Banana boi
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Selling these skins and paints.
U are free to offer me
Just for the strange disciplinary Action it has to be atleast 2 keys.
Lets go ^^
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Selling these items:
Vivid Plasma Helmet Without a Home: 23 Keys or Item overpay (
The Paints (all factory new): Offer me ^^

Offers below
Offers below
25 keys
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Just selling some random things I dont need
U can offer below
Hey Guys!
I´m looking for an unusual hat! I got 22 Keys in Stock

I´m looking for some quicksells or for fair prices. I prefer Scout, Soldier, Demoman and Sniper Unusuals
If you are intrested than leave a comment below or just send me a trade offer!

See ya!!
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Hey Guys!
I got 13 Keys in stock and I"m looking for an unusual quicksell! ( only scout,soldier,demoman and sniper Unusuals )
No Robos
Just comment below :)

I"m selling 2 Taunts
Disco Fever 1.5 Keys
Zoomin Broom 2 Keys

Send me a trade offer or comment below
Happy Trading!

PS: On monday the 29th august are my other 9 keys able to trade so on this Date i got 22 Keys
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Selling this hat for 13 Keys
BP Price is 15-19 Keys
unusual offers should be about 15 keys and a Soldier unusual
Feel free to offer ;)
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Selling this hat.
18 Keys

Unusual offers
15 B/O
Offers below :)
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Selling this hat for 17 Keys Pure
Offers Below
Dont add me!
Selling this beauty
Looking for some Unusual Offers or Pure
B/O: 18 Keys
Leave a Comment below with your offer or send me a Trade Offer :)
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Looking for a Pool Party taunt for a cheap price :)
Send me a trade offer
Hey Guys
Little Quicksell
Name: Helmet without a Home
Effect: Terror-Watt´
Price: 15 Keys

Unusual/Australium Offers below !
5 Keys Stock for extra Payment ↑ :)

12 Keys Pure!!

See you :)
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18 Ref for 1 Key. I just want to sell 1 Key for ref!
Send me a trade Offer:
Hey Guys
Selling this Unusual !
Name: Helmet without a Home
Effect: Terror-Watt´
Price: 15 Keys

Unusual Offers (20 Keys ↑ ) Offers below or send me a trade offer.
5 Keys Stock for extra Payment ↑ ( Tradeable at this Friday (29.1.16))

15 Keys Pure
See you :)
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Selling this hat!
15 Keys Pure or Item overpay (Unusual,Australium, Csgo Knife.... Start by 20 keys)
Comment with you offer below, if you are intrested or send me a trade offer :)
Happy Trading and I hope we can fin a deal :)
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Selling both weapons
- Stat track Glock Catacombs ( Factory New): 7 Keys Pure (Terrorized Sticker is 5 Keys)
- Stat Track Ak-47 Elite Build (minimal wear): 2 Keys Pure

Only Tf2 Keys
Massive Item overpay
Dont add me
Trade offer :
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Hey Guys
I have 16 Tf2 Keys!
Looking for:
Ak-47 Blue Laminate (factory new):1 key

