This is a right spicy meme this one is, add me for offers, will accept pure or unus ;D
Upon further inspection i've noticed there are only 30~ in existence at the time of writing, thats going up slowly, the amount of them is anyway
Edit: The offers dont Have to be pure or unus but overpay as i deem fit is required (im pretty lenient)
Selling them both for 6 ref each :3 , You go first :D
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Allied healing done medi gun 1.2 keys pure or an item worth around 1.3-1.4 send me a trade offer or if you dont mind waiting or need to discuss the price, add me -Ted
The hat is now tradeable im just to lazy to change it.
I'm looking for around 11 keys for it, price is negotiable.
Pure is preferred but I can accept unusual overpay.
Hide=Not interested
Comment back=Interested
Add me, offer here or trade offer
Have a good one
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Hey, I'm buying all of your unwanted craft hats for 1.11 ref each
Add me or send me a trade request and ill respond as fast as possible.
As EOTL is now out Im going to sell some EOTL Cosmetics

S.Insulated Inventor-1.75 keys
S.Mistaken Movember-" "
Screamin' eagle-1.55 ref
Pool Party 2.66 KEYS
Thermal-5 ref

Add me or send an offer :D
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I'm selling a basic scattergun kit, add me and trade me with offer, if you want to pay in skins then overpay ^.^
Hello, add me to trade and just put what you think the price should be and Ill decide if the price is ok... I mean you gotta keep some sort of standard whilst looking at such a shiny object :D
Buying unwanted craft hats for 1 ref. I can only buy 3 for the moment but ill make a new trade when I can afford more
Add me for trade
Selling nano balaclava for 1.88 ref, pure or item overpay :D
Add to trade
Have a nice day :D
Honestly... I have no idea how much this is worth, add me and invite me to a trade :D
2.66 pure (Preferred option) Or... You can overpay a bit in hats/weapon reskins
Remember to keep on building them sentrys :D
(Add me to trade)
Literally 3 ref, if you want any just add me and send me a trade.]
If I dont accept for a while, be patient im probably doing other things :D

A tasty pink liquor locker :3 I'm selling it for around 4 ref, sorry if paint doesn't interest you but if it does, I put the price up due to the pink. If you're interested add me
~Ninja Scout
Facade: 1 ref
Wilson:1.33 ref
Ninja Hood:2.66 ref
Beard:4 ref
Preferably in pure, if not overpay by howevermuch I feel is necessary (Dont worry, within reason) ;D .
Add me if your interested, also any more questions just ask in comments or in steam chat
Have a good day ^.^
Take note, if im offline, wait a while, Ill get to you as soon as I can >.>
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Send me an offer if interested :D