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Clean 1 of 4 Burning Flames Das Ubersternmann!
One of the only ones on sale. Rest are duped or in collectors backpack.
Best medic hat in the game with the best effect.

B/O: 250 keys pure more in unusuals

Not selling this cheap and as a medic main myself it's the best hat I can ask for.
If offering feel free to add or post here or send me a trade offer

Take care guys
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Taking offers.

Offers on others on outpost have been around 300 in unusuals. Can look for a bit less

Add me please :)
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Legendary Top tier Holy Grail shred alert!
Best taunt effect in the entire game!

B/O: 300 keys.

Open to unusual offer on this so add me or post here
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Looking to sell this amazing all class Haunted Ghosts Woolen Warmer

Looks great for all classes and is a nice effect.

Looking for around 250 keys in unusual offers or a bit less in pure.
Open to all offers so post here
Add me or send a trade request too
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Selling amazing my medic set. All items named!

Looking for pure keys
Post here or add me
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Great multi class hat.

One of the highest tier hats for both classes

Clean with the best first gen effect

Looking for just under 600 keys in unusual offers. All offers welcome.

Post below, send a trade offer or add me, whichever you do normally.
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Selling these lovely unusuals. Looking for pure or some nice unusuals
Add me to discuss

Secrets baron von havenplane - 60 keys
demonflame texas tin gallon - 50 keys
orbiting planets liquidators lid - 21 keys
stormy storm tricorne - 17 keys

Post below or add me
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Serious offers only

I need HUGE overpay in tf2 unusuals for these if you want to pay using those

Pure keys are fine as well as csgo knives/items

M9 slaughter has extremely good float and centred angel with a half diamond. It is not market price.
Butterfly is the same with 0.07 float and a centred angel.

Looking for 260 keys on the karambit crimson web
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Selling the beautiful knife storm team captain

Other seller was offered 700 pure and declined : http://i.i...wH.png . They are asking for 800 pure or 900 in unusuals

Taking offers myself. Feel free to add me, post below or send a trade offer.
Offering me backpack.tf price will not be a good idea to let you know.

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Selling these games for keys

Daedalic adventure bundle normally costs about 24 keys but I am selling it at a much reduced price. Please offer me and this bunch of great games could be yours :)
1 of 2 Shadows Reggaelator
1 of 3 Shadows Tyrolean.
Both clean

This set recently sold for 400 in unusuals! [Haunted ghosts Executioner (240) + PE tyrolean (120) + Harvest Moon Glengarry bonnet (45)] http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198044350516#!/compare/1485907200/1485993600
Not selling cheap but open to offers

C/O : Darkblaze nunhood + vivid plasma ballcap = 390
2 x infernal flames congas = 380 keys

Can sell seperately. Post below, send trade offer or add me.
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Clean Purple Energy pyromancers mask!
Excellent pyro misc with top tier effect! 1 of 2 on the market and extremely popular.

B/O : 190 keys

Open to unusual, key or knife offers.
Post here or add me guys.
Happy trading
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Selling these 3 fabulous unusuals!

All clean and with great effects
Selling for backpack.tf price so add me and we can discuss any offers!
Selling this amazing all class tipped lid!

Priced very recently at 450 keys
Looking for unusual offers or keys.

Don't be afraid to offer as I will consider. Add me too.
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Selling these 7 great unusuals!

Taking offers on all of them some come on in and hopefully you'd like to send me an offer.

GE baron von Havenplane - 70 keys
Secrets baron von Havenplane - 60 keys
megastrike balloonibouncer - 95 keys( sold for 95 3 weeks ago)
killa-watt HWWN - 38 keys
Circling peace sign conquistador - 24 keys
C9 merryweather - 30 keys (pink paint too)
nuts and bolts ubersternmann - 20 keys
Australium axtinguisher - 7 keys

Check my backpack.tf link if you want to make a combined offer with any other unusuals I have. All my other unusuals are also on outpost!

Add me to trade is fine or post or send me a trade offer. Either :)
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3 unusuals, will quicksell for pure!

Price below are just a guideline to my prices and I will go lower so please add me and offer!

