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This user has been banned permanently by Toughsox. The reason for this ban is as follows:
Knowingly trading with scammers/scammer alts -

This ban is PERMANENT

Blizzardy Storm Soldier's Stash: 48
Eerie Orbiting Fire Grenadier's Softcap: 30
Green Energy Bloke's Bucket Hat: 24
Strange Blizzardy Storm Private Eye : 15
Kill-a-Watt Cloud Crasher: 15
Orbiting Planets Specialized Killstreak Triboniophorus Tyrannus: 17
Orbiting Planets Little Buddy: 9
Steaming Janissary Ketche: 9

More in unusuals, obviously
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Blizzardy Storm Hat with No Name: 28 Keys
Infernal Flames Buy a Life Taunt: 18 Keys
Blizzardy Gym Rat: 10 Keys

More in unusuals (obviously)
Bubbling Hong Kong Cone: 33
Infernal Flames Buy a Life: 20
TF Logo Brigade Helm: 22
Blizzardy Gym Rat: 10
Terror-Watt Deep Cover Operator: 40 Keys
Green Energy Prussian Pickelhaube: 35 Keys
Scorching Flames Broadband Bonnet: 37 Keys
Blizzardy Storm Hat With No Name: 32 Keys
Orbiting Fire Kiss King: 25 Keys
Bubbling Prancer's Pride: 9 Keys
Bubbling Heavy Duty Rag: Keys
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Dead Presidents Brainiac Hairpiece: 18
Kill-a-Watt Prince Tavish's Crown: 14
Subatomic A Head Full of Hot Air: 10
Orbiting Planets Professional's Panama: 11
  • Completed
Has exorcism
Arcana Whoopee: 1/2 other owner is supposedly a scammer, Looking for 70 Keys
Scorching Broadband Bonnet: 40 Keys
Strange Pro. KS Blood Botkiller MK. I Sniper Rifle (W/ parts): 8 keys

Strange Specialized Killstreak Grenade Launcher: 1 Key
Strange Specialized Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka: 10 ref
Strange Killstreak Diamondback: 14 ref
Bubbling Burning Bandana: 10 Keys

Deep Cover Operator: 40 Keys
Your Worst Nightmare: 33 Keys

Stranges: Offer (They have parts)
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Looking to quicksell this Purple Energy Front Runner for only 60 keys!



Looks great

Keep unusual offers above 80, please :)
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Cool Night Terror Scattergun (FT): 45 Keys
Stormy Storm Surgeon's Stahlhelm: 16 Keys
Bubbling Tyrant's Helm: 13 Keys
Steaming Grenadier's Softcap: 10 Keys
Looking to buy quicksells!
Stock: 61 keys
Blizzardy Soldier's Stash: 50
Stormy Storm Stove Pipe: 11
Unusual Prices are negotiable

Stormy Storm Little Buddy: 10 Keys
Aces High Tipped Lid: 32 Keys
Nuts n' bolts Janissary Ketche: 9 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Australium Wrench: 18 Keys
Genuine Dadliest Catch: 2 Ref
Strange Hitman's Heatmaker (w/ headshot kills): 7 Ref
Strange Medi-gun: 2 Ref
Genuine MK 50: 10.44 Ref
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Looking to quicksell these unusuals!

Terror-Watt Helmet Without a Home: 12 Keys

Specialized Killstreak Australium Ambassador: 10.5 Keys

Tags: Discount, Discounted, Quicksell, Quickselling, Cheap, Unusual
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Pure prices (Very negotiable)
Head Prize: 100

Head Prize in on


Declined offers on Head Prize:
Knifestorm Honcho + 5 keys
Proof (for the haters)

eXuberant: was about to offer my knifestorm hancho ( getting priced at 125 + 5 keys , but thats def going to be low , i wanted to offer as per the trade desc
ᎦᎮᎯᏟᏋ | Yea, I would have to need more

Sunbeams Harmburg (110)

