Buying Bill's Hat quicksells for 5 keys each.


Add me to trade, and have a nice day.
Selling these painted hats.

Offer if you'd like any. :)
selling painted stuff.

offer, please.

add me or post here.

veil (clean) w/ balaclavas, only 1 key!

sounds like a steal of a deal to me.

add me.
7 refined each.

4 for sale.

add me.
20 keys.

I can wait.

Have one that I can sell. Add me.

Hello. I am interested in buying QUICKSELL unusuals for 1 bud.
This means, I want a relatively discounted price.

I am NOT looking for your unusuals worth 1 bud.

So, please. Post your QUICKSELL unusual offers.

Thank you, and have a nice day!


add me.

Add me.
Looking to buy unusual QUICKSELLS.

Post here with your QUICKSELL unusual offers.

Thank you.
B/O - 1 pair of earbuds, or 18 keys. Cheapest B/O on Outpost.

Post here or add me.
Offer on my soldier unusual.

I would prefer unusual offers to be either Sniper, Scout, or Soldier.

Thank you, and post here before adding me. Thanks.
17 keys for a pair of buds

Add me.
17 keys for an earbud.


Add me.

Add me. :)
3.33 for a CLEAN Tossle Cap.

Add me.
5 keys for my Strange Festive Buff Banner, add me for a fast and easy trade.

Merry Christmas! :)
Looking for 4 keys for my Strange Festive Wrangler.

Post here or add me. :)
2 ref.

add me.
Killstreak Backburner Kit

Specialized Ambassador Kit Fabricator (Mean Green)

Offer me.
3.33 for Tour of Duty tickets.

x1 in stock.
2.66 refined. / 2 craft hats for this golden whoopee cap.

Add me.

Whoopee Cap painted Australium Gold.

Add me, fast trade.
Mutton Chops = 4.33.
Gold Digger = 2.66.
Bearded Bombardier = SOLD.
Aqua Flops = 2.
Hunger Force = 1.66.

Add me.


http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=81033705&token=7QaiZ_mA Send me a trade offer
Selling the Aqua Teen Hunger Force set for the heavy.

Looking to get around 6 refined for the whole set.

Add me if you are interested. :)
6.33/1Key for a Macho Mann

Add me for this quicksell price.
Cuban Bristle Crisis - 3.33 refined.

Chronomancer - 6.33 refined/1 key.

Fast Learner - SOLD.

Federal Casemaker - 1.44 refined.
2.33 - Strange Sniper.

Add me.
Speks Strangifier Chemistry Set.

Cheap ingredients.

x4 Crusaders Crossbow
x2 Rainblower
x1 Eviction Notice
x1 Fists of Steel
x1 Scottish Handshake
x1 Amputator
x1 Strange Detonator

The price is 1 craft hat / 1.33 refined.

Add me.
1.33 - Fed Fightin' Fedora.

Add me.
paying 0.33 for each, add me.
2.33, add me.
3.66 refined for DIRTY Merc's Pride Scarf.
1.66 - Clean Bonk Boy
6.33 EACH.

Add me.
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizers - 0.66 each.
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor - 1 refined.
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808 - 0.66 each.
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace - 0.66 each.
Graybanns - 9.33 SOLD
Cooler - 2 Refined.

Add me.
Brotherhood of Arms + 1 Reclaimed, I might add a few very minor sweets.

For a pair of Graybanns.

Add me, or post here if you are interested. :)
2.33 for any one of these knives.
Uncraftable Spooky Sleeves, 2 rec, add me.
Uncraftable Noble for 2 rec, add me.
6.33 Refined for a Brotherhood of Arms!

I am buying cards for 0.11 - 0.44 each depending on the card.

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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!