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S.Scorching flames anger.
B/o 240 keys, downgrades/mixed offer's highly desired, can upgrade yet need a pretty good overpay
1/1 on the market! No non strange's!
Very good lookin!
Past offer's
Demonflame Pithy Professional Worth 300? not priced (declined)
Sunbeamns tundra cap (beeing priced at 165-205) declined

P.e Warhood
B/o 37 keys keys pure or offer's near it, Can lower price if mixed or full pure offer!
Nice heavy unu!
Past offer's!
G.e High Fly guy worth 40. Still unpriced (declined)
Cloud 9 Impaler SOLD!
Nice clean lookin hat for soldier!

Not interested in:
3rd gen's You can still offer them, yet a heavy amount in overpay wil be needed
I am interested in:
1st gens's
2nd gen's
Robo effect's! (not overclocked,memory lake, electro static and powersurge)
Halloween 2012-2014 effect's! (Yes all of em)
If u want to see the unu's in game, add me

Happy trading

Tags: Quickselling, Discounting, Scorching ,P.E ,C.9, upgrading (for great overpay)
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Looking for offer's on both em!

S.Scorching flames anger.
B/o250 keys (can negotiate) or more in unu overpay!
1/1 on the market! non strange are not on the market!
Very good lookin!
Great hat for all of your 10 year old edgy needs!

Sunbeams S.H.F.G (pilot hat) SOLD!
B/o 70 keys or offer's above 70 ish keys! sold for 64 in unu's!

Not interested in:
Weapons (If it's Fn/Mw strange and has a Neato effect i wont mind it being in the offer! Tho don't expect me to price it at what you are selling it at!)
3rd gen's (disco beat down is still allowed)
I am interested in:
1st gens's
2nd gen's
Robo effect's! (not overclocked,memory lake, electro static and powersurge)
Halloween 2012-2014 effect's! (Yes all of em)
If u want to see the unu's in game, you must be interested in buying them! no monkey business around eré!

Happy trading
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Looking to sell this beauty of a hat!

B/o 275 ish not sure yet. Lowest SELLER!

Offer away!

Mostly looking for offer's! i can go lower if its a nice downgrade of a nice mixed offer!

You can add me or send a tarde offer both work for me!

No taunt's and no weapons!
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Looking to buy nice all class hats for a nice discount!
Stock 260 keys

Effect's i like!
effect's from halloween 2012 and 2013 interest me the most
time warp
Robo active
Anti freeze

Hats i like
Though muff
Brown Bomber
Team captain
Rotation sensation

Hats i dont need
Robo hats
hot dogger
executioner A.K.A the condom
Hat with no name
vive la france
Some house rules
1 I have the right to decline a trade for what ever reason i might state!
2 Don't add me if you have a private profile
3 IF you have a private backpack and i ask you to make it public for the duration of the trade YOU wil do so, if not you wil be unadded and blocked.
4 I am not in the mood to start an argument. if i say something about your hat (mostly my opinion) Respect it and move on!
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Looking for offer's on the 1/2 yellow belt :3 haunted phantasm

All class unu's/misc's are preffeble

Don't ask for a B/o just offer what u think is right

No unpriced unu's
No taunt's
No unu weps
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Looking for quicksells and discounts if you have anything you wanna offer and you think its reasonble go for it! :3

Have 67 keys in stock. have an spec aussie grenade launcher if u want dat instead of pure. value'd at 14 keys on the .

low tier/mid tier with 1st/2nd effect's a preffeble :P

unu above 130 Keys 40% off

Don't bother posting down here! either add me or send me a trade offer

https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=124181997&token=lgoE5IcD trade offer link
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084447725/ steam profile
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14 keys and 15 ref or 25+ in unu overpay.
18 keys or more in unu overpay. fire horns emerald
Nice and short!

B/o 260-270ish keys

Offer's i'f recieved!
1 Power surge exe + strange berlin helmet burning flames + unu medgun,hot,spec = 255
2 DbD peak + 12 ish keys and sum sweets = 230.
Not looking for
unu taunt's
unpriced unu weapons/hats
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Selling this scorsching samur

200 keys pure or offer's around 210+
mostly interedet in down grade/ mixed offer's!
upgrades will work yet only if the unu is above 220+
if the downgrade contains 1 or more of these hats above there i's a better likely hood i'd accept dat offer u made

currently have trade hold of 9 days, i will updated this every like 1-2 days

So please refrain from sending me trade offer

add me and tell me your offer , or offer down below

Just F.Y.I This samur has 3 man history so if u in dat kinda thing. hmu boi, you kinky rogue! OR *uhm* demolition man/woman... shhh don't tell anyone i said dat!
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Looking to sell these very nice unu's!

