hypno )
with kills while rocket jumping and not crits nor mini-crits kills

I'm looking around 5 keys ....(or 4 keys and the cold snap coat )
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Selling this halloween painted soldier hat for 1 key or the cold snap coat ! (footprints = bruised purple )
Hey ! Selling theses Strange weapons ( Killstreak , Specialized and Professional ) with great parts !

-Pro KS Fists (deadly daffodil ,cerebral discharge ) = 2 keys

-KS BackBurner With critz kills ,dominations and posthumous kills = 3 keys

-Pro KS Festive ÜberSaw with critz kills , dominations and robots destroyed (Team shine , hypno beam ) = 7 keys (SOLD , Sorta ...)

-Pro KS short-stop with Damage Dealt (deadly daffodil , fire horns ) = 4 keys

-KS bushwacka with Critz Kills = 1.5 key

-Specialized KS Direct Hit with Damage Dealt , Gib Kills and Airborne kills ("themed parts") (Villainous Violet ) = 4.5 keys

(If they are not in my backpack ,they're on the market , just add me ! )
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Selling this Unusual Electrostatic berliner's bucket helm For 38 keys !
Minigun = 13 keys (look at the parts)

Tomislav = 34 Keys ( Cool part and Pro KS)

Unusual = 23 Keys

If Paying In "Offer" , i will need a good overpay ( i'm actually looking for australium minigun or unusual ushanka )
If they are not in my backpack , they are on the market ...Just add me
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Selling painted hats !

Price = Price of the original hat + 50% of the price of the paint
Selling a painted pyro set of hats (Level 100 ,except for the sombrero)
And also selling some professional Killstreak pyro stranges.

-Pyro set = around 15 ref

-Rainblower = 5 keys ( cool parts + halloween spell )

-Detonator =2.5 keys (SOLD)

-back-scratcher = 2 keys (SOLD)

-third degree = 2 keys
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Hello ! Hello ! Selling this Low craft Mutton Mann #38

- Multi-class

-38 is a relatively low number (i mean ,between 1 and 100 )

I'm looking for Pure ,but if you're paying with "items" ,i will need a good overpay !
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Selling theses specialized KS Stranges weapons !

Direct hit with Airborne Kills , Damage Dealt and Gib Kills = 4 keys

Festive Frontier Justice with Crit Kills , Dominations and Spy Killed = 4 keys

If paying with "items"...i will need a good overpay !
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Hello ! Selling this Beautiful Strange Professionnal KS Festive UberSaw For 9 keys !!!

-Has Robots Destroyed , Dominations and Crits Kills

-Sheen= Team Shine ,Effect = Hypno Beam

-I only accept pure
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-8 ref in pure
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-8 ref in pure