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Selling Craft Hats for 1.33 Ref each
Buying Craft Hats for 1.11 each Ref each or another hat + 0.11 Ref

Thanks for your time.
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Make an offer trying to get rid of this.
Buying all craft hats for 1 ref each
Selling a lot of stuff including things not shown above. Item list below, prices will be added soon.

Gift wrap
Vintage fosters facade
Strange fist of steal
Strange specialized killstreak overdose
Tour of duty ticket
Vaccinators strangifier
Decal tool
Robot parts(not sure which)
Five month shadow

Send a trade offer if u want.
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Selling this stuff make an offer.
Selling this stuff make an offer.
Looking for minimal wear or factory new versions of these mediguns. Comment on my profile before you add me.

I have about 2 keys in metal avalibe to trade for them.
Buying these stranges fo 1.44 ref each

Selling these stranges for 1.77 ref each

send me a trade offer.
Buying and selling taunts for set prices. The number next to the taunt is how many i have in stock. Prices will be added shortly.


Meet the medic(1)

Rock Paper Scissors(1)

High five(1)

Send a trade offer if you are willing to buy for my prices
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Buying and selling the following paints for set prices. Prices may change in the future. The number next to each paint is the available amount of that color.

Buying 2.22
Selling 2.44

Ye olde rustic colour(0)
Buying 2.88
Selling 3.11

Dark salmon Injustice(0)
Buying 2.88
Selling 3.11

Peculiarly Drab Tincture(0)
Buying 3.44
Selling 3.88

Drably Olive(0)
Buying 3.44
Selling 3.88
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Buying all low price stranges for backpack tf2 prices i can pay in pure. Please do not offer stranges that are alreay in my backpack.

To clarify i consider low price anything 1 ref or below.

Send me a trade offer.
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Buying keys for 15.44 ref each(can buy 0)

Selling keys for 16.66 ref each(for sale 1)

Send me a trade offer

Just made a large purchase so im kind of low atm ill have more keys and metal very soon.
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looking for better exterior versions of these items. I can pay in pure.
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1:1 send me a trade offer.
Looking for better exterior for these items.
Not looking for stat clock versions or unusual effects

trading my item + extra for your item of higher quality

I can also buy for pure

My current stock:
Keys: 2
Refined metal: 13
Buds: 0

Here is the ranking for the skins just in case anyone is wondering(below)

Factory new-perfect
Minimal wear-nice
Field tested-average
Well worn-bad
Battle scared-lowest
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Looking for low value decorated weapons

Tell me what u have and I'll offer
Hello everyone I'm looking for either of these mediguns.

The only qualification is that they are one of these two skins

They can be...
- any exterior
- stat clock/normal
- unusual/standard

Tell me what you have and I'll offer.
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Looking for offers on this set.

you can also buy individually but if you do it costs extra as im try to sell as a set.
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Buying the bat pluss a pro killstreak fab for it.
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Below is my medic set that i started then realized i was far to poor to complete it. I'm looking to sell as a set if possable. Ubersaw is 5.5 keys as it has spec killstreak and 3 parts, the crossbow is 2.5, and the festive medigun is 1.6 keys, this is a total of around 11 keys(11.43 to be exact) for the set. selling for 10-12 keys pure. You can pay the same price in items, since overpay is total bullshit conept that should really not exist, however i must like the items u are offering. The only form I take overpay in is if the majority of the payment is crap items, for example: pyro vision goggles, fabricators, sound box thing, Halloween drops, ect.

Here is a BP tf2 calculated list if you want to check the exact price.

The highest offer so far is a spec Aussie smg/gifted(11 keys)
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Looking for any unusual effect on these to items, check my BP and see if u like anything
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Items I need:

1 vaccinator strangifier
1 professional killstreak vaccinator fabricator(possably already found)
1 collectors chemistry set
200 unique vaccinators

got a bunch of items to pay you, if u don't like the stuff in my backpack I can buy keys, just whatever you do make sure I know you have the item.

so far I have collected 200/200 if u know some one who has any of these(not including actual vaccinators) I will reward u If u send them here.

thanks for the help guys
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Buying spec fabs and ingredients for them

Current stock of pure:
1 key
8 refined

Parts bought: 0
Fabs bought: 3

Keep in mind this is more of an hop in which you can sell crap fabs like winger or overdose, not looking for good ones as those are expensive, for example a scattergun or rocket launcher.

