How bout that? 2 identical crafts.
2 Keys for all of em' just send me an offer.
I have a ton of thease.

Craft numbers at or under 1000.

List of them here:
134 Nostromo
243, 734 and 135 Dread.
330 Baby Face
566 and 820 Big Mann on campus
251 Ticket boy
661 Toowoomba
383 Sengoku
358 Hornblower
197 Colonels Coat
816 Tomb Wrapper
754 Caffeine cooler
648 Brush with death
463 Viking braider
128 Waxy wayfinder
871 Law
316 Dadliest Catch
138 Combat crusher cap (Like this one probably won't sell it)
920 Doctor's sack
858 Soviet gentleman
577 tipped lid
118 vive la france
116 Cockfighter
220 front runner
225 hetman's headpiece
964 crosslinker
739 Hong kong cone
675 Capo's capper
585 Nabler
633 spook specs
422 Eggheads overalls
577 Danger
549 and 222 huntsmans essentials
720 scrap pack
321 nose candy
332 sneaky spats
278 hunger force
494 Hazmat
961 scopers smoke

And probably a few that i missed. i won't be selling these for backpack.tf by the by.
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Takin' offers.

Willing to take lower then other sellers for lowcraft KE as i don't play anymore and i feel like someone else would have more fun owning it.

By lower i mean alot lower. i don't play anymore and its better if someone who wants it has it.
Wanna buy this game, if you have it feel free to browse my inventory and see if there's anything you want.

I dont really want to be added.
Just offer here, im not gonna make enormous deal about it. its a nice hat.

I'm not setting a price, just offer and be reasonable.

Taking offers on the cone and pop eyes, interested in what offers i can get for the other two but not too interested in selling.

Lowcrafts are of large interest but don't be an idiot when offering, i don't want your craft 80 something trash man.

The pop-eyes are in a scrap.tf auction at the moment hence they are not in my inventory. https://scrap.tf/auctions/VWMT6N here is a link to the auction if anyone is interested.
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62 Keys Pure and it's yours.

Item / mixed Offers can't be under backpack.tf high end.
I like this and am probably keeping, but hey noone really wants this hat nor effect either way.

If you for some reason want it feel free to offer. i won't consider anything under 65-70 keys.
It's now tradeable!

i got an unusualifier for the lols and used it, i got the most expensive effect.

Willing to sell for a pretty large discount on scm aslong as it's untradeable.
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Buying any item with a craft number under 1000 for a scrap to a refined over backpack.tf price. might pay more if its a specific number like 777 or 666 e.tc don't expect me to pay a ton more though.

I Will always pay in pure unless you're interested in a specific item and it's reasonable i will not overpay in items though.

I will pay 1-3 scrap more then i would ususally have if it has crafter name in description.

How much i pay depends on item, number e.tc. for example, i'd pay more for craft 743 Team captain then i would for craft 743 Heavy lifter.

If it's a weapon i will always pay one reclaimed or more depending on if it has crafters name e.tc
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8 ref pure for pyromancer, 7 ref pure for ellis cap.
Looking for another aussie black box without spells, parts, killstreak e.tc + keys for my black box, or other australiums. avoid adding me and keep with trade offers. don't be that guy and send a offer where you add 1 key, be reasonable and not a douche.
20 keys pure, 20+ keys in australiums Will not consider parts killstreaks e.tc to be worth more. or disgusting unusual overpay.
looking to either downgrade or trade for an australium + pure, unless its a rocket launcher which would be a 1:1
!!Both are Clean!!

50 Keys pure Or ALOT more in unusual / mixed offers for The Purple energy Frenchman's Beret.

45 Keys pure or More in Unusual / mixed offers For the Atomic Universal translator.

Frenchmans is the only one with this effect on the market.

I have been offered a Haunted ghosts Powdered particioner aswell as being offered a scorching metal slug on the beret.

Have also been offered a hellish inferno burstchester for both.
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6 ref pure or 9+ ref in items, not interested in painted items.
35 pure for chicken bucket, 45 pure for skullcracker, will consider unusual and australium offers, aswell as some promo items, i'm counting max heads as 18 keys pure (17 if level 1-7 or duped, 16 if both of the other(level 1-7 and duped)).
Would preferably have all-class unusual taunts as offers.
Probably not selling the neckwear headwear but i'll listen to your offers, deep fried desire will be tradeable later, only want other ''first gen'' taunts for it (no 2016 halloween effects) unless they're all-class. i'd want backpack.tf price in pure to sell it for pure.
Selling this for 19 keys pure or item overpay, send me a trade offer.
Looking for 15-20 key offers / pure for the shooting star, 5 pure for cute suit, offers on the antlers (which could be considered themed as the 25th is christmas day!) 8-15 keys for Rouges robe and 4-6 keys for the Leftover trap!
47 keys pure or item offers, overpay would be needed. The dapper is clean and a first gen effect.
Oh boi it's another lowcraft! it's a really low number that doesn't mean i want really low offers though! i would really appriciate lowcraft antlers and possibly pure depending on number. if you want to offer you can feel free to add me.

i'll put my pure b/o at 15 keys but its mostly so i won't be asked for a buyout, here is one. feel free to offer both under and over 15 keys pure though!
Just taking offers, not very keen on selling my antlers nor the team captain but i'll listen to all offers.

