Foamy the Fearsome
User #814380
Duped. BO 500 keys
★★★ Energy Orb masked mender (minimal wear): 70 keys ★★★

Recently sold for 70 pure:
Energy orb is the rarest effect to have on an unusual weapon as of today (less than half of what the other effects have in existence), mainly because it is not an optional effect on war paints. It also matches the medi gun's color scheme very well!

70 keys or offers!

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Cheap low tier stuph ★★★

Most are slightly discounted

★ Searing plasma dead cone: 20 keys ||
★ Peace sign waxy wayfinder: 20 keys ||
★ Strange steaming private eye: 13 keys ||
★ Kill-a-watt brain warming wear: 10 keys ||

Histories provided. Baker is duped; rest is clean.
Listed prices are in pure; Ill also take unusual overpay around or above bp prices.

~Foamy :3
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Paying 25 pure for a professional killstreak rocket launcher kit or 24 pure for a fabricator with:

Not interested in any other kit/fab or any other combination. Only this one.

~Foamy :3
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5/7 left. 2/7 sold over my BO

★ FIVE BURNING MONGOLIANS, 35 keys each! (or 170 keys for all)
★ All except the level 50 orange painted one are clean
★ Not interested in going much lower than 35 each unless you buy the full set.

I can also consider unusual offers, but keep them around or above my buyout. Im obviously not going to "upgrade" to an electrostatic mongolian just because it's priced higher on bptf.

I have listed one of them on, which shows on outpost as well as it appears.

Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
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14 for brewed
12 for fubar
12 for requiem MINE

Only interested in infernal smoke. buying 1 of each.
150 keys for sudoku hat
Antifreeze hotrod for 80 keys or unusual overpay
Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
Aussies for sale:

Eyelander: 29 keys
Scattergun: 24 keys
Stickylauncher: 12 keys

- The scattergun is spec ks with an emerald sheen
- I own prof.ks versions of these weapons which are not for sale; please keep that in mind when sending the offers.

Prices listed are in pure. I'll also accept appropriate unusual overpay, though I consider these close-to-pure and will therefore probably not accept unusual offers unless they meet my interpretation of quicksell/pure values.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ #67 jingle belt: 3 keys ★★★

★ Low craft #item; if you want a regular jingle belt, then this is not the trade for you! ★

3 keys or item offers!
You can send me trade offers or post offers below.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Heavy's heaven ★★★

★ STRANGE Hot Merc-stained minigun (Mercenary grade/Minimal wear): 150 keys (cheapest new MW strange minigun on the market as far as I am aware, feel free to correct)
★ Hot Macaw masked tomislav (Commando grade/Well-worn): 50 keys Sold for strange unusual disciplinary action, I added a peace baker
★ Isotope brick house minigun (Specialized killstreak, mercenary grade, battlescarred): 37 keys

Open to offers. Strange unusual weapons work well; would like to upgrade the nonstrange ones for instance, or sidegrade the strange one. Id have specific interests in strange hot rocket launchers, black boxes or airstrikes; as well as strange isotope medi guns, ubersaws and/or crusaders crossbows. I may be picky on the skin in some cases, though not specificly on the med ones I guess.

I already managed to get myself a medgun and airstrike as described above, so those no longer hold my preference

Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below or anything
~Foamy :3
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★★★ Hot bamboo brushed rocket launcher (Field-tested): 50 keys ★★★

Would love to upgrade to strange unusual weapons, though I can be picky on which ones.
Specific interests listed on the right.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Haunted phantasm broom: 300 keys ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Rare top tier taunt effect
★ Spoopy as hell

Just testing the waters, seeing what this baby can sweep up. Feel free to offer!

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Enchanted towers ★★★

The time has come: listing these for sale. I am anything but tired from wearing these so Im still picky on what I accept, but I may as well test the waters

★ Arcana towering pillar of hats: 300 keys
★ Spellbound towering pillar of hats: 300 keys

- The other arcana towers have not been seen anywhere on the market in 3 years, if at all.
- The other spellbound towers are all owned by collectors. While I would consider myself one as well, I do let you have the chance to take it
Apparently both of them recently sold
- The other arcana towering that recently sold, sold a few days ago for a vintage scrap (~300)!
- Both of them are clean and have matching horseshoes spells. The arcana one also has some voice spell
- Spellbound and Arcana are awesome. "but that is an opinion". Im aware, but if you disagree, then why are you here?
- While these are awesome in synergy together, I do not mind selling them separately. As such, I do not really wish to list them as a set specificly. You are however encouraged to buy both, of course.

