Dave (B-Day in 6 days)
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Unusual cosmetic / taunt offers, please.
B/O: 100 keys pure or 120 keys in unusual offers.
Looking for either of these hats.

Willing to 1:1 the bat for the green energy one or 1:1 the pistol for the starstorm one.
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Willing to 1:1 this Collector's Strange Professional Killstreak PBPP for a Professional Sniper Rifle kit with Deadly Daffodil sheen and /any/ effect.
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Just looking for offers on this!

I will definitely not sell it for pure, and certainly not below the suggested bp.tf price, since it's one of a few for sale.

Currently on the Steam Community Market.
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Looking for this one hat, and only this specific one.

Add me to discuss if you have it.
Looking for offers on this.

Just hit me with anything you got, but avoid lowballing.
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Taking offers on this old thing!

Nice collector's weapon to own, especially if you want to be the most festive demoknight around.

Especially interested in Unusual versions of the "Spirit of the bombing past" or strange, factory new war paints.
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Looking for an uncraftable level 100 Wanga Prick.

Let me know if you have one that's for sale. Will discuss business if you add me.
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Interested in downgrading this beautiful party phantom with a first-gen effect for another one.

Especially interested in Stormy Storm or Aces High.

Potentially willing to 1:1 it for one of a lower price class if I like the effect!
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Looking to trade this for a Factory New (STRANGE!) Top Shelf revolver.

I will not accept anything else than this revolver, since it is my dream weapon.
B/O: None
C/O: None
Items I'm interested in: Unusual "Spirit of the bombing past" or "Le Party Phantom" with a good-looking halloween effect.
Particularly interesting effects: It's a secret to everyone, Darkblaze, Poisoned Shadows, Eerie Orbiting Fire.

Willing to accept one of the hats + overpay in pure or other items.

Avoid low-balling.
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Selling this old friend of mine for 13 keys pure.

Willing to accept a Spirit of the bombing past with any effect but Starstorm Insomnia alternatively.
B/O: 40 keys
Unusual overpay: 48 keys
C/O: None

Additional info on the hat: Can be worn as a misc with any hat using the +quickswitch command. Only soldier "misc" with Starstorm Slumber effect there is, and it's 1 of 4.
Selling unique Sharp Dressers for 2.33 refined metal each.

Just send me a trade offer.
Just going to look for offers on this. I unboxed it myself a whole while ago and it has a bit of sentimental value, but I'd be willing to part way with it for a Spirit of the bombing past with a high-tier effect, preferrably burning flames or a good purple effect (once someone unboxes a nice one), or other unusual offers.

Please keep the offers above 250 keys. I'm not willing to sell it for pure, only nice offers.

I'm aware that hardly any version of this hat anyone could unbox could potentially add up to 250 keys, so I'm willing to settle on the hat + pure or other unusuals.

I value strange unusuals, but only on the hat itself, and only on high-tier effects.
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Willing to look at offers on this glitch misc hat.
Selling my old Loose Cannon for 3 keys.

Factory new with a nice killstreak kit on it.
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Basically wanted to buy this hat off the community market since it was for sale for 115€ but couldn't afford it yet.

Looking for this exact hat. Will provide payment in pure if necessary.
Potentially willing to give up on my favorite hat for 800 Factory New, Strange war paints from either of these two collections.
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Just gonna put this on here to see what people are willing to offer.

OP Medigun, best condition possible. Offers will be considered.

Declined offers, so far:
- Unusual Taunt "Results are in" (Showstopper), 3 refined metal, 4 reclaimed metal, Factory New Civic Duty Mk.II Crusader's Crossbow, Factory New Civil Servant Mk.II Crusader's Crossbow, Factory New Civil Servant War Paint
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Both of these are for sale, both individually.

Just looking for offers, wanna know what people would be willing to offer for the new taunt with the highest-tier effect on it.

Potentially interested in unusual war paints, as long as it's not Mannana peeled or Pina Polished
Selling this old friend of mine for 24 keys in pure keys, or 22 Invasion keys.
Buying each and every unique craftable classic for one scrap metal each!