Sulphurous Galvanized Gibus 160 keys! Offer's have to be above 150.
1 PS black watch (i value it at 140) to low = declined
2 C.heart's Coldsnap cap (valued it around 130-140) tad bit to low = declined
3 p.e sweet ninja hood + maimi night Bullet buzz + sum sweets (value'd around 135) to low= declined (yet very nice offer!)
Chiroptera Venenata Doctor's Sack 37 keys pure! Offer's have to be above 40!
Has 2 spells!
1Kill-a-Watt dapper (value'd 40 keys) not a big fan of the effect = declined.
Haunted Phantasm Jr Scout Shako 35 keys pure! Or 40 keys in overpay!
1 Searing Plasma Swagman's Swatter (value'd 48) Overpriced = declined
Not adding anything! to my hats.

Things i am lookin for
1st gens/2nd gens
TC/KE/BOMBER/MUFFS/WRRM You can offer other hats aswell i just like these alot <3

Things i am not lookin for
Duped hats
3rd gens
Unu weapons and taunts yet only holy grail looping taunts are allowed
Most of the robo hats, there are just a few i like. like robo version of the tyrant
Dats info i could put in for now
Just put down sum offers and we all should be good :3
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Looking to sell 2 unusuals

Sulphurous galv gibus for 160 keys pure or more in overpay
Past offer's
1 PS black watch (i value it at 140) to low
2 C.heart's Coldsnap cap (valued it around 140-150) tad bit to low
Stormy storm grimme hat for 26 keys pure or more in overpay
Past offer's
1 20 pure, taken it and sold!

Things i am lookin for
1st gens/2nd gens
Sum neat hats with cool effects ( doenst have to be those above, i really prefer them a bit more)
Holy grail all class looping taunts (note i value them as i wish)
Classes i mostly play, heavy, soldier, scout, sniper and a bit of demo
Like 10 keys just in sweets and items in the deal, oof soo good

Things i am not lookin for
Duped hats
3rd gens
Unu weapons and taunts yet only holy grail looping taunts are allowed
Most of the robo hats, there are just a few i like. like robo version of the tyrant
Dats info i could put in for now
Just put down sum offers and we all should be good :3
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sold for g.e trophy belt + australium sniper rifle prof. + 20 pure
Brokering this prof kit for The crusader crossbow

The owner is looking for 8 keys and 15 ref Hit me UP!

Trade offer's only!
SOLD FOR A STORMY 13th Hour! thropy belt!
Selling 2 unu's mostly looking for upgrades in allclass unu's 

Can sell seperately aswell!

Morning Glory Das Gutenkutteharen 70 keys or 75 in overpay

Vivid Plasma Das Ubersternmann 60 keys or 65 in overpay

Upgrading? The allclass must be atleast worth 145+ keys lower than dat will most likey get declined.

Worth over 170+?  Can add a pro kilstreak  aussie sniper rifle sheen deadly daf effect Firehorns

NOT looking for these effects nutz and bolts,searing plasma, orbiting planets 
Wanna offer? Plz add me or sent a trade offer with your bp.tf link in it
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One ina million time!

Looking to upgrade to 1 unu! worth around the 115 keys

Some things i dislike
Taunt's! only in ushc overpay dat it would be 3x worth of my unu's!
Weapons! like a few of em but generaly just a big no for me!

Can sell them seperate!

Cloud NEIN! berliner bucket 23 keys pure or 25 in overpay!
Strange stormy Storm Ground Controll 33 keys pure or 35 in overpay!
Morning Glory Hermes 50 keys or 55 in overpay!

Little note. ill note down every offer i'f gotten if need be! jsut add me for screen shots.
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Hello there! Looking to sell this Cloudy moon Commando Elite and a Morning Glory Hermez

Looking for 60 keys or 65+ Keys in overpay for the commando Sold! for a demon flame outdoors man + 15 keys!
Looking for 50 keys to 55+ keys in overpay for the Hermez

Something's i'f noticed alot of people they would like to buy them as a set.
Buying both? No worry's! 115 pure or 120 keys in unu

Got no real rush to sell just looking for a ton of offers!
Past offers Commando and hermez/commando or hermez
1Harvest brain bucket, worth 100 keys for Both. declined to way to low
2Neutron star peak, worth 120 for both.Declined was not interesdet
3Haunted Tossle + 3 keys in sweets for the Commando. worth 55, Declined, to low
4Electro Static Cold killer Worth 50 keys for Hermez. declined was not interesdet

I'll add screenshots if needed :p i got all these offer all yesterday out of th blue xD
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Selling a Death Racer's Helmet With nether trail!
Looking for 53 keys pure! DISCOUNTED or 66+ in unu's! can go lower if it is mixed! you have to have At least! 30 keys in the offer so i can consider it mixed!
Looking to buy all class quick sales 25-30% off, or single/multi class unu's for 30-35% off.


