I just unboxed this

Perfectly Clean history & 1 out of 1 with this effect.
I'm mostly looking for offers in keys, but ill' consider pretty much anything on this new unusual hat !

+Add me or write you offer down here if you are interested.
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-->Looking for offer on my S.F Killstreak rocket launcher with high parts

-->I am also really interested in a S.F stickybomb launcher and a big kill

+add me or send a trade offer
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Selling this awesome huntsman professional killstreak kit for 8 keys

--->Has High tier effects<---

-I would also accept wrapped strange summer shades

+add me or send me a trade offer
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looking for offers on this S.F rocket launcher

+add me or send a trade offer
Hello, looking for a 1-1 with this strange festive rocket launcher with high tier parts

+add me or send me a trade offer

Im selling this beautyfull High Tier Bloke's Bucket

-I am definetely looking for a CS:GO Butterfly knife

-I accept Unusual overpay or Max Head / Keys

+add me or send a trade offer !
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Selling this unusuals for nice offers.

✖ God tier Hat
✖ Burning Flames *_*
✖ AMAZING effects.

I am looking for both CS:GO and TF2 offers

+ Add me or send trade offers !
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Im willing to trade this awesome Green Energy Swagman's Swatter for a value of 100 keys
-Only 3 on the market
-Looks damm good right ?

At Least 50 KEYS IN PURE

+ Add me if you want to discuss about the payment
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Hey there, im looking for the triggerman's tactical for all of those items

Feel free to add me for a faster trade !
[Quick sell]

Hey there, im selling this Golden Botkiller mk.II Medigun for 2 KEYS !

-Feel free to add me affcorse !