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Looking to sell my clean tesla coil crones dome for 160 pure or large unusual overpay.

Can add keys to upgrade if needed, really looking to get an all class misc or solly misc, but I'm open to any offer.

Feel free to send me an offer or comment here.
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Selling this clean strange searing plasma brass bucket

Open to all offers!

Previous offers):
vivid plasma rebel rouser (40 keys)
Ancient Eldritch hellmet (~40 keys)
Power Surge Industrial Festivizer (~40 keys)
Aces Crones Dome (38 keys; I would've taken this but the guy sold it before I could respond)

Feel free to add, send offers, or comment below and Ill respond when I'm available.
I can add if needed
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Selling this clean S. Beams vive for 400 pure or overpay!

Feel free to send a trade/add me!
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Untradable, just taking offers rn

1/2 in the world
Please don't add me, just leave a comment below.
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Looking to trade this high tier unusual for keys or really good unusual overpay

B/O - 220
C/O - none

Things to note about the hat:
-VERY clean & short history: https://backpack.tf/item/6351873053
-1st get high tier effect
-All class
-Level 95

Not accepting unusual taunts

Feel free to send any offers or comment below, please don't add me unless leaving a comment here or on my profile first!
Have a good day.
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15 ref or offers
Sold for strange searing plasma bucket + ~4 keys in sweets
W e l l h e l l o t h e r e

On the market ATM, msg me if you have an offer!

I'm looking to trade this very sexy butterfly knife 100% fade
Here is a screenshot of the knife: https://s.m...GN.jpg

For tf2 offers:
160 keys pure
Large unusual overpay
-1st gen > pre 2015 halloween > robo effects > 2nd gen > 2015 halloween > 3rd gen > unusual taunts
-all class/ multi class > soldier > spy > sniper / scout > all
-duped items considered 70% bp price
-Australium weapons taken as pure
-Not accepting unusual weapons
-if downgrading into multiple items I need more overpay

For cs:go offers:
132 keys pure
-knife upgrades taken
-knife downgrades need good overpay (varies from # of knives and price)

I can add a 70 key unusual if needed!

Declined offers:

DBD Mercs mohawk (110k) + HG Cosa Nostra (40k) + Max's (19k) + Victory lap (3k)
CTFL Patriot Peak (70k) + FOD Rancho Relaxo (80k)
Bonzo Backbiters billycock (old price of 160k)

If you have any offers feel free to post, don't be shy: I don't bite
Feel free to add, comment, or send any offers to my profile

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Freshly unboxxed!

Taking offers
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Only other seller has duped, mine is clean
Send offer, add me, or comment
Also taking unusual offers at bp price
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Brokering on legitgamer's behalf
Clean, 1st gen, medic unusual
1/1 on the market
1/5 in the world
Priced on bp.tf @ 145-175
Willing to go lower
Looking for pure or cs:go offers
TF2 offers will likely be rejected, unless offer is generous
Feel free to use any method to talk to me, I'm online generally everyday

Have a good day, and gl trading.
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Taking offers

Priced @ 175 keys
1/1 on the market atm
Themed - ish
all class Halloween effect

Knives can be taken as pure as well
Unusual offers need overpay, expect to pay ~ bp price

Previous offers:
Bayonet vanilla ($130) + CH heers helmet (90 keys??)
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Selling this super sexy unusual!
Notes of hat:
All class!
Completely clean
1/2 on the market
Halloween effect
Comes with or without a pipe!

My B/O is 175 keys pure
I am taking unusual offers, with slight overpay based on effect/hat
CSGO knives will be taken as pure, I am willing to overpay for them aswell!
My preferable hats are as follows: All class>Soldier>Spy>Scout>all

Feel free to send an offer, discuss, or add me. I don't bit c:
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Selling for 80% of their pure bp.tf price/ market price
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Just looking for offers atm,
Atleast 20-30% overpay w/ clean 1st gen non robo unusuals
More for 2nd & 3rd as well as duped, and robo hats

Feel free to discuss w/ me below, or send an offer
While I prefer no adds, I will accept them.
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Karambit Slaughter
Full Phoenix backside
Small heart playside
B/O - 110 keys pure or overpay
C/O - None