Give offer's down below!
looking for 2 keys and 13 ref pure on the natacha, item overpay may only include tools/taunts such as: name tags, paint's ,strange parts ect!
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Hello looking to sell this taunt, i am currently brokering the taunt for my friend don't bother adding him he sent you right back to me

Deepfriend desire Ghastly Ghosts
B/o 50 ish keys

Dont ofeer me any taunt/weps unu!
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Hello! Selling a
Spec Australium rocket launcher 34 pure or 40+ in unu overpay has team shine and gibs Sold
Declined offer's!
1 Pro kilstreak Black rose + big kill + sharpdresser = 36-34 ish keys Made by Tooth fairy
2Pro kilstreak Gun slinger + sharp dresser = 36 keys Made By Tooth Fairy
3 bliz modest + it's a puzzle to me smoking sombrero = 53 keys had to add 10 keys Made By TomYoki
4Green Enery Backbiter's BillyCock + 3 ish keys in sweets = 33 keys Made By TheGamingThree

Conjures Cowl pained white 12 keys and 20 ref or 17+ keys in unu overpay has white paint
declined offer's!
1Rep rubber Glove terror wat + few seets = 12 keys Made by Loza

Dont offer unu taunts or unu weps nor any duped unu's

Any offers are welcome!
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Looking for offer's on this Planets K.e!
My pure b/o is 23
Previous offers
Circling TF Logo Herald's Helm! 24.5 keys

Not interedet in taunts/weapons in the slighest only if it's really massive bloodeh overpay like 60%
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Quick yet sweet!~

2 keys and 15 ref for natacha or 3 keys in good item overpay like bills hat,buds,stranges!
2 keys and 10 ref for the huolong heater or 3 keys in good item overpay! like bills hat,buds,stranges!

some itty bitty tiny rules/mentions!
Not counting any kill-streaks/paints/parts so dat is spec,basic
ruling out a few things..prof kilstreaks depending on what it is.
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hello looking to sell this very nice unu with an high tier spell on it!
B/o 20 keys or more in unu's! mixed offers high desired/upgrades
P/o Maimi night's stout shako + some sweet. 21 keys total

recently priced!
horseless foot print!
First gen effect!
Scout hat!
Clean history
you can add me if u wanna discuss
or sent an trade offer saying the offer in this post!

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Looking for an Pro.killstreak austrlium Tomislav with fire horns
and most prefferble sheens deadly daffidil,emerald,manndarin.. Any other sheen will be payed 14-13 keys for
--------------------------------------------17 Keys---------16keys------16 keys

Plz add me if u have one and are WILLING to sell it, prices are firm.. added parts which make sense like: damage dealt, kills while Übercharged,building's destroyed,critical kills,domination's wil count about 10% more value to your item not the usual 50%

p.s u know any one dat has one of these plz lead them to me!

tags: australium, buying,Tomisalv, prokillstreak,
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Looking for offers on this decent hat

Downgrades/upgrades/mixed you name it

REALLY INTERESDET IN HEAVY SETS have to be 150+ keys or more in value tho

B/o for the nosey peeps 175 or more in unu's

No dupes
No 2016 effects Only if massive overpay
No taunts
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Looking to sell this spellbound ballcap for 180 keys pure can discount quite an bit if you offering full pure

Looking for an pretty sweet heavy set which must? consits atleast for an few things
The set beeing at least 160+ in worth
having 2 aussie's (tomislav+minigun both prefeble pro.k with incinirtor or tornado with deadly daf, or emerald sheen)
strange Pro.k K.G.B with flames/tornado CAN BE DIFFERENT! i'd preffer these effect's/sheens over the other's really
S sandvich+baffalo steak
(If you have it) strange panic attack <3
heavy unu, hats i like.
capo capper
eleminators safe guard
one man army
stil havent reached 160? Just add any kind of unu/pure/items it doese not really matter. spec kilstreaks and prof kilstreaks in adds wil be priced on lowest seller on classiefieds just as an heads up. same goese for the aussie's