Usp -s Dark Water Stat Trak (minimal Wear/Factory new):3 Keys

P250 Hive Stat Trak (Factory new): 1 Key

Aug Torque Stat Trak (factory new): 1 Key

Awp Corticera (minimal wear) : 3 Keys

Sg 553 Stat Trak (Minimal wear/factory new): 2 keys

p90 Blind Spot Stat Trak (factory new): 1 Key

Famas Hexane Stat Trak (factory new): 1 Key

Dont add me pls
Here you can send your offer:
Happy Trading :)
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Festive Huntsman Spec Killstreak: 2 Keys or csgo Offers
Austra Grenade Lauchner Killstreak: 22 Keys (free Killstreak)
Send me trade offer!
Selling this beauty:
Unusual Offers: 5.5 Buds + (Only Unusual offers for: scout, Solder, Pyro and Sniper :) )
Pure Offers: Regular Price: 60 Keys NO BUDS
Offers Below or send me :
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Buying Quicksells:
Australium Knife
Strange Festive Knife
Offers Below
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Buying Australium Knife:
Pay with the Unusual and keys
Billiycock: 13 Keys QUICKSELL (only Pure)
Fedora: B/O 9 Buds C/O 7 Buds
Offers Below or send trade offer
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just unboxed you cant get cleaner than that
2 existing right now
offers below or:
b/o is 8 buds
c/o is 6 buds
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Hi Guys
Crate: Offer or 1 Key
Austra Grenade Lauchner with Killstreak: 25 Keys ( ONLY PURE)
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AUSTRALIUM Grenade Lauchner
I pay with pure and with items!
Hey Guys im selling some items
Quäcken Bird: 1 ref and 1 scrap
Sky Captian: 1.66 ref
Mann of Sevens: 2.33 ref
Villians Vail : 4.33 ref
Graybann : 7ref
Macho Man: 5.33 ref
Eye Catcher: 3 ref

Send Me trade offers
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B.M.O.C : 11 Keys
Clock : 3 Keys
Bills: 4 Keys (free Paint)

In Items only STRANGE RoBro or Summer Shades
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B.M.O.C: 11 Keys
Clock: 3 Keys
Bills: 5 Keys

I love the Items and i want the items *_* only the Items Summer Shades STRANGE or RoBro STRANGE or Pure :)
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Hey Guys:
Ebenezer: 2 Keys
Strongbox Key: 11 ref or 1 Mann Co Key
Frying Pan: 10 Keys ( Killstreak)
Clock: 3 Keys
Bills: 5 Keys ( paint)
Track Terrorizer: 1 Key

Item Overpay For every Item!!!
Dont Add me
Troll Offers will be ignored!
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Strange Frying Pan Spec Killstreak
Bills Paint with Team Spirit
Item Overpay Feel Free in offers
Frying Pan: 11 Keys Pure or 13 Keys Item Overpay No Killstreaks!!!
Bills: 5 Keys Pure Item Overpay up 8 Keys no Killstreaks!!!
12 Keys Pure!
Only Keys No Unusual offer
No add
Send Trade Offer:
Quicksell Unusual: 16 Keys Only Pure and ONLY KEYS
Send me a Trade offer:
Im selling this Stuff:
- Rimmed Raincatcher with Miami Night effect: 1 Bud 2 Keys or 18 Keys Unnusual Overpay Up 23 Keys!
-Spec. Killstreak Frying Pan: 1.2 Keys
- Track Terrorizer: 1 Key ( the Paint)
- Shouti Shinobi: 2 ref
And for the Vodoo Items every Vodoo 1 scrab
Send me trade offers :)
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Nice Unusual
1 Bud 4 Keys
Or 20 keys
Overpay in Unusual
Offers Below :)
22 Keys/ Pure
Only Pure :)
1.5 Keys
Item Overpay
Bruisers Badana
Hey Guys
Normal Price of this beauty is 13.5 keys! Im selling it for 12 :3
Unusual Offers overpay :)
21 Keys for unusual
Overpay in items
23 Keys or overpay in unusual
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- 23 Keys
- Dont Add me
- Good Offers
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Unusual: 21 Keys (normal Price 22 keys)
Machina: Offers :)
Happy Trading
Write the Offers below and dont add me before ;)
20 Keys or in buds and keys
Dont add me write the offer below in the comments
happy trading :)
Unusual: 20 keys
Buy a life: 4 ref
Spent Well Spirits: 2.5 ref
Auditions Reel: 1 ref
Shotgun Kit: Offers
Black Rose Pro Killstreak Kit: Offer ( at least a key)
Dark Age Defender Strangefire: Offers
Machina Killstreak: Offer ( at least a key)

Offers Below
After a good offer you can add me :)
Happy Trading ;D
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Unusual: 20 Keys
Taunt: 3 ref or offers
Shotgun Kit: Offers
Pro Killstreak: Offers
Auditions Real: 1 ref