Caribou 16 ref
Heat of Winter 14 ref
Caribou 20 refined
Santarchimedes 14 refined
Heat of Winter 14 refined
Medi gun 1 key
I'm selling my painted cosmetics.

Caribou: 20 refined.
Santarchimedes: 14 refined.
Villain's veil: 12 refined.
Heat of Winter: 18 refined.
Vintage Tyrolean: 9 refined.
Brush with Death: 14 refined.
Bird Man of Aberdeen: 10 refined.
Nasty Norsemann: 4 refined.

I do not take painted items.

I take description and name tags at their bp.tf value in refined. No overpay required for those.

Listening to all offers. These are the best prices on bp, outpost and bazzar.
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Ubersaw signed by Knoxx, with Singularity and Team Shine. Looking for 6 keys. It's a collector item, he doesn't play TF2 anymore, he's in a pro Overwatch team, so he won't sign your stuff. It's also level 69. Got it signed back in July 2015.

Comes with a Grenadier Softcap crafted by B4nny and ornament armament crafted by stabby stabby.
I'm selling the heavy yet set. I'm selling each item for its bp.tf price minus .33 refined.
20 ref for Caribou. 22 ref for Santarchimedes.
Caribou goes for 20 ref.

Santarchimedes goes for 22 ref.

Item overpay accepted.
Prinny set.

8 keys pure. 12 keys in unusual overpay, no less. Other item offers appreciated.

Send me a trade or add me to discuss.
The genuine Prinny items are now tradable. Taking offers.
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Balls crafted by stabby stabby.

Not looking for much, I guess if you have a few interesting cosmetics for demo, soldier or spy, I'd be more than willing to trade.

(I am not putting a lot of value on these balls, I don't need much)
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Ubersaw signed by the one and only and among the best medics of all time, KnOxXx. (epsilon's medic, pro OW player now)

Last time he played TF2 was ~1 year ago, so good luck getting anything signed nowadays. A must have for any aspiring medics, it's a collector item. Got it signed myself. Clean history as well.

Level 69, singularity/team shine as well, doesn't get much better than this.

Looking for offers. I'm all ears. Not expecting much.

I changed my password a few days ago so please offer here and not through trade offers. Or add me to discuss.
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Medi gun: 14 keys. Final.

Rest: Bp.tf price minus a scrap. (Bp.tf price = what people are selling for)
Selling my backpack. Everything.
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Ubersaw signed by KnOxXX

Will trade it for a prof ks strange ubersaw with fire horns / team shine :)
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Offers. No lowballs.
Paying bp.tf price + one scrap for these hats.
3 keys 6 ref for this painted mufflers.
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Selling this shotgun

offer me jesus
So... this is it.

I don't want to play TF2 anymore. It has too many negative memories associated with it, and brings out the worst in me. To overcome that, to never be able to go back to that hideous nature of mine, I need to get rid of this. I've had it since 2013. I would always sell my shit, I had zero commitment. One day, I saw someone with a Hale's Own Shotgun, and thought to myself 'damn, I wish I could have something like that...'. It was the epitome of being 'skilled' at playing this game. I thought that if I saw someone with such a shotgun, I would think that they were really good players, after all, it's not too easy to get 8500 kills on a shotgun, or so I thought.

I bought it when it had nothing on it. I then bought a killstreak kit, and went around everywhere using it, as all classes, with all loadouts imaginable. I would never give it up.

Then, one day, I bought a professional killstreak kit. 12 keys, that was a lot for me, and it still had not reached the goal I wanted it to reach. The shotgun itself was a symbol of commitment, it's directly linked to someone I hold very dear in my heart. I always thought that, as long as I had this shotgun, I wouldn't forget about my love, I would always keep it in mind wherever I was, whatever I did. But then, bad things happened, over the course of a year, my life went from amazing to super shit. My mind crumbled, and yet, this shotgun kept giving me hope, reminded me of the one sane thing I had, and it helped! I recovered from all the trauma I had suffered.

Slowly, steadily, my mind was getting better. I kept working on my shotgun. I never farmed it once, I kept insisting on doing it the 'legit' way. And here we are... 13 thousand kills.

I had stopped playing this game a while back, and got back into it, and boy, did it bring back bad memories. The game itself was only a coping mechanism of mine.

Then, I realized it. I was dependent on that game, I was depending on that shotgun, I thought that my love was illegitimate without it, without this item... and boy, was I wrong. Now, I realize that I need nothing of such quality to keep me at bay, I need to let go of this thing, for it turned rotten for me.

Taking offers. Don't lowball, or you're going to be shit-talked. If I don't get any good offers, I'll keep it in my inventory as a token of the past. That's all.
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Taking offers on this Disgaea set. When it goes tradable, you'll want it to be yours. You CAN buy the items off the Mann Co store, but this is a genuine set.
Open to all offers... as long as they're not ridiculous.

I am also willing to sell items separately. Just offer here. Don't add me.
Selling 4 CSGO keys for $1.85. BTC only. Only dealing with trusted people with rep.
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Quickselling. Send me an offer.
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Signed by a prodigy, prof ks, lvl 69. Looking for 3 keys. Done with this game.
Quickselling. Read the fuck up, it's a quicksell. Send me an offer.
Selling my sniper set. It's a fine set, just not including my wally pocket in it for own reasons.

The rifle; has sick parts, has mandarinn. Can toss in a nametag if you buy the set altogether. I am seeking 10 keys and 5 ref on it.

The unusual: 1 of 1 on the market, it's clean, nice paint on it. Looks great in-game! I am seeking 19 keys which is what I paid for it.

The veil: Two spells, black paint, but I'm not looking for much extra lol. I am seeking 12 ref or so.

As a set, this totals up to 29 keys and 18 ref. I am also taking unusual offers WITH OVERPAY. I am expecting a minimal overpay of 14keys on the sniper, 23 keys on the belt, or 32 keys on the entire set.

If the items are not in my inventory, it means they are on the SCM. Simply add me to trade in that case.
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Looking for these weapons with kits on them. Preferably clean, and preferably cheap. Send an offer my way.
Stock: 19 keys

Buying low-tier hats for 25% - 30% off or so, send in a trade offer.
Clean 1of1 on the market.

Looking for 19 keys pure or more in unus
10 keys! Has headshots and mandarinn on it.
Looking for 20. 1 of 1 on the market, clean, painted.
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Pretty sure this is the only Fire Horns/Team Shine shotty available. It's also pretty cheap. Take it from me please.

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8 ref each.
Looking to sell my black cosmetics.

10 ref each.

Or other black cosmetics.
Ubersaw goes for 4 keys.
11.66 ref.
29 keys. It's clean.
30 keys, more in unusual overpay. Interested in a buckaroos with a good effect.
Shotgun: offer

Skull: 2.5 keys (has spell and black paint)

Scout stuff: 12 ref each

Sub-zero suit: bp.tf price
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31 pure.

36 in items.


Good offers:

TF Logo Conjurer's Cowl: http://img...ONow1f
Peace sign Pirate's bandana and 3-4k: http://i.i...6F.png
GE goggles + adds: http://i.i...Tn.png
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Selling my bp. Offers.
16 keys or offers for this clean misc.

(is on the market; add me if you have any interest.)
Buying a black Spine-Chilling Skull (CRAFTABLE PLEASE) for 2 keys and 8 ref. I don't think I have change, so please provide change in the offer for 3 keys. I might not bump this often but I accept offers rather fast, please provide me with this item.