Needs at least 35% overpay with clean 1st gen non-robo unusuals.
50% overpay with 2nd gen
100% overpay with 3rd
duped unusuals are worth 20% less
robos are 50%
Send offers, dont add
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Looking to upgrade while overpaying a little bit
Accepting tf2 offers with major overpay
Send offer
Looking to upgrade my karambit
Tf2 unusuals accepted with massive overpay.
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Send offer; dont add
Must have mobile auth
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CLEAN Searing Plasma Merc's Mohawk

Looking for 170 Keys pure, unusuals, or Cs:go offers (I'll overpay 20%)

C/O - None

Declined offers:
Sunbeams degroot (Low)
E orb current event WW
CV Front runner + p. ks. aussie scattergun (low)
GE ground control (Not bad, but no overpay)
Flaming lantern glasgow + duped burning sola topi (Lowball)
Smoking viewfinder (Outdated)
There were a lot more, I just didn't bother to add them...
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Looking for offers
B/O - 175 keys pure or unusual offers w/ overpay
C/O - none
Been offered: DBD cotton head + Smoking stash + 20k pure + 10k in sweets
Roboactive bonk boy + c heart + EHP head of hot air
DBD cotton head + smoking stash + 20 keys pure + 9 in sweets

1/5 p fetti skull cap
This is one of (if not) the cleanest
Bought directly from the unboxer as a Quicksale on scm

Fun fact! This is the highest tier Soldier unusual hat that isn't glitched! (ex. curbstompers)

Will take unusual offers, don't feel shy to offer them

All class>soldier>spy>scout>all
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3 ref each
I will go first if you hav good rep, otherwise I ask you to,
Add me
8 ref or item overpay
You go first unless u have really good reputation

Add me
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Taking offers, until tradable
B/O - 180 keys pure/unusual offer
Very very clean
Idk why but I'm the only owner that pops up in history
1/4 in the world
1st gen solly unusual
Tradable on the 12th
Looking for offers.
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Above market! Above market! Above market!
Diamond near tip
Phoenix/angel across middle of knife

Looking for tf2 offers with overpay! More based on gen!
All class> soldier> spy> scout> all
1st gen needs atleast 10% overpay
2nd gen need 25% overpay
3rd gen needs 40% overpay
Duped items need 10%
Robo hats need 15% more overpay

B/O - 95-100 keys (PC'd to around this @ reddit)
C/O - None

Sorry I don't have mobile authenticator, volvo hates windows phones :c
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85% blue mag, 75% blaze blue top

B/O - PC'd at ~13 keys currently (https://www...arred/), so looking for something around there
C/O -
Not tradable till 3rd, so collecting offers.
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B/O - 79 keys
Now tradable!

Unusual overpay needed! More based on gen/if duped

Send offers/leave comment, dont add!
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Collecting offers, tradable 2/28

B/O - 80 keys
C/O - none
Here we are!
Heres are my sweet-ass skins!

Pure only for smaller skins unless I get a direct upgrade

Taking pure cs keys, tf keys taken at $2.1 worth of skins
CS offers: 5-10% overpay
TF unusual offers: All class>soldier>spy>sniper>all
(Tf unusuals based on bp.tf price/ current sellers/ my personal opinions)
Duped hats taken at 10% less
Robo hats taken at 30% less
1st gen/ halloween: 10-20% overpay
2nd gen/alien: 20-35% overpay
3rd gen: 40+% overpay

Price guide:

Shadow daggers | Fade - 68 cs keys ($170)
-95% fade
-21st best float in the world (.002)

Ak-47 | Point Dissaray - 5 cs keys ($12.5)
-Extremely low float, .151 float whereas .15 is best float for this.

M4a1-s | Cyrex - 4 cs keys ($10)
-Great float

Awp | Electric hive - 4 cs keys ($10)
-$12 in stickers

Five-seven | Monkey business - 1 cs key ($2.50)

Usp-s | Caiman - 1 cs key ($2.50)

Ssg 08 | Big iron - 1 cs key ($2.50)
-Great stickers
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Just keeping this up incase he cancels!

