listening to offers :3
Also listening to riddles!
1.7 Bud =3
send me an offer <3
I'm not after Unusual offers, Buds and Keys are what I'm after.
A really nice stormy storm Hermes for 23 Keys, just uncrated the other day.
Send me an offer <3
Dillinger's Duffel - 3.66 Ref - Australium Gold
Fed Fightin' Fedora - 3 Ref - Australium Gold
Taunt: High Five! - 4.66 Ref
Bombers Bucket hat - 1 Ref
The Aviator Assassin - 1.33 Ref
Luitanent Bites - 1.66 Ref
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Courtier's Collar - 12 Ref

Feel free to add me, but I might prefer a trade offer.

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Selling my old scout set. price is 14.5 Ref if you buy all the cosmetics.
Go ahead and add me or send me a trade request!

Cool Cats Cardigan - 6.5 Ref
Fed Fightin' Fedora - 4.66 Ref
Dillinger's Duffel - 5 Ref
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Prices are negotiable, but i'll mainly go by backpack.tf Prices.
Smoking Skid Lid - 3.64 Ref
Brain Bucket - 1.33 Ref
Tipplers Tricorne - 1.33 Ref
Surgeons Stahlhelm - 1.50
Noh Mercy - 3 Ref
Aviator Assassin - 1.88

Add me!
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Not sure if a price has been determined yet or not, but I think this is an appropriate sale.
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Hey, just getting rid of my unused cosmetics. I can negotiate prices, but lets try and stick to my given prices.

Genuine Wilson's Weave - 2 Ref
Genuine Menpo - 1.33 Ref
Genuine King of Scotland Cape - 2.33 Ref
Genuine Distinguished Rogue - 3 Ref
Grenadiers Softcap - 1.33 Ref
Aviator Assassin - 5 Ref
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Selling all my unused items. The prices tend to revolve around 2 ref, but I can negotiate for item trading or you can try and barter for a cheaper price.

Add me on steam!

Big Mann on Campus - 3 Ref
Genuine Wilson's Weave - 2.33 Ref
Haunted Engineer Soul - 1 Ref
The Little Buddy - 1.33 Ref
Genuine Distinguished Rogue - 3 Ref
Genuine Menpo - 1.66 Ref
Grenadier's Softcap - 2 Ref
Frontier Flyboy - 1 Ref
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Beats trying to sell them on Trade Servers.
All taunts going for 3.33 Ref, but I may be inclined to item trade.