Send me a trade offer or tell me how many you want to sell and I'll send the offer myself!
Looking for a craftable Dr Grordbort's Copper Crest.

Willing to pay 20 refined, price negotiable. Add me for discussion.
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Thinking about giving my baby a new home.

Let me see your offers if interested, not above keeping it.
I genuinely doubt anyone can convince me to actually sell this, but you can try.

Freshly crafted by me, 1 man history, pretty much the best skin there is for the stock knife...

Considering they're starting at around 4 keys on the market without a stat clock, I think offers around 200 keys would be appropriate. Will consider 1 for 1ing it with any strange factory new mercenary grade weapon of the same rarity.
Looking for 1 key and 15 refined on this thing. Headshot kills, damage dealt and buildings destroyed parts attached.
Looking for an unusual Universal Translator with Neutron Star. You name a price, I'll think about it.

Disclaimer: Payment will follow with keys as currency, the keys being bought directly (Therefore being untradable for 1 week)
20 keys pure of either of these keys or offers in unusuals / collector's weapons for scout.
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Just looking for offers on this crafted knife.
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Freshly unboxed, first on the outpost, possibly first of its kind.

Lemme hear offers, guys :)
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Doubt I'll sell this beauty as it's part of my endgame sniper set, but lemme hear your offers.

Currently the only one of its kind on the Outpost. Bought it along with an Anti-Freeze Tribonophorus Tyrannus for my Nebula Universal Translator, so I won't sell this for offers below 100 keys.

Only accepting unusual or expensive weapon skin offers. Not interested in pure.

Previously declined:
- Deep Cover Operator (Starstorm Insomnia)
- Bucking Bronco (Infernal smoke)
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Looking for a pair of special eyes with Chromatic Corruption! Willing to either 1:1 for my Sinister Staining Special Eyes or hear your price!
Just looking for offers on this! Unboxed it just now when I opened a crate as a joke on an MVM server.
Just looking to get a couple of keys for this.

Previously owned by siN. I picked him up on his offer of giving it back after I donated it to him since I no longer agree with what he does, specifically his Overwatch videos, but that's beside the point. I will not accept any kind of overpay for this because of its history however, my buyout is around 13 keys.

Just wanna get rid of this.
Looking for 11 refined for this camera beard with a spell that can no longer be obtained.
1 reclaimed each :)
Looking for exactly one key for this thing.

Should be kinda cheap, considering the spells don't exist anymore.
Offers, please!

Looking for around 7 keys! Overpay in cheap unusuals!
Keep your offers above 9 keys unless you're willing to pay in pure :)

Also willing to accept low tier unusuals as offers.
Selling the following items:
Battery Canteens ==========> 15.66 refined metal
Strange Candy Cane =======> 1.33 refined
Bigg Mann On Campus =====> 5 refined metal (Due to the paint)
I'd very much like to 1:1 this for either a strange batsaber or an australium medigun :)

Only one on the Outpost x3
Buyout is 330 keys pure.

Looking for offers of about 400 keys on this baby.

If I don't like the items you're offering, I will decline. Mainly interested in unusual Viewfinders and things of sorts.

I would be willing to 1:2 this for a frostbite yellow belt and a nuts 'n' bolts / planets HazMat.
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Looking to 1:1 this.
8 refined for the loose cannon kit,

1 reclaimed for each card.
With the MYM update having launched these crates that contain hats formerly not available as stranges / unusuals, I'm very interested in seeing if anybody can manage to unbox one of these two MK 50s, IF they are even a thing.

If you do, let me know and we can negotiate about the price.
Looking to exchange my professional killstreak shooting star with deadly daffodil + singularity (Basically sunbeams) for a normal one and about 6 keys.

Also accepting item offers if you offer includes a strange shooting star!
Looking to buy a strange OR a collector's short stop with exorcism spell.

Willing to pay accordingly. Add me to negotiate.
Taking offers on this thing. 2 nice parts on it, also festivized.