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Just putting these here to see what kinda offer they could get :)
Just putting this up for offers :)

Declined 450-550 in items multiple times
Offer away :)
Offer away :)

Feel free to add me
Offer away :)

Tradable the 14th

Feel free to add me
Offer away.
Offer here dont add me.
1 70keys

2 80keys (Quicksell tradable the 30th)

Overpay in unusuals/items
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Looking for offers on this sexy hat

1 of 1 btw ^^ No b/o yet just looking for offers
Selling these sexy [color=#Purple]Unusuals[/color]

[color=#Green]Arcana[/color] Furious fukaamigasa 70 keys or overpay in [color=#Purple]Unusuals[/color] or items

Quickselling the taunt for 80 keys pure! Tradable the 30th
Taking offers on this sweet set :)
looking for 28 keys
taking offers :)
Taking offers on this amazing misc and i dont mind keeping it forever
Wont consider anything below 350. Dont like my price go find it somewhere else, Oh yeah...
Feel free to add me :)
Offer away dont mind the NOT FOR SALE desc on em
flamethrower tradable
Looking for offers on this amazing set

ONLY As set!
Probaly not gonna sell this just want to see what kinda offers i can get and if i see something i like i will take it.
The crones is clean

Would 1 for 1 a golden pan
Unboxed by me so im pretty sure its the cleanest one c:

looking for around 680 keys pure its 740 on backpack.tf

Feel free to offer in unusuals aswell just keep it above 800

Please dont add me you can send a trade offer if you want to
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quickselling for 30 keys sent offer or add me normal price is 37
20 keys pure or offer me here :)
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Offer here dont add me
selling for lower then lowest backpack.tf price! have mroe hats and misc then that add me.
6 buds add me for fast trade
Would love a still gain gotten buy a life for my spy set. Wouldn't we all??

I have to pure to pay for it

If you ahve any other good offers just shoot me em ^^

Dont add me please offer below :3
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Just looking for something for a few buds

Have 12 buds just offer me please :3

And do not add me please :3
QS 8 buds pure add me
1 of 1 with haunted ghosts :D freshly unboxed :D!!

idk just offer away down below and please dont add me unless i doenst see your offer ^^
Quick selling for 80 keys 40 keys off normal price for a prof ks

add me for fast trade if im online
85 keys 35 off the normal price for prof KS

pure only no items add me
Taking offers on this sweet soldier set

Not 100% complete still needs collectors gunboats and a strange cold snap coat (working on them)

No bo yet since im just taking offers

Offer below. Dont add me please ^^
Hide = polite no thanks
Happy trading :D
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15 keys pure add me for fast trade
Freshly unboxed :D

Fell free to offer or add me ^^

Will most likely only take pure!
But unusual offer are welcome

If your going to try and scam me its just a waste of your time ^^

c/o None

B/o 16 buds pure

Tradable the 1st
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Any lvled lid duped or clean i dont care just need MOAR lids! paying 5.33 ref each

add me or send a trade offer :D
1 of 1 in the world

Would perfer pure ot soldier unusuals but open for all offers :3

Allready got offered 3 buds pure so dont go any lower then that please
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Mainly looking for pure offer will also take "SOLDIER" unusual only if you offer my unusuals

Allready got offered 3 buds pure so dont think any lower then that please

1 of 1 in the world :3

Offer here or add me
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Looking for some sweet soldier hats

Offer below or add me :D
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TF2 keys = 55

CSGO breakout keys = 50
19 keys for normal buds 17 for gifted price are frim add me for fast trade
2nd on the market other one just got sold offer here or add me :3


B/o None

C/o V. max and Haunted ghosts Dr Dapper's Topper

Hide = a polite no thanks :3
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Only pure please! :3

B/o 50-52 keys

C/o None
Looking for offer

Offer here or sent a me a trade offer