B/o 180 keys
C/o Non
P/o =past offer's
1 Robo active wraith wrap 185 or an Burning brigade 180 helm i Declined cause to many sellers on both sides
2 Green enery ground control + some nice sweets 3-5 keys ish .180+ declined, offer didnt feel right
3 haunted ghost cold snap cap + warpig DbD 183 keys total, i had to add. declined it found it an eh offer.
4 poisned shadows reggelator + terrorwat fuka 173 keys total reg unsold for month
Offer down below if interedet

2016 effect's
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B/o was 140


Looking to downgrade to, 2 unu's or upgrade to an different unu with my 23 pure,

Looking to sell this Sunbeams company man

B/o 225 pure 235 unu overpay 230 mixed Looking for offers! Way cheaper than the other seller!
C/o Non
D/o = declined offers
1 Tesla coil hong cone + C9 voodoo juju (Slight return) + 4-5 keys in adds X = 227 low, way to many sellers (both) and price was dropping on juju
2 Horiffic head splitter monring glory. X = 200 lowball
3 Starstorm Insomnia Brotherhood of Arms X = 255 , 2 sellers at 180, undesired effect, priced way to high, wanted me to add 2 keys

ThingS i'd rather don't want to be offer'd.
unu weapons
2016 effect's This includes: Unu taunts
robo hats
robo effect's all effect down below, don't bother offering with!
memory leak,
power surge

That should be all for now, il update when needed
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Looking for quicksales

Mostly interesdet in all class,

Must be at minumum 30% off Or more depending on the offer

no dupes, no upriced, no taunts. simple, easy and smooth


Stock 136 keys. 102 + - are tradeble atm. rest of it is til thursday

I am also looking for anything els if you have an nice bundle for an good price.
Post down below same goese for other offers, plz add your price then add bp.tf price next to it so i can calculate, makes responding much easier

Don't add me plz!
If i think its an good offer ill add you.
Nice quicksale bundle offers are always welcome
for offers i don't like ill simple say an nice no thx with reason why i declined

Seems easy? Is easy!
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Looking for mixed offers or pure on all of these unu's

Mixed is offers, dont really have to overpay only 5-10% depending on much/what pure/unu's you are offering

Offering unu's only will make dat you have to overpay 10-20%, depeding on you unu's

combustible is brokered by me. The barn was an compasation from the long term brokering
Some B/o's

Le homme 150 keys
Barnstormer 15 keys
Combustible 70 keys quicksell the owner wants pure is cashing out

1 noh mercy peace sign for all of the unu's would have accepted it, sadly the seller backed off
2 steaming barn stormer + 1 keys for my barnstormer, declined basicly an bad downgrade for me
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Hello i am brokering this el jefe

The price dat the owner wanted 130-140 keys pure or a tad bit in overpay, Open on offer's atm so go wild! You can offer lower btw he mostly plays engi 120-125 is mimimum not going lower

hightier hat
midtier robo effect
quite an rare hat to hit the market!
History, yes it's duped! https://backpack.tf/item/1717188345

P.S dont contact the owner of the hat, he doesnt know dat much unu trading. dats why i am brokering it for him!
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QUICKSELLING! Price is firm

90 keys pure (25% Off)
Offers have to be above 115 keys

NOT selling for cash
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brokering these follow items!

Kill-a-wat Honcho's 23 KEYS Pure or 26+ In overpay
Force an nature (discounted) 2 keys pure only
Australium Knife 16 keys pure! or unu overpay Super short history! SOLD FOR 16 PURE

All items are clean!
Add me you don't need to comment yet if you wanna offer plz do so below!

Have an nice day.

P.S don't add the owner about the trade!
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Looking to sell all these nice kits and Spec.S.weapons Aswell a very nice pro kilstreak for you meds out there

ubersaw spec kit 15.00 ref nice and cheap!
Shotgun basic kit. 9 ref
Axtinguisher spec kit 15 ref! Discounted
Loch n Load spec kilstreak 17 ref bit pricey yet has Dom counter on it! + nice name and desc :D
Sticky launcher 18 ref. has 2 free parts on
Crusaders crossbow Prof Killstreak 9-10 keys has very nice parts on it. one time oppertunity most people only sell it within an set! alright sheen and high tier effect if, overpay is accepted yet not desired
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looking to sell this Scotch Bonnet Burning Flames for ( Can add 29 keys for an big upgrade yet the overpay stil be the same)
80 keys pure
80 mixed
85-90+ In unu overpay

