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Killa Watt Killer Exclusive Painted White: 50 Keys Pure. Add for Negotiation / Send a trade offer with 50 pure for quick accept.

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Looking for about 3 keys on this taunt. Add me!
Looking for pure on these items.
Some have killstreaks on them which will make them cost more.
Please add me to trade, for the non killstreak ones I will do Backpack.tf price.

Selling Everything in my backpack (Except page 10) for Pure!!!
Post your pure offer below or add me!!!
Theres many more where these items came from :P
Selling these items for PURE ONLY.
Please add me/post down here if you would like to buy these.
Atomizer:1 key
Flame Thrower (Many good Parts): 1 key 3 ref
Festive Scattergun: 12 keys (ish)

I am open to negotiations. Please only in pure though.
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This is a Level 71 Painted Black (A Distinctive Lack of Hue) Unusual Fed Fightin' Fedora with effect : Searing Plasma.
Searing plasma combines a wave like green and purple aurora above your head.
This is a very sexy hat and I am looking to sell it for good pure.

30 Keys pure takes this beauty home right now. Not looking for buds unless overpay.
I dont like overpay weps/items, but extreme overpay will always work.

Please comment in this comment section below instead of adding me.

I will check as frequently as possible.

Happy Trading :)
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Whats up Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some items you may be interested in buying today.
The Original is Spec KIllstreak (And genuine)
The Rocket Launcher is KIllstreak
The Bird is painted Black

Other than that, Please offer away, Discounts for pure and Overpay for items.
Post down below or add me!
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Add me to offer on these Items!
Overpay is expected if not paying in pure.
the Original is spec killstreak (with hot rod)
the Rocket Launcher is Killstreak
Looking to sell my Specilized Killstreak Genuine Original With the sheen (Hotrod).

I would instantly take 20 ref or 1.5 keys.

Please add me if you are paying the above price.

Please comment below if you would like to offer items or a different ammount of pure.

Thanks! And have a good one :3
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Whats going on guys! I am selling a couple items in my Inventory for pure or Overpay!

Fedora : 1.33
Festive Bonk! : 0.66
Strange Loch-n-Load : 8.66
Specilized Killstreak Wrench (Team Shine) : about 1 key [Willing to take offers]

***If you buy more than one item at a time with pure then you will recieve a small discount.***

If you agree with my prices or would like to negotiate please add me or comment below your offer.
Enjoy your day :3
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Selling a Unique Professional Killstreak Festive Knife!
No Set price but I appreciate offers alot!
Please offer down below and DO NOT ADD ME unless I put a √ next to your post.
Thanks! and happy trading!
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Hey Whats going on guys! Looking to buy these 2 items any level but they must be these types. Please add me and I will get to you as soon as I can!
Buying for:
Shred Alert (Unique) - 1 key 2 ref
Vintage Force a Nature - 2 scrap
Thanks and have a good one :3
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Just a Few Items up for sale.

I am looking for Pure on the following:
Stickybomb Launcher
Bat outta hell.
I will take overpay or mixed or pure on the other items.

Offer below in the comment section and I will get to you as soon as possible.
All offers will be considered but keep in mind I have to sleep and go to school so I might not always be online.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and hopefully we can make a trade! :3
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1 key
1 Unique Shred Alert
*Buying only 1 so add me fast!!!
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I am looking for offeres in Keys Any kind of pure.
I am also looking to 1:1 for a Aussie Blutsauger
If I can get an Unusual Helmet without a home that would be great as well.


All offers will be considered.
Please include overpay if paying in items not listed above.
Thanks for your time and happy trading :3
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Please offer on these fine items :)
There is no set price for any of them so if an offer strikes my fancy, then I will take it in a heartbeat!
Thanks for your time, and have a great day! :D

C/o on Origional: S.Killstreak Sniper Rifle, Strange Sniper items, Cute suit, and the pyro googly eyes.

