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Selling a couple of cool Demoman Weapons for cheapest prices in the Market.

Rainbow Grenade Launcher (FT)- B/O 2 Keys Sold for B/O

Australium Sticky Launcher- B/O 11 Keys 7 Refs

Send me a trade offer or Add me, I don't mind it.
Have a great day.
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Beautiful AK-47, comes with 4 beautiful complementing stickers (inspect the weapon to see how good they look)

B/O- 3 CS:GO Keys or 3 TF2 Keys 12 Refs

Overpay in Skins/TF2 Items is also accepted.
Selling this beautiful Australium Tomislav. Cheapest on the Market, comes with a Free Specialized Killstreak applied to it, Sheen (Daffodil) matches the glow of Australiums perfectly.

B/O 11 Keys 5 Refs or Purchase it directly with Cash from my shop.

Add me to offer the buyout, 25% Item Overpay is also acceptable.

Have a great day.
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Howdy. I'm buying an low tier Unusuals at a Discounted Prices.
Here is a quick price guide. price vs Prices I pay
9 Keys - 7 Keys
10 Keys - 7.5 Keys
11 Keys - 8 Keys
12 Keys - 8.5 Keys

That's all. Have a nice day.
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Selling this clean, short history, first gen, decent looking Unusual Green Confetti Elf Esteem. price is 11-14 Keys
B/O 10 Keys in Pure/Australiums, 12 Keys in Mixed, 13 Keys in Unusuals. Negotiation is allowed.

Send me a trade offer, Thanks. Have a nice day.
Selling a couple of Kits for the cheapest prices in the Market by a good margin

Professional Killstreak Flare Gun Kit Hot Rod, Cerebral Discharge for 2.5 Keys (2 Keys and 14 Refs) Discounted by atleast 15 Refs [SOLD]

Specialized Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter Kit Team Shine for 15 Refs (Top Tier Sheen)

I can also entertain 25% Overpay in easy sells. Please send me trade offers.

Have a nice day, brotha.
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Selling this Unusual Steaming Carouser's Capotain B/O 9 Keys

Open to other offers in Pure and Overpay in Unusuals or Australiums.
Selling a couple of items
Bill's Hat (Painted Team Spirit) for 1 key and 25 refs Sold
Specialized Killstreak Scotsman's Skullcutter Kit (Sheen- Team Shine) for 16 refs

I will entertain 25% Overpay in Easysells, Send me trade offers
Howdy, Fellow Traders. I am buying Stranges, Festives, Botkillers, Killstreak Weapons, Cosmetics, Robot Parts, Paint Cans and Taunts at Discounted Prices. However, I don't pay extra for Parts, Spells, Paints and any other addons.

Buying all Stranges Weapons and Cosmetics if the price is right. Send your offers via Trade Offers.

Buying all paints at 2 Refined less than price.

Buying Battle Worn Robot Parts at 0.33 each and Pristine Robot Parts for 0.44 each

Also buying specialized and professional killstreak kit fabricators for Stock Weapons of each class for 1 refined and 3 refined respectively.

[Treating Keys equivalent to 28.22 Refined]

Have a nice day, lads
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Taking Offers in Pure or Items (with 20% Overpay) on this beauty aka Strange Professional Killstreak Natasha. High Tier Effect (Cerebral Discharge) and Good Sheen (Manndarinn)

Comes with 3 Strange Parts-
Heavies Killed
Kills while under Ubercharge
Kills during Victory Time

Send me trade offers or comment your offers below.
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Hey there! This is your place to sell your strange weapons for any class quickly for pure metal. The prices are as listed below, Please note that, I dont pay extra for basic Killstreaks or Parts

Strange Shotgun- 8 Ref
Strange Scattergun- 6 Ref
Strange Sniper Rifle- 5 Ref
Strange Rocket Launcher- 7 Ref
Strange Knife- 3.66 Ref
Strange Wrench- 7 Ref
Strange Grenade Launcher- 3 Ref
Strange Medigun- 1.33 Ref
Strange Flame Thrower- 1.33 Ref

I buy other strange weapons at discounted prices as well.

Send me a trade offer.
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Selling Strange Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I with the Strange part Long Distance Kills B/O is 7.33 Refined
25% Item Overpay is also accepted (however, not paying extra for paints/parts/spells/killstreaks/skins)

Send me a trade offer
Buying Stranges, Cosmetics and Taunts at Discounted Prices. I will pay 85-90% of the price quoted by
For example, for a Strange Eyelander, I would pay 4.44 refs which is 92% of the listed price, pretty simple, right?

Send a trade offer here
Hey fellow traders, I'm selling a couple of items, for pure or item offers with 20% overpay, the prices listed below are negotiable to a reasonable extent.

Level 95 Festive Eyelander for 8,66 Refs SOLD
Hat of Cards painted Australium Gold for 5 Refs

Send me your trade offers.
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Selling these awesome painted Spy cosmetics for pure prices as listed below or 20% overpay if paying with items. Prices are negotiable to fair offers.
Only 33% of the prices of paints have been added.

Hat of Cards (Painted Australium Gold) 6.66 Refined only

Cut Throat Conceige (Painted Distinctive Lack of Hue) 12 Refined Only SOLD

Send me a trade offer to place your offers.
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Selling this Strange Professional Killstreak Backburner Mean Green, Flames

For 7 keys or Offers

Buying Craftable Hats, Weapons, Miscs, Genuine, Stranges and Specialized Killstreak Kits

Send me a trade offer
Or Offer here

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Cheapest Lime Bill's Hat anywhere

Clean Lime Bill's Hat for just 3 keys 5 ref
Send me a Trade Offer here--
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Buying Tour of Duty Tickets for 3.66 ref each........

Send me a trade offer to sell a few of them

Add me to talk in person but trade only through offers
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Selling Taunt: Conga for just 1 key and 3 ref

Send me a trade offer here to grab this awesome taunt
Selling Tour of Duty Tickets 4.22 per ticket (negotiable)

Selling 2 Tickets for 1 key and 5 Tickets for 2 key 3.55 ref

Send me a trade offer here
Selling a lot of BASE Jumpers

Price- 2 scrap each

Send me a trade offer here
Selling 2 Tour of Duty Tickets at 4 ref EACH

Send me a trade offer at
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Selling Vintage Pyro hat- Foster's Facade painted 'Muskelmannbraun' for just 1.33 refined

Send me a trade offer here
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Selling 2 BASE Jumpers

Price- 2 scraps each

Send me a trade offer at
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Selling Killstreak Shotgun for just 2 refined

Send me a trade offer at
  • Completed
4 Crates for 1 scrap

Add me or send a trade offer.......
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2 crates @ one scrap each
Selling 6 items

The Original
The Vaccinator
The Shahanshah

Only metal accepted......just 2 reclaimed/ 0.66 ref

Add me (steam id : mayank_madan ) to trade
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