Selling lowcrafts, please leave some offers below or In a trade Invite,thank you.

backpack.tf prices
minigun 1 key
rocket launcher 1 key 4 ref
I'm looking for offers.

You can Add me.
Add me.
Selling low crafts. :^)
there we go,a low craft team captain.

I promised the person that sold me the hat that I wouldn't let It go cheap,therefore I'm not.

B/o will be a clean summer hat.

I appreciate offers of anything.
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Need one :l
7 refined + these hats.

I got some nice low craft.

Offer up!
Add me or leave a mesage,or do both.
Selling a V.concheror,Nice Item,even got a nice buff!

Open to offers.
Offer up!
7 of em.
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Here's a nice sniper misc,don'tcha think?
Festives too.
I'm open to all offers.

Add me if I'm online!
C/o for all-father:5 keys+Replacement all-father

You can just add me n stuff if I'm online.
3 keys for a a festive launcher and 3 ref.

You may add me.
Offer as you like

Add me If you want to.
2 ref for misc 2.33 for the hat thingy
C/o on double cross comm Is 8 keys. By Maxxy
Bunch of useless pieces of shit now.

Offer away.
Willing to give 5 keys for the game.

I don't have them in my bp, but will buy them if you accept to do it.

Add me.
any of these 2 for a season pass.