••• IMPORTANT ••• I am also selling a Direct Hit Kit (Basic Killstreak). You may offer on that as well :3
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Craft #4 Bootenkhamuns. Please offer down below. All offers will be considered so dont be afraid.
NOT looking for other low crafts in exchange.
Thanks! and have a good one gentlemen :)

Edit: Do NOT offer me 1.33 Because this is not a normal Craft Hat. Thank you
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Will trade this clean Unusual for one of the following:
15 Keys
1 Earbud
1 Strange Australium Blutsauger
A Nice unusual helmet without a home

Please no offers that dont include the items mentioned above
Thanks for reading and Hopefully we can make a trade! Thanks :)

Edit: Add me if you have 15 keys, earbuds, or the Blutsauger. Please post below if you have an offer including helmet without a home. Thanks!
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Looking to sell my Strange Spec Killstreak Force a Nature with parts:

Cloaked Spies Killed

And the Halloween Spell:


I do not have a set price on it but I would like some offers in pure or if items I prefer festives.

Offer Down below
and Happy Trading Gentlemen!
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Selling my Strange Surgeon's Shako for 16 refined pure 14 refined pure.

Others as you probably saw are selling for 1 key + so Hurry!

-Free mvm part included!

No set price on backpack.tf or tf2vendor.com

Add me and we will do a fast trade!

Thanks - Silver
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Hey! looking to get some metal for these vintage weapons.

Selling for 2 scrap each or if you buy all 3 its only 5 scrap! Add me!
Looking for a Cheap price of 8 refined on this all class wonderful hat with a paint close to 1 key.

DO NOT ADD ME! Leave a comment here with either "Pure" If you want to pay the 8 ref, or leave a tempting offer in items for me.

Thanks and have a good one!
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Credits to Feztive Portal for the Idea:

My Working Metal hand for your Broken one

A 1:1 trade that is hard to come by.

I will take your useless lifeless metal hand and replace it with a working pristine model!

Hurry and take the offer before I run out of stock!!!
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Selling these cosmetics for pure only. Add me if you agree with these prices.

Boomslang: 4.33
Archemedes: 3.22
Virus Doctor: 1.55
Vintage Sandvich : 0.33
Vintage Kritzkreig: 0.33

Have a good one!
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Not sure If I am selling but Please:

Dont Add me!

Offer Below

Don't Ask for a Buyout b/c I have none

Enjoy! and Happy Holidays!
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1 Pool Party Taunt for only 3 keys + 3.66 Refined metal. Offer on this Trade and I will add you!

Edit: SOLD for 3 keys 3 ref!
Not sure If I will sell this wonderful taunt
BUT DO NOT ADD ME, just leave an offer here I will check every 2-3 minutes.
Thanks and Haave a good day!
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1:1 Add me!
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I am Selling my Wonderful Strange AirStrike for 2.00 ref Pure!

Add me for a quick trade! Only 1 in stock so hurry!
I am selling these Items for PURE ONLY.

Prices are firm:

Stogie - 2.11
Stompers - 0.11
Spellbook - 0.22
Objector - 0.33
Pyro Soul - 0.11

Add me! Thanks for viewing my trade!
Edit: Sold the Stogie
Edit: Sold the Objector
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I only have one of each Item and I can only trade with one person at a time. It may be up to 5 minutes before I accept your add.

I am Selling for these prices NO NEGOTIATIONS All in Pure no item overpays.

Antarctic Parka - 9.33 Refined
Cute Suit - 8.22 Refined
Outback Intellectual - 2.44 Refined
Strange Rescue Ranger - 1 Rec 1 Scrap
Soldier Soul - 2 Scrap
Spellbook - 2 Reclaimed
Stompers - 1 Scrap
Pyro Soul - 2 Scrap

Thanks for Viewing!!!! Hope to talk soon!
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Selling a Distinctive Lack of Hue (Black Paint) to YOU for a generous price of 2 keys and 2.55 ref. Add me if you are interested in purchasing this from me.

Note: I only accept Pure (Metal)

Thank you for viewing, and have a nice day! :)
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The Distinctive Lack of Hue paint (Black Paint) I am selling to YOU for 2 Keys and 2.55 ref

Send me a trade or add me and I will accept once I get on.


Strange Knife is Taken Sorry guys :(
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[u]Trading a Spec Killstreak Classic with Sheen Agonizing Emerald. Also trading a Thirst Blood (Not Strange) I am looking for pure but a 1:1 Trade on the killstreak would be considered!

Thirst Blood: 3.44 Ref

Spec Killstreak Classic: 1 key 2 ref

Trade me! :D
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just a normal vaccinator for a plain piece of scrap. pretty poor trade but I still want a vac and there has to be someone who has an extra.