Offers so far:
- SSI crones (~335 but realisticly a lot lower) for the arcana tower || http://img.../rxgaH || Not interested in that hat for its bp value

My prices are high but they are also fairly firm; I will not likely go much lower on either of these. There is of course some flexibility; after all, they're just offer ballparks. Things that do well in negotiation are spellbound sniper hats (on the spellbound tower) and arcana medic hats (on the arcana tower). Anything involving a GE or scorching beak will also do pretty well. If you have an arcana beak I will want your babies.
Other items that may complement my current sets are always welcome. If you want specific details, feel free to ask, but for most sets, a quick look at the hats I have on them for keeps, and the sheen of the weapons I have for the classes should give you an indication of the orientation of the set. Naturally I do not expect you to do all that research, so just offer ahead and see whether I like it or not.
Im unlikely to upgrade these or involve them in an upgrade unless the deal is stellar, or unless it is an item I'd be specificly interested in. You'll have to think along the lines of spectacular allclass miscs and the like.

Thats all for now. Good luck prying these off of me.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Cool halloween stuff for sale ★★★

★ Misty skull yellow belt: 150 keys (high tier sniper misc)
★ Cloudy moon stahlhelm: 110 keys (Free matching paint)

- The belt is duped

Upgrades, downgrades, anything is possible. More likely to upgrade to items I would actually wear; cool high tier miscs will do well
Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Harvest moon Team Captain: 1000 keys ★★★

A god tier halloween effect Team Captain. Thus far, this could be considered the pinnacle of my trading career, but I do not intend to stop here.
From what I can tell this is the only harvest TC up for grabs as of this moment! not anymore lol

My offer ballpark would be 1000 keys. I am okay holding on to this hat until I get the right offer, or until I find myself an offer consisting of hats I'd be happy to keep for a while. I'd love to have myself a spellbound or arcana allclass misc; I'd take any of them for it. I generally enjoy fancy miscs with fancy effects so that I can stack effects for fancy, unique looks. Doesnt necessarily have to be an allclass misc. I have a few specific interests which I may add later, but either way feel free to try me. Worst I can do is reject the offer.

Notable offers so far:
- Sunbeams casemaker (~(945) || http://i.i...7U.png
- Scorching tipped lid (~670) + 65 pure || http://i.i...nZ.png
- Strange Arcana bonk boy (~350) + Arcana tossle (~300?) + Spellbound oiled baker (~60) + MW Energy Orb night terror (75 ish) || Comment section (this set: ) (~800 ish total?)
-Showstopper pool party + showstopper broom|| http://img.../bfi0P || No idea how much total. Trade offer said ~950, but I think thats a very high estimate :P
- Showstopper pool + showstopper broom + peace bonk
- Showstopper pool + peace bedouin + peace bonk + 4 pure || Proof of both: http://img.../DfPON || Bp of offerer for effects:
- Scorching cotton (~1100?) || Trade comments || Value estimate based on its most recent traceable sale for a beams law (~300 was added to it; 1400-300=1100). More info here:
- Burning dread (~600) + Showstopper laugh (~200) || http://img.../MFE21 || Not really interested in the dread and only moderately interested in the schaden
- Sunbeams casemaker or strange scorching woodsman if I add || http://i.i...i9.png || Already declined beams case 1:1. Idk about the woodsman, burning is 1200 but I think that'd be really high
- Frostbite KE (~630) + scorching beak (~220) + hot fn blitzkrieg medgun (~50) || http://img.../Axotq || Pretty sweet offer but not too interested in the medgun. Love the beak, though. I've sent a counter offer but that was declined.
- (2x) Burning tipped lid (~1150) || (1) http://img.../txtcd || (2) Comment section || I have a hard time believing that lid will sell for 1150, prefer to stick to the TC

Maybe my BO isnt as crazy high as I thought ;D
Another clean one popped up and sold + <100 in adds for a scorching TC:!/compare/1488758400/1489276800

Note that the hat is duped, but since it is the only one for sale at the moment and since clean ones havent been seen on the market for over 2 years (except for one, which went to a collector 4 months ago, see sale in the suggestion above), I think it won't matter all that much (although I do not expect to sell it for as much as the last clean one sold).
A clean seller popped up (with alternating activity, he doesnt regularly bump his trades).
He has had it for well over a year, though

Open to any kind of offer. Would definitely take a pan (would be willing to add for one). I can upgrade or downgrade, or 1:1; either form of trade is fine. When offering upgrade trades, be wary that some of the hats in my backpack are either not for sale (tagged orange in my bptf profile) or are being brokered (tagged with other colors). I can/will not add any of them for a trade involving this hat for obvious reasons. I am also open to cash offers, but only from trusted buyers. From most buyers, I will request you to purchase keys beforehand, should a situation like that arise. Do not take offense when I do.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ STRANGE UNUSUAL Rocket launchers for sale! ★★★


★ Strange isotope Bloom Bluffed rocket launcher (battle scarred): 100 keys no longer for sale
★ Strange cool Quack Canvassed rocket launcher (well worn): 110 keys FREE KILLSTREAK OMG

Relatively cheap for strange unusual rocket launchers!

