7 for 1

I want that eagle damnit.

Add me if you down.

Add me if you down.

Max cannot be gifted.

Duped is okay if it has a nice paint.

Thanks for reading, please post here before adding me (you can do both at the same time, I just ignore invites that I don't see a post for).

Any Max's is fine.

Post before adding me. Thanks.
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Don't add me without posting, I'm gone a lot and apparently some people get offended when I don't add them immediately.
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Unusuals (prefer demoman) or keys. Bills/Buds are okay but not preferred.

Just offer what you think is fair.
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Hat is retired, level 100, and has a very visible N&B (compared to some, anyway).

Only interested in the wishlist. I give no shits if the Max is duped or not.

Tyrant's cannot be N&B, other low effects are fine. (Flies, fetti, bubbles, steam, logo etc.)
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Retired Hats. Stash is level 100. Don't treat them like normal N&B.

I like soldier most, demo second if offering unusuals.

Don't add me, post here.
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Duped is fine.

Irrelevant comments will be hidden.

Don't quote prices at me.
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3 keys or 16 refined.

You can add me if paying this, otherwise go away.
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2:1 for better stash

Nothing else.

Seriously, nothing else. Screw you if you offer something else.

I literally have a separate trade for other things.
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Read please.

Selling every strange in my inventory except my personal market gardener, stickybomb launcher, and grenade launcher.

I would love to sell one person all of the other ones, if you might be interested in that figure out a price and we can talk. I'll make it worth your while.

If you just want one strange or a few, offer here. Only taking metal or craft hats.

This trade autobumps, do not take it as a sign that I am online/at my keyboard. Thanks.
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Offer please. Don't add.
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Illiterate count: 5

Are you reading? Okay good.

I apologize for the somewhat confusing trade, this is the best outpost allows.

I need a second misc to complete my craft #92 demoman loadout. I don't particularly care which one, but how much I like it determines how much I'll pay.

The ones I have listed are preferred but if you know an owner of ANY CRAFT NUMBER 92 DEMOMAN MISCELLANEOUS ITEM feel free to post here then contact me.

I'll be paying in keys, so no extra work for you.
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I have 40 keys.

I want one of the hats on the right.

Please leave a price with your offer.
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Bicorne + Some number of keys = one of the listed soldier hats

or taking offers on the bicorne.

I'm not looking for anything fancy on the effect.

Do not overprice your hat.
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Pretty nice demo hat in my opinion.

Ideally looking to get a soldier unusual, the ones listed are my favorites but I'll look at any offer including non soldier hats, buds, and keys.

I have plenty of keys to add if necessary, but I'm really not expecting any high tier effects.

Thanks for looking, please don't add me without posting. A simple "Added to discuss" is fine.
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I always keep my hats up for offers, so feel free to post.
Try to avoid adding me randomly, a simple "Added to discuss" post here goes a long way.

I do strongly prefer soldier / demo hats with regard to unusuals as those are the classes I play myself, but I'm open to anything.

HWNN is my favorite.
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Cool combo right? Bet a lot of you were born in 92.

If you don't know what craft numbers are for the love of fuck stop posting / adding me.

I'd prefer to keep them together, but offer whatever you'd like.

(If I can't sell these I'd be VERY VERY interested in locating the craft #92 bearded bombadier, if someone knows the owner please contact me)
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Offer whatever you'd like to.
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Cute little fez with a fairly nice effect. I'm currently seeking a soldier hat, especially the two listed, so those are preferred.

I'm open to any offers however, so please post :3
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Offer whatever, I'm open to most things at this point. Solly/Scout would be cool.
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1 silly ear things for a purple text hat.

Offer away!

Don't add me.
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Not looking for anything specific, just deciding whether or not I want to start trading again.

Comes with gib kills, airborne enemies killed, and buildings destroyed.

In addition to the wishlist I'm fond of craft #92 items, though none of those are worth that much they'd certainly be nice sweets.

Don't add me.
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If it interests you, leave an offer and I'll comment if we're close.

Hide = No thank you

I have special interest in the original #92 if anyone manages to track it down.
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Okay, now that thats out of the way.

I currently have 88 stranges in my backpack, I wish to sell 82 of them (keeping the ones I have equiped / leveled). It is pretty obvious which ones I'm keeping, but since its probably the most interesting know that my festive rocket launcher is never for sale.

Before I go through the trouble of breaking them all down (because frankly that sucks) I'd like to offer the opportunity to offer on ALL 82 STRANGES at once.