Thanks for your time!
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looking to trade my grimm hatte for the robot version, yours must be the same or greater value. looking for a 1:1 trade.
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Any two spec kill streaks except promo items for 1 key.

kill streaks bought: 2

keys remaining for trade: 17
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Selling my spec ubersaw with 3 parts for a clean one + a key

Add me if ur interested
5.5 keys
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selling this nuts and bolts grimm hatte worth 14-16 keys looking for between that.

dont be that guy below who offered 7 keys thats a major lowball

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Looking for pro weapons versions of these three weapons
Buying crates if ur in to get rid of the new useless ones and want to make a few scrap this is the place.

I buy all crates at the same price is this is meant to be more for no uses crates rather than salvaged/other good ones.
Buying pro medic fabs
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Buying either of these hats in exchange for my unusual and a few keys
Selling this two items note the spell on them. Makes a good combo.
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Selling this for a clean one pluss some extra stuff trade me
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1:1 send a trade offer
Buying tf2 trading cards for 1 scrap each
Buying these items for a discounted price of 10% off

List of items:

Taunt: conga 1 key -> 12
Taunt: scull cracker 5 refined -> 4.55

Taunt: square dance 7 refined -> 6.33
Taunt: rock pare scissors 7 refined -> 6.33
Taunt: shred alert 1 key -> 12
Taunt: flipin awsome 7 refined -> 6.33
Taunt: schadenfreude 7 refined -> 6.33
Battery canteen 4 refined -> 3.66
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Buying a pro fabricator and a decal tool for this item trade me.

0.66 for decal
Friend me for the fab and we can discuss

I block private profiles and level 0
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Buying robot parts to finish some killstreak kits I've been working on.

Taunt processor 0.11
Money furnace 0.11
KB 808 0.11
Currency digester 0.33
Brainstorm bulb 0.33
Bomb stabilizer 0.11
Emotion detector 0.11
Humor suppression pump 0.11
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Looking for pro killstreak fabs for all of the all class melee items, don't know if I missed any above. Also buying a decal tool. I'm not sure of the values for these items so I may not be able to afford any of them, if so sorry to waiste your time.
Looking to exchange this for another unusual I have keys to make up the difference
My Grimm hatte pluss 7 keys for your unusual aces high nun hood.

Grimm hatte 16-18 keys
7 keys = 7 Keys

17+7=24 keys
Nunhood = around 25

Send trade offer or friend me
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Looking to upgrade my medic set, the way this works is if you have one of the items I'll trade you my own along with metal or keys to pat the difference.

Strange festive crusaders ----> strange festive pro killstreak crusaders
Vintage killstreak Kritzkreieg ----> vintage team shine spec killstreak Kritzkreieg
Strange killstreak ubersaw ----> strange festive ubersaw
Unusual grimm hatte nuts and bolts ----> any higher tier effect
Quad wrangler ----> genuine quad wrangler
Byt'd beak ----> pink as hell Byt'd beak
Power up canteen ----> battery canteen

I currently have 7 keys 3 refined to use on upgrades. If you are going to friend me comment here first.

Thank for the help!
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I'm looking for these items if you have 1 or more make a comment below saying how much you want for it. If you have all of them friend me and I'll give you a bonus.

Items include:
Festive medigun
Strange part: damage dealt
Strange part: alowed healing done
Strange part: long distance kills
strange part: critical kills
Strange part: spy's killed
Strange part: kills with taunt attack
Name tag
Feel free to friend me regardless of the number of parts you have, I will decline If your profile is private.
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Can pay with whatever you want looking for around 2 keys 7 refined
looking for offers on my medic set as a whole. selling individually if u overpay but as a set would be preferred.
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Buying the winterized combat garb set(if I can't figure that out iris the items above. Paying BP tf2 prices for the.

Also a quick question wile I'm at it is anyone else having add related problems on outpost suddenly
Buying dueling mini games for 2 scrap each
Trying to make a gift for a close friend I need a collectors rocket jumper chem set and a collectors Mann treads chem set.

Update: also gonna need a collectors market gardener set
Buying pro killstreaks say the item and ill make a price offer