Both of the asiimovs have great floats
M4A4 - 0.48221874 (.45 is max) http://ima...47C18/
AWP - 0.52996129 (.45 is max) http://ima...4A257/

Vanilla bfk - 54 keys pure
The haven't priced the asiimov's properly yet, but I'll use their csgoanalyst values as a base
M4A4 - 6+ cs keys pure
AWP - 9+ cs keys pure

TF2 offers need huge overpay, and I'll only sell for tf as a set.
Overpay varies, but overpay is overpay and I want to make a profit
duped items taken @ 20% less
5 cs keys = 7 tf keys
unusual overpay applies,
1st gen>halloween>2nd gen/robo/alien>3rd gen
All class>soldier>spy>all

Unusual weapons: Send me an offer, no preferences on what weapons, just send an offer and Ill decide based on my evaluation.
Dont add me, only send offers
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Last trade canceled b/c I couldn't bump it over holidays, but here it is to see some of the offers I had.
SMA not enabled, because volvo hates windows phones, so trades will be held for 72 hours (until I get a new phone...)
Selling this sweet FN gut knife fade for tf2 offers
Nothing special about the fade, its an 80% fade.
All tf2 unusuals need overpay, 1st gen and halloween needs 15%, 2nd gen and robo need 25%, 3rd gen needs 40%+ (depending on the effect)
Robo unusuals need more overpay
Duped items will be taken at 15% more overpay, gifted taken at 30% more overpay.

My preference is All class> Soldier > spy > scout > rest > weapon
Feel free to add me to discuss, however sending an offer would be much much more efficent.
I can decline any offer for any reason

Thanks! Happy trading.
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Looking for big tf2 overpay
All class>soldier>spy>all
No weapons.
1st gen needs some overpay (10%), 2nd gen decent overpay (20%), 3rd gen needs atleast 50% overpay.
Duped items are 20% less value to me.
Gifted items are 50%
Previous offers:
Orb planets ninja hood (Not enough overpay for 2nd gen, but not a bad start)
Burning flames L'inspector (He canceled the offer, dont know)
Send offer, no add.
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Im comin back in the game
TF2 offers need minimal 15% overpay (clean 1st gen), 25% overpay 2nd gen, 40% overpay 3rd gen.
Duped items taking at 10% less
Gifted items taking at 40% less.
Send offers, don't add.

B/O - 50 keys
C/O - None
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Only the highest quality of plugs
Tf2 offers need large overpay
CSGO knives need 1:1 upgrades
Pricing @ 39 cs keys, 50 tf keys.
Send an offer, don't add
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20% overpay in 1st gen unusuals, 30% 2nd gen, 50% 3rd gen.
Send an offer or comment, dont add.
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7.5 keys pure or any unusual.
Taking csgo offers aswell as pure.
Send an offer.
Looking to upgrade my knife, 1:1 upgrades for now, I will add items for upgrades when they are tradable
tf2 offers need major overpay
Untradable items will be tradable on 10/15
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Gut knife rust coat BS ($60) + music kit ($4).
26 tf2 keys pure, 21 CS keys pure, or more in clean 1st gen non robo unusuals, no painted/KS/parts are accepted, more overpay in other gens, 50+ in 3rd gens.
Send me an offer or comment, adding is inconvenient.
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Pure or overpay in items
Add me/send an offer
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1:1 any unusual
B/O - 7.5 keys
C/O - None
Send an offer or comment it, please don't add me.
Thanks c:
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Keep unusual offers above 30 keys
Also looking into unusual weapons.
I can add ~$50 in tf2 items if its needed
Send me a trade, comment, or add me.
Buying any and all craft hats for 1.11 refined pure, or 75% of their lower bp.tf price. (meaning a 2 ref hat I will buy for 1.5, rounding down).
Send me an offer, I accept them whenever I can as long as you follow my policies.
Thank you!
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1:1 knife upgrades or any huntsman knife
Will accept tf items w/ nice overpay
Tradable in 9/31/15
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7.5 keys pure or any unusual.
Send me a trade offer or comment ur offer.
Looking to buy clean unusuals!
Have 6.2 pure, but Im trading essentially my entire bp (Valued @ around 27 keys)
No overpay is needed as long as the unusual is clean.
I value the paints and parts, just go by bp.tf prices.
Send me an offer if your looking for a fast trade!
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Selling this for 3 scraps

Send me trade offers, I accept them automatically 24x7