buds pure or knife offers only pls
craft #1

lvl 100


will take 4 buds pure

really old hat

ofer away!
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1of1 im the 4th owner

offer away!

add me, trade offer, heck even post here!

b/o:15 buds
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b/o 14 buds
add me trade offer or post here if u have a offer

b/o: 7 buds

add me trade offer me or post here if u have a offer

im the 4th owner!
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b/o 15 buds


dont lowball

i like any 1st gen, 2nd gen, and halloween effects

add me post here trade offer i dont care

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looking for only 6 pure
i will also take 6.5 in knives/austrailium
and 7 in promos


the other guy wants 12 buds so this 50%

this hat will never be unboxed EVER

add me trade offer me post here idc

if ur gonna offer in unusuals im looking for 10+
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looking for any veil for it or unusual overpay

b/o 6 buds
  • Expired due to inactivity
looking for quicksells on the bud

stahlhelm b/o: 1 bud

beanie b/o: 5 buds (its retired and will never be unboxed ever again and its a god tier first gen effect)(its a rly good investment)
Arcana Rebel Rouser

B/O: 8 buds


Add me if u want or just offer below!
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Selling a Blizz Storm Tartan Spartan

b/o 4 buds

Taking offers on these nice unusuals

~copper's hard top smoking~ 12 keys or offers

~larrikin robin massed flies~ 1.7 buds or 2 in unusuals
looking for 4 pure or more in unusuals!

offer down below or add me

not looking for ks or collector's
softcap b/o 1 bud

hetman's b/o 2 buds

1st gen offers get priority

2nd gen offers will most likely be taken as long as overpaying b/o

3rd gen offers require a lot of overpay to be accepted

offer below or add me!
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b/o 4 pure

offer unusuals down below

add me if u have a good PURE offer

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looking for 4 pure

overpay in unusuals

large overpay for heavy/robo hats and summer/robo effects

offer down below or trade me if u 1. have the pure or 2. have a nice overpay offer!
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c9 well rounded rifleman

b/o 3 buds

dead prez raincatcher

b/o 1 bud

overpay in unusuals put offers down below!
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Hi selling for 1.5 in unusuals

put ur offer down below but heavy/robo hats or 3rd gen effects (except for halloween) will cost 2 buds
selling this

offer down below!

if its robo/heavy hats or summer or robo effects atleast .5 bud overpay

looking for 1 bud btw :P
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Stormy Storm Berliner's Bucket Helm

B/O 1 bud pure

overpay in unusuals

put offers down below or friend me but be warned private profiles will be blocked (because of phisers or to tell if the person still has the offer)!
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Hi Offer some shet!

B/o for both is 4 buds

overapy in unusuals

3rd gen effects = large overpay
(except for halloween effects)
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selling Green Black Hole Bonk Leadwear

B/O: 5 buds

overpay in unusuals but if its first gen and its around 4.5 ill take it!
Electrostatic Bolted Birdcage

b/o 5 buds

feel free to offer ur unusual!
selling for 2.5 pure or unusual overpay add me if needed or put ur offer down below

if ur gonna offer heavy/robo hats make sure that its a large overpay
selling this for 2 pure overay in unusuals u get the drift post here dont send me trade offer add me if needed yadda yadda!

summer effects, robo hats/effects, or heavy hat atleast a .5 bud overpay
Looking for 2.5 pure 2.8+ in unusuals
hi selling this terror watt tartan tyrolean for 4 buds or unusual offers!

put ur offer on outpost dont add me!

also plz no robo hats unlees like 2 buds overpay cause they arent that good!
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hi im selling this for 2.7 buds pure or unusual offer put ur offers down below and hopefully we can work out a deal!
master yellow belt N&B for 1 bud

i really need the pure so add me if u want it
hi selling these for 6 keys each or unusual offer put ur offer down below!
Hi! selling this pro. ks big kill for 1 bud, 16 keys, or unusual offers!

tornado, mean green


add me
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