This user has been banned permanently by Garry. The reason for this ban is as follows:
Pending scammer report on SteamRep

Additionally, spamming using a alt.
God tier effect on a fairly new hat.

2 person history.


Misc hype apparently, im gonna keep this for a while until i get a really good offer

Declined offers:
Burning Flames Tyrantium Helm
Haunted Ghosts Modest Pile Of Hat + Anti-Freeze Little Buddy
Sunbeams Connoisseur's Cap (very low)
Dead Presidents Pardner's Pompadour (very very very very very low)
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God tier effect for a misc.

1 of 3 and 1 of 2 on the market.

Offers for now.
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1 of 1 untradeable conga taunt.

It's untradeable forever, see in my inventory for yourself.

Currently taking offers on this rare item.
One clean, dropped, craftable weapon for one dirty, uncraftable sandman

Edit: don't send an offer for my crafted or gifted weps
1 reclaimed metal


3 scrap metal


0.33 any metal

for one (1) summer claim check
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All are clean. I DO NOT take buds

Pickelhaube B/O: 120 keys
Brim Full B/O: 50 keys
Thirst Blood B/O: 40 keys

Declined offers on Pickelhaube
Circling Peace Sign Aviator Assassin + 1 bud pure + Strange Cladeagh Mor
Purple Energy Your Worst Nightmare http://fil...1ged1c
Hellfire Armored Authority

Declined offers on Brim
Cauldron Bubbles Desert Marauder
Purple Confetti Large Luchadore http://fil...bg16dc
Bubbling Villain's Veil http://fil...4f99ee
Green Energy Madame Dixie + sweets (very low)
40 keys pure

SFM below made by:
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I only want 110 keys pure.

Feel free to offer whatever, but I probably won't take it.

But you may as well try :^)
Looking for offers on this rare hat.

Pretty nice effect and good hat, make some offers.

B/O: 5 buds
Strange, rare, and limited.

Make some offers.
Looking for offers on this CLEAN Burning Pickel

Limited, can't be unboxed again as well

B/O: 12 buds
Looking for offers on either the set or individually.

Both are as clean as can be, 3 person history on the brainiac even
Buying QUICKSELL unusuals.

Currently have: 2 buds pure

Offer your price here

Brokering this hat for a friend. he makes really good maymays and he made that dank sfm down there

It's 100% mega dank edgy themed cause 9/11 was around dusk and planes and lots of people died so death at dusk
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Hey all,

19 year old gamer here with a sick neckbeard and strong passion for fedora fashion

I am looking for a sexy night elf babe to hook up with

I am a really funny guy and know how to make the ladies laugh

Thanks for reading m'ladies
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Purple Confetti Glengarry Bonnet:
-First generation
-Good effect
-Nice hat
Looking for offers around 1.5 buds

Gifted Smoking Whoopee Cap:
-Second Generation
-Good starter unusual
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Stealing Brokering this hat for a friend.

It's sexy af, sfm is coming soon.

He's looking for offers around 30 buds.

Remember Burning Flames is 45 buds so this god tier effect shouldn't be far off.

Refrain from adding me and post here or trade offer instead so he can see the offer.
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Brokering this.

Looking for around 1 bud pure.

13+ keys in unusuals.

Offer away.
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Brokering this so don't add me, post here or send a trade offer.

1 of 1 on market not looking for CS:GO offers, themed, all class.

Looking for around 3 buds in pure.

Offers in unusuals or australiums must be overpay.

Keys > Buds
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C/O: 10 buds pure

Tue Feb 17 2015
[7:37:27 AM] unsuccessful black businessman: hello
[7:37:36 AM] unsuccessful black businessman: you said you had 10 buds for a gbh tyrants?
[7:37:44 AM] umbrella: yes
[7:37:47 AM] umbrella: just wondering
[7:37:51 AM] umbrella: im getting them later
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No 3rd Gens(Unless 20+), Gifted unusuals, Duped unusuals, collectors items, or pro ks items.

Keep your offers around 11 buds. This is CLEAN the other 6 are All dupes of each other
There is only 4 of these clean, 2 of them are with scammers, gl getting those without getting marked, and one doesn't look like he's trading it, and the other one is right here.
Looking for offers on a super clean Sunbeams Waxy.

Cleanest one on the market.
Great effect for pyro

Looking for offers on it.

Declined offers:
Stormy 13th Hour Head Warmer
Purple Energy Your Worst Nightmare + Purple Energy Dragonborn Helmet
Purple Energy Dragonborn Helmet + It's A Secret To Everybody Liquidator's Lid
Sunbeams Waxy Wayfinder + buds
It's A Secret To Everybody Waxy Wayfinder + buds
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This won't be cheap.

Declined offers:
Eerie Orbiting Fire Danger + Flaming Lantern Industrial Festivizer
Molten Mallard Nunhood
Vivid Plasma Federal Casemaker + 3 buds http://i.i....png?1
Spellbound Tavish DeGroot Experience
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2.33 ref for FaN with parts

2 ref for Flamethrower with parts

2.66 ref for El Jefe

0.66 ref for Persian

7.33 ref for AWP
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Looking for offers on these unusuals.

I messed up the numbers on the buds, 9 on modest, 4 on western, 2 on shako, 1 on fro, 1 on spartan, 1 on topi, 1.5 on brero
Crown B/O: 1.8 buds

Cockswains B/O: 1 bud

Norman B/O: 4.5 buds

Topi B/O: 1 bud

Allbrero B/O: 2 buds

Modest B/O: 10 buds
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I guess I'll put up this useless collection.

2 scrap each or buy the whole thing
Looking to buy QUICKSELLS

Post your price below

Not paying your B/O
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Looking for offers on this knife.

B/O: 18 keys
Norman B/O: 4.5 buds

Topi B/O: 1.2 buds
Brokering these for a friend.

Crown B/O: 1.8 buds

Cockswains B/O: 1.2 buds

If you want to know the sad story of how he went from a death at dusk tc to this in one day, here you go:
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Selling a sweg hat

B/O: 2 buds

C/O: none yet

Offer away
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