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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone out there has a green confetti sergeant drill's hat that they'd like to be purchased for steam funds or keys. If you put it on the market for a good price, I'll but it, or I can just use the funds to buy keys to buy it. Green confetti Sergeant drill's hat only.
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Selling these items (TRADE OFFERS WILL BE GOOD)

Genuine Conjurer's Cowl: 4.11

Genuine Criminal Cloak: 2.44

Sky captain: 1.55

Detective noir: 1.33

Angel of Death: 4

Mair mask: 1.33

Infernal Impaler: 1.22
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Hey everyone!
Selling this unusual which I worth 4 buds, but I am selling for 3!

Keys: 57

Buds: 3

unusual offers: looking for 1st and 2nd gen effects, must be at least worth 4 instead of 3 since it is non-pure

Preferred classes- Soldier>Pyro>Demoman>Scout> rest

If you happen to have a max, I will NO DOUBT take up the offer!!!

Add me, send me a trade offer, or just comment
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BUYING these discounted hats, don't need crafted ones. ( Values of refined )

El muchacho-2.66

Chieftain's challenge- 1

All-father- 5

Bear necessities- 1.22

Charmer's Chapeau- 2.66

Vintage Tyrolean- 1.33
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Looking for about 7 keys, maybe willing to part with 6.5.
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Hi guys! Looking to sell my prof ks rocket launcher: Looking for about 1 bud
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2 keys: Pure only