Isotope bloom buffed:

Cool quack canvassed:

Added benefits:
- Sex appeal + 1200%
- Will probably get you laid on your wedding night*
- Increased skill +20%
- Awe-inducing +25%
- Jealousy of plebs using plain looking regular launchers +69%

*legally not a fact

Possible (negative) side effects:
- being called a tryhard [insert curseword]
- Getting called out for being pay to win
- Getting called out for lacking skill because you play soldier

But who cares, whoever said those things is probably a jealous scrub without a strange unusual rocket launcher, whose opinion is irrelevant.

Would be interested in sidegrading to a strange hot rocket launcher, strange hot disciplinary actions and strange hot/energy orb shotguns. I can be picky when it comes to skins, though.
Alternatively Id also be looking for isotope strange crossbows or ubersaws, and maybe some strange unusual grenade/sticky launchers (dont have to be stock ones).
Feel free to offer anything; though; the abovementioned things are just preferences of the same caliber I'd be interested in.

If they are not in my bp they may be listed on marketplace for similar values.

The I decided to keep the bloom buffed as I got a hat to go with it.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Some taunts ★★★

★ Fountain of delight bronco: 80 60 keys (lowered 11/28/2017)
★ Spectral swirl fubar: 30 keys
★ Hellish inferno meet the medic: 30 keys
★ Screaming tiger disco fever: 25 keys (lol I had this listed as the wrong taunt for a week)

Would be interested in the taunts to the right, in case you want to dump them on a taunt downgrade.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Frostbite Headsplitter: 180 keys ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Allclass!
★ Goes great with max heads and unusual miscs, and has an effect that pairs well too!
★ Has that early supporter tag that some people appear to care about

Looking for 180 keys or unusual offers!

~Foamy :3
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2/8 sold over my BO. 6/8 left

★ SIX BURNING HARD COUNTERS: 35 keys each (dupes 34 keys). 200 keys for all.
★ I have a black painted one in my backpack that Im currently not selling
★ If you care about clean or duped, please check the histories.

I will also consider unusual offers, but keep them over my buyout. I'll look at what kind of items I'm getting offered; i.e Im naturally not looking to "upgrade" to a sulphurous hard counter just because it's higher at bptf.

I have listed one of them on, which appears on outpost separately as it appears. Yay.

Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Cheap low tier stuph ★★★
All slightly discounted

★ Peace sign waxy wayfinder: 22 keys ||
★ Peace sign baker boy: 22 keys Sold in a bulky deal
★ Strange steaming private eye: 14 keys ||

Histories provided. Baker is duped; rest is clean.
Listed prices are in pure; Ill also take unusual overpay around or above bp prices.

~Foamy :3
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20 keys or unusual overpay.
Kill-a-watt brain warming wear: 11 keys
2 keys discounted. Looking for pure offers or unusual overpay over bp price.

~Foamy :3
Quickselling 40% off!
120 keys in pure, aussies, max heads or slightly more in solid mixed offers.

Quicksold for 52 keys, aussie eyelander, scatter and sticky
spoopy ghosts on all your classes with winter hat for cold days ahead for 80 keys
★★★ Searing multiclass stuph ★★★

★ Team captain: 200 keys
★ Coldsnap: 80 keys Sold for ghosts coldsnap

Can upgrade or downgrade, I dont mind. Would sell for a boat
Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below

~Foamy :3
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Quickbuying unusuals!
Currently ~200 keys in stock.

The discount I require varies per unusual offered.
Currently not buying taunts (or at least very unlikely to).