Cloudy Moon Pot (95)
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Green Energy Safe'n'Sound: 50 Keys
Disco Beat Down Tartan Tyrolean: 20 Keys
Orbiting Planets Mining Light: 16 Keys
Steaming Brigade Helm: 11 Keys
Corona Australis: 12.5 Keys
Strange Machina: 8.5 Keys
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Frontier Justice: 11 Keys
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Force-A-Nature: 12 Keys
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Demonflame Ye Oiled Baker Boy: 45 keys

Blizzardy Dread Knot: 8.5 keys

Specialized Killstreak Factory New Night Terror: 2 keys
Jefe: 17
Softcap: 14
Whoopee: 12
Darkblaze Noble Amassment of Hats: 90 pure
- 1/2 (other not on market)
- High Tier Effect on an All-Class hat

Dead Presidents Robo Glove: 9 keys
- Nice starting unusual
- Quicksell
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Tyrant: 23
Swagman: 11
Looking to trade at a 11 TF2 : 10 CSGO

or 22:20
32 pure

50% OFF!




55 keys

85 in unus
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36 pure!


Boxcar: 40 keys (37.5% off)
Spent well spirits: 20 (33% off)

Spec ks black box (cheapest by a key!): 13
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Cloud 9 Nunhood: 50 pure (33% off)

Circling Peace Sign Conquistador: 14 (20%)

In overpay

Cloud 9 Nunhood in unusuals: 80

Circling Peace Sign Conquistador: 20

Can do 59 pure for both (35% off)

Declined offers:


Orb planets otolaryngologist (16)
Stormy Storm Ye oiled baker boy (15)
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Haunted Phantasm Jr. Spook Specs: 60 (90 in unusuals)

Purple Confetti Backwards Ballcap: 35 (55 in unusuals)

Declined offers:
Spook Specs:
Eerie orbiting fire modest (75)
TW HKC (65)
C9 Nunhood + CPC Conquistador if i added 6 keys (85)

Ballcap: 30
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Looking for GREEN Spook Specs!

Im open to other green effects or different unusuals, but lets restrict it to soldier
  • Completed
35 (36% off)
Dead Head: 8 keys
B.M.O.C.: 3.55 keys
Class Crown: 2 keys 4 ref

Capo: 16 (24% off)
Larrikin: 15 (38% off)
Both for 32
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Bloke's Bucket Hat: 8 keys 4.11 ref

Company man: 17 keys
Grenade: 14
Gibus: 42
11 pure

15 in unusuals

B/O: 65 Pure Keys
Unusual B/O: 105

- Clean
- Green Effect
- All-Class
- Over 30% off
- Cheapest on Market
- Free paint :D
- 1st Gen effect

Send a trade offer!
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Gatsby: 21
Modest: 21

Both for 41
10 keys each
Both for 19
My Csgo for Your Tf2 + 4 ref

Keys sold: 2
Keys left: 15
  • Completed
19 pure

19 pure

28 in unusuals
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B/O: 30 Pure

= Clean
= Short History
= First Gen
= Pyro Hat

40 in unusuals
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- Has 20+ keys in spells
- All-Class
- Nice Hat

B/O: 22
Maybe lower if all pure

Other offers:
PE Cranium + 5 pure (Low)
C9 Brain Bucket + 2 keys (Low)

I can do overpay
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Buying keys for $1.90 PayPal


Verified PayPal account
Don't be a scammer
YOU go first

About me:
Ive been trading for over 3 years (Since early March 2014)
I've traded using paypal before
Thats about it, im trying to gain some rep from buying keys, and since I sold a lot of things on

I'll cover any fees if any

Add me to discuss

Keys bought:

5 ($1.79)
15 ($1.85)
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- 1st Gen Effect
- Recently Updated Price
- Demoman Hat
- Clean

B/O: 35
Maybe lower for pure

I can take 50 in overpay
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2 quickbuyers for 57, offer accordingly
B/O: 75 keys // 90 in overpay

- Clean
- Pyro Hat
- Burning Rubber
- God-Tier Effect
- Themed with Pyro
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8.5 pure // 10.5 in unusuals