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Quickselling for 60 keys. Lowest price on the market

Clean, 1st gen effect, good hat.

Send offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
75 Keys each For these lovely unusuals. High tier hat with a great first gen effect. 2 of 3 on the open market. Both Clean.

taking 20-30% overpay for unusual. I don't mind receiving offers so there's no harm in offering below or here
75 Keys for lovely Field practice W/ circling hearts. (CLEAN)
A lovely high tier medic hat with a first gen effect!

Really not in a rush to sell this since i really like it

I also have 45 pure i can add for an unusual upgrade.

Comment below or offer here. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Please refrain from adding me, though if you must first comment on my profile. :)
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40 Keys for Executioner, Lovely multi-class unusual with a First Gen effect.

WIlling to trade for other unusual, have 75 pure I can add depending on the offer.

Comment below or offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Have 51 keys. Looking to buy an unusual. All offers welcome except Unu taunts

Add me or send offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Bp tf price for the flapjack. Will pay extra to an extent for a black one

Add me or offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Hi, Have 51 keys ready for trade looking to buy unusual quicksells.

Looking for higher teir effects.
I like pyro, spy, and scout so id be more inclined to purchase hats for these classes
Post your offer below or send me an offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Buying Mannrobics for 1.1 keys as per bptf price

Add me or send an offer through https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
Hi Looking to buy these two pyro cosmetics at Bp tf prices.
12.44 for sub zero
6.66 for Last Breath.

Please dont bother jacking up the prices just so we do not waste each others time.
Add me on steam or send a trade offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88368247&token=UmYQSnve
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Everything at the standard price as per Backpack TF.
Just looking for metal no swaps. Cheers
13 tf2 keys + 20 Ref
for any 13 of these cs keys.

Add or trade offer
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Selling Clean Earbuds. 10 keys.
Add for trade
Bp tf prices yo
Add 4 the trade
Pure only.
1 Bud quick sell
Add 4 trade
Pure only
Looking for some good ak skins and m4a1-s skins
Looking to trade the Fez for a low tier Knife

In stock
1- Stormy Fez
4- Keys
13 Ref

Post offers below, any offers are welcome
no lowballs or highballs
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Hey :D
Looking for unusual offers
Post below before adding
no 3rd gens
BP TF Prices Yo
Add if interested

If im offline, send trade offer
Hey :D
Looking for 1.5-1.6 on Fez or unsual offers
for tossle im looking around 7-7.5 buds or unsuals ( i can add 2 buds for tossle only)
No 3rd gen
Hey :D
looking for about 1.6 pure for this fez or A nice unusual offer
Do not add pls, post below
Selling a Nice Familiar Fez with stormy storm For
23 keys pure Or a bud plus 4 keys. One of the cheapest on outpost with a good history
I take unusual overpay if i like the unusual (scout, spy, engie and soldier prefferes)
I have 10 keys to add if your unusual is higher priced then mine :D
Trade offers are always nice so send them if you are interested
Quick Selling a stormy storm Familiar fez for 23 keys pure
I Have 15 keys to add if you have a higher priced unusual
No 3rd gen Or robo hats :P

This is one of the cheapest available on outpost. Nice first gen effect and a Highish tier spy hat
Send trade offers
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Bp Tf Prices yo
Add for trade
If your profile is private i will autoblock you. Too many phishers
Offer yo
Add for trade
Skitz m8
Offer Yo
Add for trade :D
Selling these stranges
Pistol- 2 Ref
Scorch and sleeper~ 1 rec each
2 ref for ten gallon
2.33 for half pants
add me for trade (clean only)
Selling these 3 Stranges And sticky jumper for Bp Tf Price. Add me for quick trade
Pure only thanks.
Selling Pink Summer shades for 5 keys pure
You must supply gift wrap. Extremly Clean history.
Add me for trade
Selling This lovely unusual for 1.3 buds. Huge discount
23 keys or 1:1 Unusual offers. I prefer Spy, Soldier, Scout and pyro.
Add me if you meet the buyout
B/O 23 keys
Selling A Dead Presidents Dragonborn
B/O is 1.5 buds

Accepting Pure and unusual offers below
Add me if you meet the buyout price
I do accept unusual 1:1, post below
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Selling These awesome pink as hell summer shades for 5 keys.
You must supply gift wrap. send trade offers to me.
Offers and pure accepted.
C/O- N/a
B/O- 1.5 buds or unusual overpay
Offering these buds for unusual offers.
Do not add me. Post offers below. i will constantly check.
Hey selling these Stranges for my listed prices
Metal and keys are preffered
Strange sydney sleeper~ 1 Rec
Strange Sniper~ 4 Ref
Strange Sticky~ 1 Ref
Scorch Shot~ 1 rec
Strange Degreaser (with Projectiles reflected, Crit kills and allies extinguished)~ 2.5 keys
These prices are as backpack Tf list
DO NOT ADD ME. Send an offer and i will see it
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Hey :D.
Send me a trade offer or add for quick trade
Prices are Firm
(Uncraft) Head warmer- 1.33
Anger- 3 ref
GrayBans- 1 key
Teutonic Toque- 1.33
Your worst nightmare- 1.66
Brigade helm- 1.66
Triad- 1.66
War pig- 1.33
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Selling the after dark for 1.66
Add for quick trade
Hey :D, please don't add, instead send trade request.
Shred alert is key :3
And i would like offers on the Laughing taunt
Sent me a trade offer, anyone who adds me will be blocked D:
Offer away, i would prefer metal
buy it and laugh in the face of your enemies
Selling this Nice sniper Misc for 6 ref and 2 reclaimed pure.
Add me for quick trade
Selling the Genuine AWPer hand for 4.33 pure
Item overpay is 5.66 min
add me for quick trade
Hey feel free to add me if you meet the prices i have set, minor price changes can be accepted.
Lime Side Satchel 3 ref
Gold half pipe 5 ref
Robo 1.33
Ellis 1.33
Tour of duty 3.66 firm

Thanks :D
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Selling some cheap vintages
Add me
Vintage natascha -1 rec
Vintage Force of nature- 1 rec
Vintage buff banner 1 rec
Vintage back burner 1 rec
Vintage flare 1 rec
Or buy all for 1 ref and a rec :D
add me if you are interested
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Selling 11 #58 robo crates
For 1 scrap each or 4 for a rec. Add me.
Metal only
Hey :D
Metal only please
Vintage boxing gloves- 2 scrap
2 Strange revolvers- 2 rec each
Strange stick launcher- 1 ref
Strange sydney sleeper- 1 rec

Prices are firm but feel free to add for negotiation
You can buy one or the whole lot. Add me dont bother posting an offer <3 i dont bite. much
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Hey there :D
2 ref for this lovely Strange grenade launcher
Is nice

Add me for quick trade
Selling this lovely vest for 1 key firm

Add me, metal is accepted but keys are preffered.
If paying in items prepare to overpay

be heisenberg with this cool hat for 1 key :D add me if you have it, no metal or hats are accepted