50% off quicksale
qs for 40 keys.
taking offers.
no 3rd gens or robos.
Unusuals must be quicksells

keys in stock: 12
Slo-poke: offer

Carouser's: 34 keys, 40 in unusuals (1st gens/halloween)

both are clean.

slo-poke: http://backpack.tf/item/3121422116

carouser's: http://backpack.tf/item/1483173107 now tradeable. Is also the cleanest on the market.

Current offers/declined offers:
40 keys (slo-poke)
Strange pro ks. festive RL
Smoking conn + bubbling pencil

I love beams and plasmas
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Looking for 8 buds.

C/O is 6 pure.
Just looking for offers.

History: http://backpack.tf/item/356865022
Buying ONE key for 17 refined.
Clean & short history.
8 buds. i'm asking 8 since it's clean and has really short history.
1 key.
B/O: 8 buds pure, 9 in unusuals. there are 3 on the market right now, 2 of them are clean (Including mine) and both have a B/O of 8 buds. You can get the duped one for cheaper if you want.
1:8 or 1:1/1:2 with unusuals worth 9.
9 buds pure, 10 in unusuals.
Solid offers on this pls.


1st gen.
Mid-tier effect.
Retired, only 21 of these exists in unusual version.

Rejected offers:
Dead presidents hong kong cone (low)
G.fetti conjurer's cowl (horribly low, check old trade)
3 buds pure + sweets (private add from steecatsy)
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8 buds pure.

1 of 1 & not unboxable anymore.

only 21 of this exists in unusual version.
1 of 1.

1 of 1 in the world.

I want nice offers since this got offers of 4 in unusuals in the past.


Also got offered a tf2 logo impaler: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/24883152

Rejected offers:
Bubbling black watch+Kill-a-watt bone dome (3.25 buds) By jeffersonmvkiller
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3.5 pure, bp.tf's price is 1 year outdated. 1 of 2 on the market.

If you buy it on the STEAM market is cheaper, and it's currently on it.
NO UNUSUALS, I'm tired of them. 4 buds PURE only. Unusual offers will be insta hide.
1 key each.
looking for offers, just looking for pure or first gens at the time.
Hellfire > both demonflame and darkblaze.

Really interested in EOTL effects, but only this two: Death at Dusk and Morning Glory.

Send trade offer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=108500890&token=oJRs_daX

DON'T add me, send a TRADE OFFER.
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1.66 refined. ONLY PURE.
may be gifted, but this is definetly higher tier then PE. So i think this would go on 14ish. Let me remind you that it's gifted, so my B/O is 7 buds.
6.6 buds pure.

7 in first gens!, not so much overpay unless you offer 3rd or 2nd gens (you won't need the huge overpay in 2nd gens, but only if it's a high tier misc.
Quickselling for 5 buds.
Belt: 2.5 buds pure

Bubble Pipe: 4 buds pure

Special deal: 5 pure if you buy both.

no overpay in items required (unless it's a robo hat.)
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Individual B/O:

Belt: 2.5 buds 3 in unu.

Pipe: 4 buds 5 in unu.

What would i instantly take:
2 max's or CLEAN scorching festivizer.
Now i'm also accepting knives from CS:GO, especially the ones listed above.

NOTE: I also accept other forms of pure like Strange Festives, Australiums,etc.
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Individiual B/O:

Belt: 2.5 buds, 3 in offers.

Bubble pipe: 4 buds pure, 5 in offers. lvl 1.

Set B/O:
6.5 buds.

All class>>>Spy>Demo>Engi>Medic>All the others.
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5 in pure, 5.7 in 1st gen, 6 in 2nd gen, 6+ in others.
Don't be scared to offer. unless you offer below 5.
Send trade offer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=108500890&token=oJRs_daX
looking for offers. don't bother offering in unusuals if you can't beat the C/O.
C/O Bubbling wraith wrap + orb. fire slug + dead pres pyromancer.
Send trade offer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=108500890&token=oJRs_daX
5 buds in pure, 5.5 in first gen/halloween and 6 in 2nd gen.
do not offer under 5.
6.5 buds pure or offers of 7.
NOTE: I will BLOCK private profiles, one tried to scam me recently, some time ago another one tried to massively shark me.
Sadly is now 1 of 2, but still 1 of 1 on the market.
looking for good offers.
looking for GOOD offers, also this has a high chance of becoming a misc.
just want to see what offers i could get, keep in mind i paid 7 buds in unusuals.

Also, i'm the 2nd owner and obviously non-duped, just so you know.