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4 tf2 or csgo keys pure! :) add me <Team Shine> <Halloween Spell>
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11 Tf2 or CSGO keys, pure only. Add me for trade! Also Check out My Strange Specialized Killstreak Gernade Launcher for the Demo! It has Team Shine and Pumpkin Bombs Halloween Spell!
7 keys pure add me! ONLY PURE!
looking for pure key offers, starting at 5 keys for each, offer away!

note: got an offer for 7 keys each, tahts the bid atm
5 keys pure add me team shine
I am looking for pure only, add me to trade!

Rust Botkiller Minigun: 4 ref

Strange Spec. Killstreak manndrian brass beast (with point blank kills): 1 key 5 ref (1.54 keys)

Rocket Jumper (2 in stock): 1 scrap each

Keys: (selling only 3) 9.44

Tide turner: 1 scrap

Uncraft buff banner: 1 scrap
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selling for 10 keys 5 ref pure! add me!
11 keys pure add me :)
looking for a demoman unusual 1:1 or 16 keys pure.
airborne enemy kills, pure only, ill accept 9 ref as a key.

add meh
6 keys pure or 60 ref, add me to trade, no item overpay.
only 4 ref for an UNCRAFT killstreak unarmed combat! (that means its clean!!!)

very cheap! add me to trade!

This is one nice kit :) selling for 9.33 ref pure! preferabley no keys....

have a nice day and add me if you want it! :)

(omg 9.33 most of these go for like 2 keys so ya know, buy fast i rlly wanna get rid of this.)
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only 15.66! extremely low! backpack price is 2 keys, selling for 15.66 pure!

add me for trades!
add me pure only :)
Strange Lady Killer: 15.66 metal or 1 key and 6.66 (lower than backpack)

Vintage Soldier Stash: 1 key 3.66 ref (lower than backpack and painted)

Taunt: 2.33 (backpack price)

Killstreak minigun kit: 4 ref (again unlisted, but this is a fairly cheaper price for a killstreak kit for a primary stock weapon.)

Add me to trade, pure only
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Selling for 4 ref PURE each

add me to trade :) also sellin page 3 of my backpack check that trade for prices (mostly below backpack prices)
spook 2.11

lone 1.33

see double backpack price (i think its 2.66)

wrench 2.66

shotgun 1 key 4 ref

robot part 1 scrap
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Strange Killstreak Shotgun - 1 key 6 ref

Widowmaker Spec. Ks - 7 ref

Lone Survivor - 1.66
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Selling both taunts for PURE ONLY, backpack prices, no ITEM OVERPAY, add me to trade

Flip: 6.66

Square: sold out

those are backpack prices, look them up urself if you dont believe it
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Selling keys for 8.55 pure, thats low backpack price. Add me.
Selling for a scrap each add me. got 7 in stock
add me, backpack.tf prices or item overpay, also selling apge 3 of my backpack.
add me, mainly taking backpack prices but they can be negotiable.
1 scrap less then backpack, add me
add me
Add me and tell me your offer!

Sorry if I'm not online :P I have school so I may not be on for a couple hours.
Add me and we can work out offers :P

Ninja Hood - Available

Vox - Available

Festive Force - Available (already have offer of 2 ref, would need higher than that if you want it)

Strange Rocket - Available
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1 key for Strange Carbo Botkiller rocket launcher mk1

1 key and 5 ref for Australium Fast learner (in game its summer, it says winter here, idk why.) summer edition

5 ref for Festive force of nature

Trades can be changed, will accept overpay in items depending on items. :) please friend me so we can talk :)
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fair price :)
cheap festive!
:) cheap hat!
Fast learner if worth 4 keys, australium paint 1 ref, it is applied so I put it out for a discounted price (winter style fast learner)
Hey! The item is worth about 1 refined, but I thought I'd throw in some extra stuff just for you :)