I currently have 3 Nice Crates. I am trading them away for a scrap each. I may get more. Add me for a quick trade.
add me for quick trade
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Noir ---------------- 1.66
Company Man - 2.00
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Buying most dirty hats for .33-.66, depending on the hat.

Post here with what hat it is and I will respond.
2 ref each.

I will also give you both for a s. kritz :)
1 ref each. Post here and add me so I can keep my trades straight.
Buying any uncraftable weps at 1 scrap each. Buying dirty hats at 1 rec. Add for quick trade.
Trading away my S. Minigun for 3 keys

I will also take a S. Kritz ;-)
The medigun MUST be level 34. I will not accept any other level.
or 2.77ref
Junk weps, 1 scrap each.

Add for quick trade
Quick trade.
Selling Gen. Widowmaker for 1 ref. Send friend request for trade.
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Quick trade, add me.
Non-negotiable price.

Add me AND post here. Helps sort out first-come first-serve.