Haunted ghosts tipped lid - 130 keys
72 square dance - 150 keys
spectral swirl zoomin broom - 130 keys

Add me to offer or post here!
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1 of 1 Mega Strike Zoomin Broom!
Very nice taunt. Worthy substantially more than all the other halloween effects since a great original taunt effect!
B/O : 280 keys

Since 1 of 1 very unlikely to depreciate in value and likely no other will ever be unboxed.
All other halloween effects are less than 180 keys and are worth a lot less than the original

Accepting all offers including any taunts, unusuals or pure
Add me to trade or post here, both are equally fine :)

Happy trading
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Looking for offers on Clean Max head and genuine friends forever badge

No B/O just offer me or add me

Thanks guys!
Cloud 9 Vintage Merryweather!
Top tier pyro hat with a pretty underrated effect in my opinion. Pink paint too

B/O : 30 keys pure

Open to all offers including pure and unusual overpay.
Post below or add me!
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1 of 3 Scorching Flames Baron von Havenplane!
Very nice unusual. One of, if not the highest tier Baron on sale at the moment! Clean!
B/O : 100 keys

1 of 2 It's a secret to everyone Baron von Havenplane!
Also extremely nice effect. One of my personal favourite effects.
B/O : 65 keys

Accepting all offers including any taunts, unusuals or pure
Add me to trade or post here, both are equally fine :)

Happy trading
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Reopening my Ubersternmann collection!

I collect these things

Offer unusual ones, craft numbers, paint ones; I'm all ears

Would prefer it if you didn't post a comment just saying "I have a ____ ubersternmann. offer"
Take a look in my backpack and make me an offer.

If you want to offer on my burning ubersternmann or my collection as a whole feel free but no lowballs. I paid a lot for the both unusuals.

Have a nice day :)
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DON'T BE AFRAID TO OFFER! The worst I could do is say no thanks :)
Unusual and item offers accepted!, Prices can be discounted for keys

1. Sunbeams doctor dappers - 185 keys(C/O 160 pure collecting)
2. infernal smoke zoomin broom - 180 keys
3. cauldron doctor dappers - 80 keys
4. peace sign conquistador - 23 keys
5. GE brigade helm - 50 keys
6. 1 of 1 overlcoked hetmans - 25 keys
7. phosphorus doctors sack - 21 keys
7. Prince tavishes crown - 38 keys
8. Shred alert - 60 keys

All hats clean except brigade helm!

Send trade offer, post here or add me all are fine :)
Happy offering
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Selling amazing 1 of 2 harvest moon Private Eye!
Multi Class
1 of 2 in the world

B/O 180 pure
Open to offers, so post below.

Adding me is fine if you have an offer too.
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Looking to get a cool unusual for this nice taunt

Priced 23 keys
Offer me!
Taking unusual offers on these things

Looking for a bit of overpay on the unusual on 80 keys

Add me or post here
Selling these unusuals cheap for pure!

Offer me please in pure or other unusuals

Want these gone quick so offer. All clean
Come over and check out these 3 great unusuals!

Clean All Class GE executioner!
Looking for any offers on it so shoot me something!

Zoomin Broom B/O: 180 keys (can sell for nice unusual at lower price)

PE Brigade helm : looking for 46 keys

Offers on any of these will always be considered so don't be afraid. Add me too
Thanks guys
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Extremely reasonably priced Circling Hearts Patriot Peak. Compared to other unusual effects for this hat. (half the price of PE and GE) + same price as DBD effect. Practically a steal.

B/O : 210 pure bit more in unusuals (Offer me though, I like exciting unusuals)

Extremely reasonably priced compared to other unusual effects for this hat. (half the price of PE and GE) + same price as DBD effect. Practically a steal.

Offer here with any unusuals or just add me, it's faster
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I collect these things.

Interest in some unusual ones or painted ones/ craft numbers

Would prefer it if you didn't post a comment just saying "I have a ____ ubersternmann. offer"
Please come with a price in mind. I have unusuals so take a look in my backpack for stuff.

If you want to offer on my bonzo ubersternmann or my collection as a whole feel free but no lowballs. I paid a lot for the bonzo one.

Have a nice day :)
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SELLING> 2 great all class hats!
Can sell as a set or seperately.

All class tipped lid with purple energy> 450 keys.

All class MISC virtual viewfinder molten mallard > 260 keys

I'd rather have offers than have none so offer away or add me :D
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Selling ALL CLASS MISC molten mallard viewfinder!!!

