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120 keys pure or offers. 25 key discount.
1st gen, looks great, clean, short history, and easy to re-sell at this amount.
120 keys pure or unusual/mixed offers.
1st Gen
Looks Great
Short History
Scamming Attempts: 3
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120 keys pure or unusual offers. Great Looking Hat
Good Luck Trading
Looking for 20 keys pure. Open to item, unusual, or CS:GO offers. Negotiation allowed.
Selling fortified compounds for 1 scrap each. Send me a trade offer. Stock: 8
24 keys and its yours. Open to negotiation, Unusual offers, and CS:GO offers.
30 keys and its yours. Also open to offers from CSGO and TF2. One sold on the market for 70$ on the 19th of June so very recent.
30 for the Strange Festive Specialized Killstreak Sand Cannon RL with 2 parts.. 15 for the Strange Spec Killstreak Kritzkreig. Also open to Unusual offers. Negotiation Allowed.
Looking for 24 pure or Unusual and Item offers. All-class and/or Scout/Soldier/Demoman are preferred for the unusual offers.
Buying Quicksells unusual Hats 20% to %50 off Bp.tf price

Stock: 44 keys

Offer below or send me an offer

Hidden = No
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looking for 40 keys pure, open to unusual offers

Scammers: 2
A 38 key hat with a ]45 key spell. http://backpack.tf/vote/id/56450747dea9e9b46b7f794d - Not very reliable tho :(.
Looking for something around 40 keys pure.
I would prefer unusual offers around 45+ keys.

I would accept a max's with 8 keys pure or in in 1-8 items worth a total of 8 keys.
Open to negotiate price on unusual offers.
Things I can add: 6 keys and a bunch of cosmetics.
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Looking for 50 keys for this beauty of an all class unusual. I know, the hat is only worth 38 keys. Spell sold for 40 tho 0_o
That seems like a lot but http://backpack.tf/vote/id/56450747dea9e9b46b7f794d
I am only tacking on 12 keys for the spell.
Open to negotiate price and unusual offers :)
Looking to sell this demo unusual that looks great for 40 keys pure
Mixed: 45 keys
Unusual Offers: 48+ keys
Looking to sell this awesome looking demo unusual for 40 keys pure!

Also open to unusual offers of 50+ keys
Buying duped unusuals/gifttagged unusuals.

First of all, they do NOT need to be gifted to be duped.

If you want to know if a hat is duped, check it's history. First of all if the ID of the hat is in white somewhere along the list, but not at the very top, it is duped. If there are multiple white ID's along the history, it is duped. On top of this, the hat can still be duped if there is only one single white ID at the top. You just need to check the item's previous owner's backbacks.

Also take note that anything from hats, stranges, genuines, unusuals can be duped. There are a lot of strange machinimas and strange festive weapons that are duped atm, so keep your eyes out.

Now as I was saying, buying dirty unusuals.

Current Key Stock: 42
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Looking for a key each for these babys but open to bargain.
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Selling all of these lovely cosmetics for bp.tf price or offers!
Trade me!
I hope that I can find and offer that works for me an you!
I am selling all of these hats for offers.
I would prefer pure.
If you want to trade me hat for hat then I hope we cn find a deal that works for both me and you!
Looking to sell this fancy dress uniform for a key pure.
Add me or send me an offer to make a deal.
Price is basically firm at a key but if you can make me a deal then go ahead!

Also looking to sell the other items for offers or bp.tf price in pure
Add me or send me an offer and hopefully we can work out a deal that works for me and for you!
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Selling these sexy items for pure or item overpay.
I would prefer pure but I also love to bargain for a price that works for me as well as you. feel free to send me a trade offer.
Also comment and offer on this post.
I check it everyday!
I'm taking offers on these two keys that I have.
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Selling this awesome scout hat ninja thing for the mid range price of 3.33
add me for a quick trade
I also take offers
Fed Fightin Fedora: 1.66
Rocket Jumper: 1 scrap
trade me if interested
price is firm
Hustlers Hallmark - 1.33
Warmth Preserver - 1.66
Vintage Painted Tyrants Helm = 8 ref
The Brawling Buccaneer = 3.33 ref
Add Me If Interested
Hey, I am selling these two keys for 7.33 ref each... Add me for a fast trade.

I also accept item offers so if you dont have the pure needed to buy these two keys off me then send me an item offer!