Past Offer's
1 furious Fuka Sunbeams +strange gunslinger + 1-2 keys in sweets Total of 90 + - keys, sadly sold half of his stuff

2 Unu hot shotgun wellworn + a aussie FoN + batsaber + about 10 keys in sweets ranging about a total :85-90, didn't take the offer because the shotgun was beeing sold for 55 seems overpriced at that price setting
aswell it was unpriced

C/o offer Bomber's bucket with circeling hearts is stil collecting adds total of 72 keys atm

Btw check any item before offering

Thing's i don't want
2016 effect's| depends on the effect and hat!
Unpriced unu's mostly not welcome!
unu weps

Thing's i quite enjoy :3
First gen, second gen, and disco beat down!
Heavy, soldier ,sniper ,demo

Trade with care! Don't do scams kids and keep safe!
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ATTENTION! i'm brokering this unu! just an little heads up dat's all :P
The Owner is looking around the 300 key range meaning under 280 or i might decline ur offer, only if it's pretty decent one i and the owner will think about it,
and he is not interested in duped/unu wep's of any kind.. and taunt's. keep dat in mind while offering!

He's quite interdet in downgrading.

Meaning so.. Go ahead and offer if u think ur offer is worthy for this unu. and is in the budget go for it by all means. i wont bite. worst thing i could say is: no sorry seems the owner is not interested

(Keep in mind the owner has no real experience in unu trading dats why i asked him if i could broker it, aswell don't go add him about the deal. won't get you anywere other than back to me) :P

Other than dat.. GL in trading, Have fun!

P.S any question's just add me, comment on my profile before doing so! Thx in advance <3
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Brokering! these items ONLY PURE REF
25 ref for the awp
15 for the the Ham
45 keys for the mouthin cap or 50+ in overpay, i might not consider but you still can offer!
20 keys pure or 22+ in overpay for the bosten breakdance

no taunt's/2016 effect's/unu weapons
Hello! looking to sell this Kill-a-Wat BOA

DISCLAIMER!: U Can offer really anything just not anything for the boo-hoo list

Looking for 65 pure or 70+ in overpay, with the right offer and right deal you come along way

Item history for history worms out there,
: http://backpack.tf/item/3638775318
No-boo-hoo list:
3rd gens, u can still offer this but u need massive overpay over 75+ keys
unu Taunt's/weapons don't not even closely interedet in those things
wont add for normal kilstreak nor spec klistreaks, only for prof, and i take the price of the classiefieds for that weapon u want to offer
wont add any worth to spell's
If i'f got anything els to mention il keep an update tag going. 17-4-2017 22:39
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looking on offer on these 2 very nice hats
HEY PSSST. Dat capo there.. is a 1/1 IN the world.

offer's below 40 for the capo in items are declined aussie's/pure is an whole differnt story
offer's below 20 keys in items are declined aussie's/pure is an whole differnt story
sold for 18 keys
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Got 21 keys pure looking for discounted unu's Not looking for taunts
Got 21 keys pure looking for discounted unu's Not looking for taunts
Looking for the ambasador 4 keys 13 ref
And the spec strange braincandy knife 4 keys and 15 ref 1/1 on market

Can do both for 7 key and 20 ref
Not realy looking for items only if it quite an big overpay!
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looking to sell my p. connfetti brown bomber, selling it for 70 keys pure or 75+ IN Unu's offers

Cheapest on market/clean
Hello, looking on offer's on my sweet soldier set, had it for an couple of weeks, just testing out the water's
anything under 80 keys wil not be considered.
no duped,
feel free to offer anything els!

wil be able to go a bit lower on the unu overpay expect, since the suggestion still up, overpay atleast over 95 keys,

dont be afraid to offer <3 and if i dont like your offer i'd say dat instead of hiding you with no reply overall. (like most people do!)
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Hello, looking on offer's on my sweet soldier set, had it for an couple of weeks, just testing out the water's
anything under 80 keys wil not be considered.
no duped,
feel free to offer anything els!

pure alone? eh, 95 keys i'd guess, would go lower if u got the pure Ready! not to wait an week for it then u trade it away <3 yay!

suggestion made for 89-90 keys, some marks i'm looking for, 85 keys mixed may it be unu or aussie,

over 95 keys in unu's,

if u cant reach any of the marks.. add me! maybe we can negotiate

wil be able to go a bit lower on the unu overpay expect, since the suggestion still up

dont be afraid to offer <3 and if i dont like your offer i'd say dat instead of hiding you with no reply overall. (like most people do!)
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