B/O: 270 keys pure

Feel free to offer. All offers will be considered including mixed and just other unusuals.

add me or post down here.
Happy trading!
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Selling these two cool unusuals.

Pickelhaube is one of the best robo hats IMO and with burning flames to boot :)
Clean too

Pure prefered but csgo offers are awesome too.

Post any offers here or send a request.
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110 keys please or overpay in unusuals

Clean and everything

A very nice hat too :)
Offer me on these unusuals :D
Pure or unusuals accepted

All class misc virtual viewfinder : 260 keys B/O

Hellish inferno (best halloween 2016 effect) pool party : 250 keys B/O

roboactive liquidators lid: 65 keys B/O

Add me for offer here.
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Buying a quicksell doctors sack. Also looking to downgrade my unusual bubbling flamboyant flamenco to one too. Add me to discuss or post here. Thanks
Very nice all class unusual misc here :)

Clean and wearable on all your favourite tf2 characters.

post offers here or send me a trade offer. Adds are ok also though.

Interested in csgo knives, skins or tf2 unusuals + keys.

Overpay required in unusuals but I will consider selling cheaper than backpack.tf for knives.
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Hey there everyone!

Selling this great blighted beak with morning glory effect.

Only a two person history so it's extremely clean. If your looking for a great looking medic misc this is it.

Open to unusual offers but would prefer to sell for csgo or pure. However never be afraid of offering, it doesn't hurt :)

I will slash the price for a nice pure or csgo offer

Unusual offers need to hopefully have some overpay but enjoy and thanks for offering :D
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offer me please
Two huntsman knives here

Very nice fade on the fade one. Just looking for some awesome knife offers

I am a fan of slaughter so an m9 slaughter would be nice.


please don't add me. post here or send offer
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Hey there

Selling an awesome morning glory blighted beak

Super clean with only a two person history!

B/O : 225 keys. Sold for that much quite recently

Open to offers so just post stuff in the comments.
No lowballs please I know what this is worth.
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I am quickseling.

Please offer me pure keys or csgo knives/items.


it's yours for 70 keys

B/O : 70 keys
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Hey there

Taking offers on these

EXTREMELY interested in csgo offerd. I will overpay so please offer

Tf2 unusuals cool also.

Tough stuff muffs are clean and look very good. (all class + epic) looking for 300 keys on it.
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Two night knives here

taking offers in csgo knives or keys.

Need overpay.

Post here or send me a steam offer

Can trade for tf2 unusuals but only at huge overpay.
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Hey there

Selling these cool csgo items for other item offers or keys

HUGE overpay required in tf2 unusuals

looking for 27 keys on the flip knife.
Open to offers on all the other stuff.
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The m9 case hardened is 100 gold backside and 95% gold playside. For a field tested case hardened this is the best that it gets (expect blue gem)

PS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=444177622
BS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=444177791

This is a collectors item so I will not sell it for market price
Offers welcome

Looking for overpay in skins but willing to upgrade too.

Steam offer or post here preferred over adding unless you have a really good offer.
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Taking offers on this awesome howl.

This thing is never going to be unboxed in the game again and while knife prices fall with more knives being unboxed this will hod it's price.

Says field tested but honestly it looks pretty darn new on the playside. All the ware is on the handle which is not even shown in game.

Want a lot of overpay in knife offers.

MASSIVE overpay in tf2 unusuals.

Inspect in game if you don't believe me about it's great condition.

Please don't add me
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Decent offers please

Open to key or knife offers.

Need a bit of overpay. I need a good nova too

No tf2 stuff unless HUGE overpay. thanks
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Selling these awesome knives and an m4a1

Mainly looking for csgo knive offers/ key offers/ item offers

Some overpay required in skins.

HUGE overpay required in tf2 unusuals

Pleas post here or send me a steam offer.
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Hi there

I can give some keys for quicksell unusuals or unusual taunts
(quicksell does not mean bp.tf price unfortunately)

Post offers so please don't add me
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Putting up these awesome knives for sale.
Mostly looking for csgo offers

Karambit doppler is full black playside and pretty rare too.
B/O : 300 keys

Everything else should be on the market and I'm looking at that price in pure keys

Tf2 unusuals are accepted but at HUGE overpay. Post offers here or add me
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