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Hey guys, whats up. I've got seven buds and I need cash. I could go on and on about my glorious reputation and my sizable genitalia, but I won't because it doesn't exist. I'll be honest with you, I'm not a TF2 trader. I'm (former) player cashing out. I've turned my BP into buds and now the buds must be turned into cash. Here are the rules:

I'm selling for $26. If you've got a problem with that, go elsewhere. This price is subject to change (You have my word that if we come to an agreement I will not adjust the price in my favor (or yours, for that matter) before you pay. Because that's fucking stupid.)

0. This should go without saying, as it is the norm, but paypal only. no items final destination

1. I won't trade with you unless I trust you. If you leave something down below, provide links to rep for cash trades if you have any.

2. You pay for fees, if there are any.

3. Send the money as a gift. I am unlikely to accept it otherwise. Why? Because I trust no one fully and this method mitigates risk.

4. We will use a SteamRep authorized middle man. If you didn't trust me before, it shouldn't matter now because you no longer have to trust me.

5. Feel free to add me and shot me a message. I may not get around to it immediately, but I'll respond.
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Come one, come all to see the coolest hat around! If you're here I hopefully don't have to tell you about how awesome this hat is. It goes on not 1, not 2, not even 3, but all 9 classes. This specific hat has an item history that is 5 items long and consists of just two people: myself and my brother. This is because I unboxed the hat and this will be the first time it ever actually leaves my backpack for good.

If I hide your offer that is just me politely saying no thanks. Don't take offense to this.

I haven't been playing much TF2 recently and the money I can get for this hat is better served in other places. Specifically Magic: The Gathering. So here is the run down, I want cash first and foremost. I will only do cash trades with reputable users and only if we use a middle man. If you live in the US it would also be my preference that you use Moneypak instead of Paypal because of the inherent risks involved in using Paypal. I would not be unhappy trading the hat for pure as I can then easily turn around and cash the pure. I am less than interested in trading for non-pure, but will leave the option open if you think that you can wow me.

B/O: 6 buds, $150

C/O (TF2Outpost): 5 pure

C/O (Offsite): $150 (Offered on a large portion of my bp including the hat)

Offers (Red = Rejected):
- 5 pure
- Miami night lucky shot + spellbound tin topi
- Killa-Watt Company Man + Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Huntsman
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Each game is a key or ref equivalent (would much prefer keys).

Each coupon is a scrap.

Tell me what you are adding me for here before you add me to streamline the process.

Thank you and happy trading.
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Hey there, let's try out the trade offers because I don't have any time to do much on steam.

Just put a trade offer with one of these weps for a scrap and I'll accept it.

Taking offers for these hats

Will accept prices in metal almost automatically almost every time.

Let me add you.
I'm trading a scrap for each of these weapons.

Add me for a fast trade.
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1 key for both together.

1.33 for the syringe gun alone

3.33 for the ubersaw.(Will take longer as I'll have to turn a key into metal.)
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I want me a strange splendid screen. Obviously.
I will pay 5 keys for unpainted and 6 keys for white. I don't care about any other colors and will not pay more for them. I will provide the gift wrap.
I'm buying these two strange parts.

Allies Extinguished - 2.33


Projectiles Reflected - 1 key + some metal or something
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I'm looking for both a Strange Degreaser and a Strange Axtinguisher.

I will pay 2keys and a ref for a Degreaser with no parts and 4 keys for one with allies extinguished and projectiles reflected.

I will pay 2.33 for an Axtinguisher with no parts and 2 keys for one with critical kills.

If you want to sell one with any other parts, post here first and let me add you.
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A key for the Amby.

A ref for the Knife.

Buy them both and get it for 2 reclaimed less.

Add me for a fast(er) trade.

Make non metal/key offers here.
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I'm looking for a craft able All-Father. Willing to pay two keys.

I will not pay more for any colors or insignificant craft numbers.

Add me for a fast(er) trade. steam://fri...892542


IMPORTANT: I may not be one much this weekend and may be unable to trade until late Sunday.
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Selling these for 2.33 and 1.33 refined respectively(Negotiable). Will also 2:1 for white paint.

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The Rules:
1. Do not add me for this trade unless I agree to add you.
2. Read the Rules
3. I will not accept cash, ever. I don't care if you have 15 quadrillion rep, no cash transactions.

Selling this Beautiful, Freshly Uncrated TS Blizzardy KE!

I love this hat, so it'll take good offers to get it from me.

Looking for some great, non-cash offers, and I prefer soldier unusuals.
Honcho's Headgear is my favorite hat, and I'm trying to find a scorching one.
Willing to do a 1:1 for a Scorching Honcho's.
Also, I don't play scout, sniper, or demo much and will consider offers of these classes less.

Offers That I am Considering:
Honcho's Headgear (Blizzardy Storm) + ~4 buds (Possibly)
Charmer's Chapeau(Burning Flames) - Something(I don't have anything to add.)
Flamboyant Flamenco(Stormy Storm) and Nanobalclava(Flaming Lantern)

Rejected Offers (LOL OF FAME):
"Vintage Burning Earbills"(Courtesy of my brother's poor sense of humor.)
Scarlett Johanson
Conjurer's Cowl (Sunbeams)
Brown Bomber (Steaming) and Armored Authority (Blizzardy Storm)
Company Man(Bubbling) and Samur-eye(Orbiting Fire)
Honcho's Headgear (Stormy Storm)
Modest Pile of Hat(Vivid Plasma) + 2 buds
Honcho's Headgear(Circling Hearts)
Honcho's Headgear(Circling Hearts) + 1 bud (Not by same person)
Chieftain's Challenge(Scorching Flames)
The Milkman(Stormy Storm)
Honcho's Headgear(Blizzardy Storm)
Killer Exclusive(Orbiting Fire)
Flip Flops, Voodoo JuJu, Spine-Chilling Skull 2011, and The Treasure Hat

Get offering, and have fun trading!

Hide/Red/Lol of Fame=Nope.avi

Brown=Poor sense of humor

Yellow=Pending(Not everything for trade is in Inventory)

Green=Is ready to trade.

Cyan= You have been chosen! I will contact you.
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I am selling these 5 stranges for the listed prices:
Loch and Load - SOLD!
Crusaders Crossbow- SOLD!
Big Earner- .22
Market Gardener- SOLD!

I am also willing to listen to your item offers.

Unless you are offering in items, these prices are firm and non-negotiable.
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