It has a kill-streak!!
Accepting metal or item over pay!! :D
quick trade metal only plz :)
Just selling all of these items for scrap each plz trade me if interested!!
Hey! Just would like to trade all my items for scrap each plx plz trade me!! thanks! :)
Trade me for a quick trade my item which i am selling is worth 12 ref
Hey there, selling this hat for 9 ref or 1 key with some metal.. Of course item overpay is always welcome, and i am friendly i will allow for negotiations. Add me or send me trade request.Paint =1key.
Selling this taunt for 5.33 ref - Pure or in item overpay!!! Its a good taunt! :)
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selling for pure only.....
THis item is worth 1 ref so plz i want to trade this new item!! thanks!!