Selling this unusual for 13 keys (priced at 14-15 keys on bp.tf) with free white paint matching to effect

giving scrap for any 2 craftable weapon (rec for 6, ref for 18)

send me trade offer
Duck Journal Power Level 5/5
(to get that level u have to buy 5 tokens - 1 key each)

so its worth 7 keys and i want only 5!!!!
Looking for offer for my Strange Professional Killstreak Widowmaker (Villainous Violet + Flames)

Possible B/O - 5 keys pure
C/O - 2 keys
selling these hats 1.33 each - all useable in crafting
Buying quicksell unusuals -- 8keys each (6keys if gifted)
Selling 5 painted hats for backpack.tf price + 0.5 paint price
Selling 6 soldier primary slot weapons

5 stranges and 1 uniqe (possible to make strange)

All got 2 Halloween Spells - Pumpkin Bombs and Exorcism

Some of them have Strange Parts

Post offers below.
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Selling 8 pyro primary slot weapons

All got 2 Halloween Spells - Halloween Fire and Exorcism

Some of stranges got also Strange Parts

Post your offers below
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buying any uncraftable hat (any of these 3) for 0.33 each
looking for exchange for gastlierest gibus strangifier
Looking for offers for these 2 Secret Saxtons

Special thing about them is that they was gifted during Christmas
24 December and 25 December

Post yours offers below, dont add me.
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1 key 4 ref each (have 7)
Selling Stranges:

Strange Specialized Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature (Deadli Daffodil sheen) - 2 keys 6 refs

Strange Silver Botkiller Sniper Riffle Mk.I (with changed name) with parts - Snipers Killed and Headshot Kills - 1 key 5 refs

Strange Specialized Killstreak Black Box with Part Soldiers Killed (Deadli Daffodil sheen) - 2 keys 2 refs

Strange Specialized Killstreak Grenade Launcher (with changed name and description) with 3 parts - Buildings Destroyed , Damage Dealt and Airborne Enemy Kills and also with 2 Halloween Spells - Exorcism and Pumpkin Bombs - 6 Keys

Strange Medi Gun (with changed name) with Strange Part - Allied Healing Done - 6 refs

Strange Huo-Long Heater with Strange Part - Damage Dealt - 1 key 6 refs

Strange Scorch Shot with Part - Damage Dealt - 1 key 5 refs

Strange Festive Wrangler - 2 keys 2 refs

Prices are firm, want pure keys/metal
Item/mixed offers only if huge overpay

also can accept strange specialized soda-poper, strange specialized bat and specialized blackbox kit as part of payment
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trading my genuine Short Circuit with Villainuos Violet sheen for another one with Deadli Daffodil sheen
Selling 4 craft hats - 1.33 each
Selling limited hats:

Black B.M.O.C. -12 keys 1 ref
Black Bill - 5 Keys 1 ref
Purple Ebenezer - 2 Keys

send trade offer dont add me
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Buying cosmetic part: kills
3 ref each
1 : 2

any item from left for any 2 from right

send me trade offer
1 : 1

any weapon from left for ant weapon from right

i can also give 1 scrap for any 2 weapons from right
1 : 1

any from the left for any from the right
1 : 2

any from the left for any 2 from the right

any weapon from the left for any from the right

or any 2 from the right for 1 scrap

send me trade offer
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Buying Team Fortress Cards 1 scrap each

Can also buy other games card 1 scrap each.

Send me trade offer.
Buying following taunts:
I See You - 0.66 ref
Oblooterated - 1.55 ref
Party Trick - 1 ref
Rancho Relaxo - 5.66 ref
Battin' a Thousand - 0.66 ref
Buy A Lifa - 1.66 ref
Deep Fried Desire - 1 ref

send me trade offer or add me
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Looking for offers for my low crafts
Looking for offer for this 7 nice stranges with parts
Selling Team Spirit Footprints Earbuds for 16 keys or unusuals overpay
Buying Keys

1 key for 9.33 ref
2 keys for 18.77 ref (9.38 ref each)
3 keys for 28.33 ref (9.44 ref each)
4 keys for 38.00 ref (9.50 ref each)

send me trade offer orr add me
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Looking for offers (pure) for this set

B/O - 10 keys
C/O - 8 keys
i will accept any sheen Specialized Black Box Kit
buying headless horseshoes for 1 key each
all class misc
All Class Misc!! Fast trade!!
Haunted Strange Spy Misc!! fast trade
Buying ANY Gifted Unusual for 6 keys (not HHHH axe)
Selling halloween spell Team Spirit Footprints for 1key 5 ref each

only 1 left
Selling Strange Specialized killstreak Black Box

Want for it 2.5 keys or exchange it for any sheen specialized Black Box Kit + some extra from u.

Offer below.
1 : 1
selling 2 keys each,

if u take all 3 1key 8 ref each