low market price
pure only
fast sell:)
low market price
pure only fast sell
pure only fast sell low market price
pure only, low marketprize fast sell:)
Kickers = 3 keys + 1 ref.
Chops = 2 keys + 1 ref.
Sniper = 2 keys + 1 ref.
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Looking for unusual offers.
C/O steaming pugilist
Smoking Big Country w/ paint and name
hotrod with peace sign
Green Confetti Stainless Pot
S. Huntsman W/ Headshots & Domination
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Looking for offer on these bootie time crafted by Harblue! (one of the best players tf2 might play scout next season)
b/o 1 buds
c/o 1 scrap
Looking to buy an unusuals.
I've got 39 ref and 9 keys.
Give me some offers, alright?
Spreadsheet is fine.
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Gimmie that name tag, I'll pay one ref for it.
Just add me.v
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Ey selling this fine piece of hat for demo, mainly look for other hats.
B/o 24 keys-ish
C/o atm
Lowball me I don't mind.
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Hit me upp for some offers.
open for offers.
Hey I just made an soldier hat colletion.
I've got all the paintable soldier hats and mics and painted them pink.

The paint alone is worth 18 keys.
So yeah they are all clean.
and it's every single one of them:)

All the items are on my last page.
Offer here.
B/o: 2 buds.
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1:1 for a dirty tradeable one, just add me
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Gimmie offers.
Low ball me I don't care.
Don't add me, offer here.

B/o 16 keys
C/o's 9 key
Ts Bill's
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Crate = 1 rec each.
Souls 2 rec each.
Just add me.
6 ref for a dirty merc's pride.
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1 ref for it, just add me.
Just add me
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1:1 add me.
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b/o 5 keys.
Offer here, will take items.
Selling this fine Kringle Colletion for 6 keys or a Killing floor game.
Killing floor > keys.
Bill's = 9 keys.
Medal = 11 keys.
Kringles = 8 keys.
1 key
= 29 keys
Just add me.
Must be clean.
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Hey selling this fine peace of medal:) 5:1 buds or 1:20 keys.
I'll look into unusual offers too, soldier prefered.

Add me if you are paying the buds or keys.
Offer here if you got an unusual.
Stovepipe = 2 ref.
Made man = 2.66 ref.
Tooth-kickers = 2 keys.
Backwards ballcap = 3 ref.

I'll take offer too.
Just add me.
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Fez: 3 ref.
Ornament Armament: 3 ref.
Made Man: 3 ref.
Backwards: 3 ref.

3 ref sale:)
Just add me if you are paying metal.
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1:6 keys,
Just add me.
Hey I've got some stuff for sale,
Cross-comm = 4 keys.
Backwards ballcap = 3 ref.
Noh Mercy = 2 ref.
Brainiac Hairpiece = 3.66 ref.
Stainless Pot (level 69) = 2 ref.
Made Man = 3.33 ref.

Just add me if you are paying metal or keys, else offer here.
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1:1 add me.
Just add me.
2.33 ref for the hat.
Purple 2 rec
Pink 1 key
After Eight 2.66
Made man 2.33
Nostra 1.66

Add me.
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Buying a Doublecross-comm. for 7.65 ref.
Just add me.
Selling these things for metal or keys..

Deus specs: 1 key
Head warmer: 3.33 ref.
Grenadier's Softcap: 1.66 ref.
Attendant: 1 key.
Three-rune: 1.66 ref.

Just add me.
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Selling this stuff.
Bombing run: 2 rec.
HWNN: 1.66 ref.
My wrap just add me:)
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5:1 your wrap
just add me.
just add me.
Heeeeeeey, I just got this fine piece of hat.
I'll set the B/o at 1 bud + 10 keys, only add me if you are going to pay that price. :)

Okay what I want the most would be The Rack > Other Soldier hats > Scout hats > any other 6vs6 class > any other class:)
1 Bud + my sweets
15 keys
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1.33 ref
just add me.

Selling this fine piece of hat,
I'd sell it for 2 buds:)
I'll look into offer offers too.
I prefer Soldier hats.

Only add me if you are paying the 2 buds. :)
Just offer below. :3
I'll add some Screens soon:)
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1:3 just add me.
Buying these hats.

Battle bob = 1 key.
Salty dog = 1.33 ref.
Drill's = 1.33 ref.
Hero's = 2 ref.
Tyrant's = 1.33 ref.

Just add me. :)
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With that out of the way, I'd like to buy the soldier hats that listed, but they most be pink.
Put your offer below, or just add me, both is fine. :)
Buying some soldier stuff
Note most be clean.

Chops = 4.66 ref.
Ornament = 3 ref.

Just add me:)
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Just add me.