Hey guys, ive got 40 tf2 keys i would like to convert into csgo keys
Im looking for a 1:1 for each key and it doesnt need to be dont in one large sum.
If you need some tf2 keys and you have some csgo keys lying around please hit me up
Love you (no hummus)
for sale
35% discount because i dont play tf2 anymore and i want to get some csgo items.
someone please buy this hat, csgo offers would be great, but pure if what im really looking for
looking for at least 40 keys pure, 55 in tf2 items, 45 in csgo items,
please buy this hat, its cool,(my mum said so)
hi guys i am currently looking for the hats above to complete my chemistry set...

these are the hats, prices and how many i need

- Dread Knot [1x] , [2 ref each]
- Pure Tin Capotain [1x] , [2 ref each]
- Bolted Birdcage [1x] , [2 ref]

send me a trade offer, its the easiest way.

have a nice day
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give me an offer that i cant refuse,
payment in buds will be takes as 5 keys per bud

b/o none
c/o none

have a nice day
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Ok guys,
-Bought this straight from the unboxer, 1 of 2 in the world death at dusk hotties hoodie
-Clean, not gifted or duped and only a 2 person history

B/O None but the cheapest burning flames hoodie starts at 10 buds so offer accordingly
[edit] : A head warmer with the same effect (death at dusk) was sold at 9.3 buds. not asking for the same price because the hat isnt the same but somewhere around there would be nice (7 - 8 buds).
[another edit] The prices of buds are plummeting so im expecting the offers to be at the very least over $ 130 usd. use this benchmark and put that into keys or buds or what ever

Unusual offers are welcome but hard to sell hats or effects will most likely be rejected unless there is a massive overpay
however pure is king

Best offer gets the hat
Happy trading and gl
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clean soldier hat for 11 keys
short history
2nd gen #nota3rdgen
-only 2 on outpost and 5 in the world.
-got a halloween spell
-rare halloween effect
-nice hat for the sniper
b/o is nothing, highest offer gets it,
unusual offers are welcome but hard to sell effects or hats (heavy hats,nuts and bolts...) will most probably not be accepted unless there is a massive overpay. 3rd gens are fine, i like cloud 9 and disco.
classes pref goes. [scout-soldier-sniper-all class-everything else]

pure is king tho
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hey guys,

got this fresh Well-Rounded Rifleman with Stare From The Beyond.

-this is the only one in the world as of now.

-amazing rare halloween effect

-nice hat which suits alot of cosmetic sets

<im not going to follow what bible.tf has to say about the price>

-im looking for offers unusual offers are welcome but hard to sell hats or effects will most likely be turned down
- im a big fan of the new, eotl effects, halloween effects or even some robo effects
pure is king (max's head's, buds, keys. even mixed
- i would prefer if you didnt add me, put your offer here or send me a trade offer. i will add you if i like your offer


have a nice day
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hey guys selling this purple energy thirst blood

why would you want this hat...
-its a high visibility, high tier, 1st gen effect
-this hat can no longer be unboxed, so even though there are quite a few of unusual thirst blood's around they are still limited
-the hat just looks nice and goes well with lots of cosmetic loadouts with the scout
-the hat is clean (not duped or gifted)
(really scraping the end of the barrel here)-comes with a halloween spell, if you value that

my b/o is 6 buds or 70keys but feel free to offer under that (just dont be disappointed if i decline)

unusual offers are welcome but hard to resell hats/effects will most probably not be taken without overpay
pure is king

offer away and have a nice day

screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399733582
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edit, c/o 29 keys on tossle (collecting keys)

update: the conq was sold for a could 9 strange unusual heers helm ~4.2 buds
hi guys, selling this circling heart german gonzilla for 4 buds pure or its equal in other offers

-1st gen
all round nice medic hat with a great effect
quickselling for 43 keys(worth ~51 keys)
-free strange part (kills)
-painted white
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selling these unusual (ones a strange!!!!)

cloud 9 heer's helm-strange part kills-themed
going for 4.25 buds to 4.5 buds

terror watt tossle cap
2.25 buds to 2.5 buds

both hats are clean and not duped or gifted

unusual offers are welcome but pure is king
please send a trade offer instead of adding me
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selling items at bp prices

i charge half the price of the paint onto the price of the item
not really looking to sell these,

not going to put a price on these hats but offer that you think is reasonable
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killers kabuto 10 ref, unpainted and cheap

trenchers 2.5 ref

vox 1.22 ref

add me or send a trade offer
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selling this
pure is preferred

flare 11 ref
huntsman 2 ref
festive shotgun 3 ref
cold snap cap 2.33 ref
slo poke 1.33 ref
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selling this
bp prices
pure is preferred

-macho man sold
please buy
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selling this cloud 9 allbrero
clean short history [ http://backpack.tf/item/2873768147 ]

offer away
send a trade offer, add me, post here, all is fine

have a nice day
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[Circling Peace Sign Thirst Blood]
-first gen
-mid to high tier hat
- short history
selling this beaut for 2.7 buds +
accepting pure and unusual offers
[dont mind other effects, everything besides n&b]
have a nice day
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-[selling this pro flare gun... (cerebral discharge, mean green sheen)
-[i will accept either pure or in sweets, neither will be penalised
-[lowest im willing to go for this is around the 3 key mark
-[add me if you want to negotiate
-[ send a trade offer for a quick trade
have a nice day :)
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looking for pure and unusual offers for this nice themed scout unusual
pure---2.7 buds
if not pure overpay by 20%
feel free to add me or send a trade offer
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going cheap...
selling this for
3.2 keys pure
3.6 keys if not pure
offer up :)
buying robot parts for metal
trade me

robot brainstorm bulb 1x
robot currency digester 1x
robot emotion detector 2x
robot bomb stabiliser 2x
robot taunt processor 2x
robot KB-808 10x
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$8 so... selling for 3.2 keys
nice killstreaker and sheen
looking for a quick sell 14 keys, overpay if it not pure
selling this beauty, manndarin sheen
my price is 9 ref
please in pure
if not pure overpay is required
Selling my smoking whoopee cap-- 1bud and 1key
Looking for pure or overpay in unusual/other offers
Happy trading
spec killstreak (manndarin) Force-A-Nature ----------- 1key
add me if interested
--looking for a clean (no killstreaks or halloween spells) australium ambassador - around 1.1 - 1.2 buds
--also willing to trade unusual for unusual preferable classes sniper or soldier
--not looking for a quick sell
selling for 6 ref
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  • Expired due to inactivity
key price 9.11ref
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  • Expired due to inactivity
looking for a killstreak awper hand for one key, got the key from tf2 store and cannot be traded till the 16th
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  • Expired due to inactivity
  • Expired due to inactivity