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i have 4 keys up for grabs
1 key : 2.55 ref + wep

add me for a fast trade :D
selling the above for ONLY the items mentioned on the right!
Place offers below and i will c/o them.

If i think its reasonable i will trade you
Please do not offer quicksell prices I AM NOT QUICKSELLING

b/o: Team Captain : 7.33 Ref
Fast Learner(dirty) : 4 keys 1 Ref
S. Scattergun : 3 keys
S. Medigun : 1 key
S. Liberty Launcher : 1.33 Ref / Clean Charmers Chapeau

c/o: Team Captain : 5.33 Ref (in-game/w1z4rd o_o)
Fast Learner(dirty) :
S. Scattergun :
S. Medigun :
S. Liberty Launcher :
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thats the offer 3 limes + 1 gold ---> 3 keys
all the above for three paints(as in bulk price)
no negotiations plus if youre selling single lime paints i can offer 1.66ref max
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simple trade as mentioned above :P
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2,33 + wep for one key
add me for all your crates
ill buy em all in bulk for weapons and metal (40 crates:2 scrap)
you can even take the metal in your choice of regular weapon any one that you'd like at the rate mentioned above
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Dr Whoa(clean) : 3 keys/8 Refined

Offers ill agree on : Rogue's Cal Roule(clean and unpainted) + lime paint(x2)/ Rogue's Cal Roule(clean and unpainted) + lime paint + australium gold(x2)

If either of the two offers or the prices in metal/keys are met i will trade
please dont be afraid to offer though!
c/o: toss proof towel (lamarr)
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Hello there stranger!
i know you guys must be seeing these trades alot, so am i, but this seems alot of fun and ill cut the usual chit-chat and jus summarise it blow

i personally think its impossible-ish but jus for fun
and to kick it up a notch im starting with a crate 26
first lucky guy to offer a craftable jag will get the crate (which i think is an amazing deal .... for him/her)

imma leave the screenshots below for you guys to follow up on
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One crate one scrap #37 onwards are in large quantities
add for a fast trade
Selling all the items mentioned above for only the stuff iv posted next to it.

Fixed Prices: S Degreaser : 2 keys (5.33 ref)
Decal Tool : 1 Refined
Killer Exclusive : 2 keys (5 ref)
Vintage M. : 2 Refined
Sanvich Safe : 1 key
Hotties H.(black) : 7 Refined (2 keys 1.66 ref --> if payed in keys )

The fruit shoot craft #54 can be bid on
c/o : 5 keys (MadV)
b/o : 11 keys

can sell the stuff for a set for B.M.O.C/bills(preferrably unpainted)/Big Kill
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not a fast trade guys so leave your offers

b/o: Big Kill or 2 Bills
(its a buyout dont worry i most usually dont go according to it ^^ )

c/o: 5 keys
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Strange Part demomen killed: 1 key 1 ref
Strange Part critical kills : 1 key 1 ref
Strange Scattergun: 3 keys 1.33 ref
Strange Stickybomb Launcher: 2 keys 1 ref
Strange Rocket Launcher: 2 keys 1.33 ref
Strange Equalizer: 1 ref
Strange Scotmans Skullcutter: 1 ref
Strange Overdose: 2 rec

selling only at those prices and id PREFER METAL AND KEYS
other offers are considered but if not metal then youll hve to push it up a little
plus im in no hurry so take your time and offer away
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Slow trade not instantaneous so take your time :D

B/O: Gen. Anger : 2 keys (sold)
Bubble Pipe #5958 (lvl 58) : not set
Fruit Shoot #54: bud/2 bills + (painted)
Bills VoT : 10 keys
Full Set: : 36 keys/ 2 buds

C/O: Gen. Anger :
Bubble Pipe craft #5958 (lvl 58) :
Fruit Shoot #54: 5 keys(MadV)
Bills VoT : C.S GO (Honved)
Full Set: :
keep offering guys if its the best offer ill c/o it (Y)
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Slow trade not instantaneous so take your time :D

B/O: Gen. Anger : 2 keys
Bubble Pipe : 2 keys
Fruit Shoot #54: bud/2 bills (painted)
Bills VoT : 10 keys
Full Set: : 33 keys/ 1.5buds

C/O: Gen. Anger :
Bubble Pipe :
Fruit Shoot #54: 5 keys(MadV)
Bills VoT : 2 dirty fast learners plus key
Full Set: :
keep offering guys if the offer is good itll be the c/o (Y)
btw the fruit shoot says its sold but its not atm jus clicked it by mistake >.<
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fixed price for the whole set
if sold one piece at a time
name tag 1.11
description 0.88
australium 1.22
fixed prices post and add for instant trade no changing prices
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2 ref total for both
fixed prices
post below for instant trade
looking for the stuff mentioned above in a 1:1 trade or offers
Strange Part Posthumous Kills: 2.22 ref each
Strange Dead Ringer: 1.66 ref
Strange Atomizer: 0.66 ref
Strange Big Earner: 0.55 ref
Strange Sydney Sleeper: 0.66 ref
Strange Knife: 1.44 ref
Strange Connivers Kunai: 0.88 ref
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Selling 2 crates at 2 scrap
Crates #2, #4, #7, #16, #17, #18, #37, #38, #39, #41, #42
only few pieces of #2 - #18
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last breath(dirty) for trade 3 keys 1 ref +/-
give your offers best offer wins
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right down offers below
im not quickselling or anything so dont add
ill right the best offer here
C/O chenboy3

B/O Bills Hat
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fast learner(dirty) : 3 keys 2 ref
can negotiate but no lower than 3 keys
leave offers below :)
Strange Part post humous kills: 1 key
Strange Degreaser: 2 keys 1 refined
Strange Medi Gun : 1 key 1 scrap each
Strange Sydney sleeper : 1 refined each
Strange Diamondback: 2 Reclaimed
Strange Backscratcher: 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap
Strange Frontier Justice: 1 Refined 1 Reclaimed
Strange Boston Basher: 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap
Strange Eyelander: 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap
Strange Amputator: 1 Refined
Strange Connivers Kunai: 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap
Strange Tribalman's Shiv: 1 Refined 1 Reclaimed
Strange SubmachineGun: 1 Refined 1 Scrap
Strange Knife: 1 Refined 2 Scrap
I accept offers and trades add me on steam
And buying salvaged crates
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