Thease are low crafts which means they are worth more than backpack.tf price

Sold #43 for 5 keys pure and 10≈ refined in sweets.
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3 keys for #34 7 keys for #35 which is level 35, but its more expensive because im not keen on selling it.

Have an offer of 3 keys for #34 waiting for them to be tradeable, offer higher if you want to buy it.
Craft 36, and specialized killstreak taking offers, would be interested in other lowcrafts (especially weapons) and lowcraft antlers.
Buying LOWCRAFT antlers with pure!

if you're adding me, simply say what # the antlers is in my profile comments, this will help me identify random people who don't realise i want lowcrafts only, and those who actually have them. Or just comment on here, unless they are a special number i wont pay a stupid ammount of pure as i dont have alot of pure at the moment, would be willing to switch lowcrafts though.

If you know someone who is selling a lowcraft pair of antlers, please notify me.

I have 16 keys pure, but 10 is reserved so i have about 6 keys pure to spare at the moment.

I'm obviously also gonna buy other lowcrafts but they're not highest on my interest list.

only have 2 lowcraft antlers at the moment, but it'll be more soon! (hopefully)
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Buying any and all lowcrafts with pure for reasonable prices, either send me a trade offer or comment here i'll pay a minimal of 12 refined pure per lowcrafts but it will probably be more regardless, i will not pay more then a few ref for paint depending on paint and i will consider paying more for certain spells.
20 keys pure or offers.
Offers, don't have a b/o would be interested in another unusual taunt or an unusual knife (or any weapon in general aslong as it isn't an smg)
Buying any renamed item for 1 scrap.
Looking for 19 keys pure or large overpay in offers.

Feel free to add me if you feel the need to. pure price is unnegotiable.
17 Keys pure EZ Pz
!I'm Buying Quicksells with pure!

i have 29 keys pure and about 20 refined pure.

will not be interested in any unpriced unusuals unless you want about 10 keys for them because they are a pain to sell.
35 keys pure i count max head and australiums as pure, but if they're duped i'll take off 1-4 keys on it's worth.

that's really cheap considering all others are 50+, if you're paying in items you'll have to pay atleast 45 keys though.
looking for 40 keys pure or large overpay, cheapest on market currently.
Looking to 1:1 for a australium rocket launcher.

Currently up on auction at scraptf which is why it's not in my backpack.
The strange item is Head prize. Thease are just pure prizes, feel free to send offers though.
Clean, 1st gen unusual Priced at 28.5 keys, selling for 23 keys!
Taking offers.

Sold for 7 pure, strange head prize, haunted ghosts pyro beanie, 1.45 key taunt and festivizer.
Looking to get A Max Head + a decent unusual, preferably all class or an unusual all-class taunt. Not too keen on the whirlwind effects but i would probably be fine with them.

Will also take pure offers but won't be as interested.

I still own the item but it's currently on the community market which is why it isn't in my inventory.
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Taking offers on it, if it isn't another woodsman i'd want alot of unusual overpay, i prefer all-class hats.

Would also be interested in an all-class unusual misc, but it's probably asking too much.

it's tradeable on the 31st december.
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Buying Lowcrafts with 1 Key pure, send tradeoffer. will accept pretty much any lowcraft, weapons take priority though.
Danger is confirmed to be going allclass at some point by creator of hat in his profile comments, this will probably increase prices.

Offers, Lowcrafts are of heavy interest, Especially Weapons.

Weapons i would prefer most:

Detonator, Flaregun (And Reskins), Scorch Shot, Phlog, And Rainblower.

Would also be interested in Listed weapons as Collectors. And im still interested in lowcraft hats, preferably Hats and Beards not backpack replacements e.tc.

If you're a madman enough to offer an unusual i'll take that too.
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Want Offers Pure b/o is 14 keys interested in unusual napper.

Don't add me unless you're paying double the buyout, i don't want to be added.
Would want to 1:1 for max's, hat is confirmed to be going allclass https://gya...e2995e Here's some proof for those who don't belive me, second page of creator's comments as of typing this.

or just offers.

Also, duped and level on max's wont matter alot to me i just want one to wear.
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Confirmed Allclass by creator, Offer accordingly. (Page 2 of his comments on his profile as of writing this he confirmes it will turn allclass)
Looking to 1:1 for a Prinny knife when prinny knife is tradeable and my hat is aswell. Also have a strange warpig i could trade.

Currently on community market.
2 Keys each. Send me a trade offer.