The "collection" (not really) includes a lot of the newer stranges, but also some rainblowers, rocket launchers, and some odds and ins from older crates.

But Mr. Falconry, why would I want all these stranges?

1) I will give you an amazing deal for saving me all this work
2) See reason one
3) Stranges are awesome

Please (please..) read this post and check my backpack before offering. I understand this is a bit strange but it has worked out very well for people in the past.
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Best Sniper hat in the game and certainly a nice even craft number to own.

Not really interested in setting a buy out at the moment, just offer if you'd like to have it. Thanks.
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Offer stuff I guess.
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1 bud and 1 bill buys it. Fair price.

-> http://www.tf2pricecheck.net/Thread-PC-Bubbling-Chieftain-s-Challenge <-

Will also look at unusual and cash offers. Strong preference to another soldier unusual.
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Only for sale until Nov 8th.

Price: 42 keys (Nothing else)

Has Strange Parts: Airborne kills, buildings destroyed, and gib kills

Provide wrap if you want to keep my kills for some reason.
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1 bud and 1 bill buys it. Fair price.

-> http://www.tf2pricecheck.net/Thread-PC-Bubbling-Chieftain-s-Challenge <-

SPECIAL HALLOWEEN B/O: 33 keys (normal, not eerie)

Will also look at unusual and cash offers.
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26 keys
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Don't really care if its haunted or not, just want a craft-able executioner.
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2 buds = 58 keys.

1 bud = 30 keys.
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2 buds for 58 keys AND 58 crates. Yes I actually need the crates too, none pre-stranges.

I'm going to regret this.
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Buds for 25 eerie keys AND 25 eerie crates.

Not really in a rush, keep stupid comments to yourself please.
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Mostly looking at other soldier unusuals 1:1 or small additions from one of us.
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2:1 for craftable.
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Selling buds for cash through paypal to reputable buyers only. I will accept moneypak regardless of reputation.

You can find any and all of my trade reputation / links on my profile. I have no issues using a middle man if it makes you more comfortable.

Currently have: 2
Sold: 15

32$ each
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Figured this guy could use his own little trade.

Special B/O of 1 bud for a day or two or longer if I forget to edit these notes.

Would like things of the promo nature the best, but offer what you'd like. Really an underloved hat in my opinion, looks wonderful with brainiac + googly.
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I am in the process of selling these promos for cash, but if a good unusual offer were to come a long I might be interested.

I don't like the term quick sell, but if its not a pretty good deal I'll just pass.

Love: Soldier / Demo
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Pretty self-explanatory trade. Obviously I'm not looking for something expensive.

Not likely to take N&B unless on one of the 6s classes.
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Offers involving team captains will be looked at fondly, but I'm open for anything. Cash isn't listed but is very welcome with appropriate reputation.

Best Promo: 17 buds
Best Unusuals: See below
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1:2 would be great, quite the deal for you actually.

Also happy to sell for 4 keys / 10 refined.
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Paying 1 refined for any CLEAN hat/misc.

This trade autobumps, please check if I am online before adding. If I am online, add me for a quick trade.

Read before you add guys, please?
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Selling these stuffs. I am just looking for spreadsheet value, nothing fancy or overpriced.

I value used pink paint at 1.66 (Its usually 3 refined to buy it) so add that to the cost of the pink items. I am negotiable on these however as my pink collection is nearly gone.

I'm currently accepting metal, keys, and craft hats. I do read all offers though if you want to surprise me.


Thanks for reading.
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Fresh trade. Blighted beak is now level 26 instead of 31.

I'd prefer to sell them together. If you're interested in that and have promos/paypal to spare we can probably work out a nice deal for you. Similarly god tier unusuals at 8:1 are quite welcome.

I look at all individual offers as well, just understand that I have all bubbles right now and that's pretty cool. Why ruin that for an equal hat?

Fair promo/cash offers will serve you well. Thanks for reading.
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Sellin this stuff.

Lookin for spreadsheet price basically only accepting metal, keys, and hats worth 1.33 refined or less.

I value pink paint at 1.66, so add that to the price of any pink items.

Don't add me without posting please.
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IT IS COMPLETE *evil cackling*

Offer on all of them together, a few, or maybe just one, it doesn't really matter to me but understand I won't break up the family for a few keys profit.

Best TC Offer: Bubbles Jefe + Bubbles Ballcap + Bubbles Tyrolean + 18 keys
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I have too many pans. 1 rec each.