Send me a trade offer and Ill counter (if I see potential) or decline if Im not interested in paying more than other quickbuyers would on your hat.
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★★★ Isotope flower power scattergun (battle scarred): 30 keys ★★★

Sold for 30 pure

★ Originally priced at 35 (thanks valve for ruining the quality display): (both sales there were pure too)
★ Fairly cheap unusual scattergun
★ Looks amazing with a voodoo soul on halloween/full moon
★ Effect matches skin in case you care and stuff

30 crate unlocking tools or particle hats of similar or greater value
If you have any strange unusual scatterguns, I wouldn't mind upgrading to one

Trade offers preferred,
~Foamy :3
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aussie scatter: 23 keys
Sold for 23 keys

the prof ks version is not for sale, only the vanilla non-killstreak one
★★★ Cool halloween stuff for sale ★★★

★ Secret brigade with footprint spells: 200 keys Sold for MG tipped + ~25 ish in sweets
★ Misty skull yellow belt: 150 keys (high tier sniper misc)
★ Cloudy moon stahlhelm: 110 keys (Free matching paint)
★ Chiroptera venenata honchos: 100 keys sold for GG fresh brewed, showstopper oblooterated, screaming tiger disco fever or some other spy taunt I guess

- The belt is duped
- The honcho is duped but its the only one available on the market
- The other two hats are clean

Upgrades, downgrades, anything is possible. More likely to upgrade to items I would actually wear; cool high tier miscs will do well
Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below

~Foamy :3
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15 keys for an infernal smoke solo. Cheapest killer solo available afaik. (last updated 12/2). lemme know if cheaper ones show up.
part of a brokering agreement

Quicksold for 14 keys
★★★ STRANGE UNUSUAL rocket launcher: 150 keys ★★★

Currently listed on

★ Bloom buffed
★ Isotope
★ Battle-scarred

Screenshots soon.
Interested in sidegrading to strange hot rocketlaunchers, but Im picky in the skins. Would also like strange unusual crossbows or ubersaws with isotope effect. Generally interested in fancy strange unusual weapon stuff, but as mentioned, I can be picky.

Feel free to add or comment below to negotiate, or send a trade offer.
~Foamy :3
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125 keys for pseudo-hot tamales hat
Being brokered

Sold for 113 pure and some unusual taunt
★★★ Epic scoot set: 42 keys ★★★

Also for sale individually:
★ Strange professional killstreak australium scattergun: 32 keys (Cerebral discharge/agonizing emerald/3 expensive parts) Sold for 32 keys
★ Strange professional killstreak CAPPER: 11 keys (Incinerator/Villainous violet) Sold for 11 keys
Listed prices are in pure. Unusual offers are welcome as long as they constitute appropriate overpay.

Only this scatter is for sale. The hotrod one with actual kills on it is not for sale at all. Be sure to select the correct one, please, otherwise I will decline.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Haunted phantasm broom: 500 keys ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Rare top tier taunt effect
★ Spoopy as hell

Just testing the waters, seeing what this baby can sweep up. Feel free to offer!

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Steaming private eye: 14 keys ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Strange, with a part attached, in case you care about that
★ Multiclass (demo, medic, spy)

14 pure or unusual overpay!

~Foamy :3
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22 keys or unusual overpay
kung fu bunny

samur 160
bunny 19 - sold for 19 pure

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★★★ GBH salty dog: 200 keys ★★★

★ All-class
★ Hat/paint match effect really well!
★ Has a wicked halloween spell attached for those that care

Sold with 7 in sweets for forstbite splitter + energy orb prof ks masked mender (mw)

Looking for 200 keys or unusual offers. Slightly discounted.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Amazing allclass stuff for sale! ★★★

★ Purple energy executioner: 370 keys Sold with scorching stuntman for duped V.buds
★ Anti-freeze tough stuff muffs: 280 keys Sold for stormy 13th bomber + dbd yellow belt
★ Burning flames company man: 250 keys Sold for Green confetti virtual viewfinder, green energy company man and 10 pure
★ Spectral swirl conga: 150 keys ||
★ Atomic captain spaceman: 145 keys ||
Moved the snap to another trade

Would take a pan for all.
★ All of them except for the companyman are clean as far as I am aware
★ the spaceman, conga and companyman are being brokered and may therefore reside in the original owner's backpack [linked below]. As long as they are not greyed out here, I will still have them available.
★ Open to all sorts of trades; upgrades, downgrades, everything.

Trade offers preferred!

I am brokering some of these unusuals for this user:
If these unusuals do not appear in my backpack, they may reside in the original owner's backpack. Any contact regarding this trade will be done through me, as per brokering agreements.

~Foamy :3
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roofies hat for 25 keys themed buy now

Sold for 25 pure because its themed.
  • Completed
★★★ QUICKSELLING: ghastly ghosts fresh brewed: 65 keys ★★★

Quicksold for 65

★ Clean:
★ "but bruh, taunts are overpriced" Of that I am aware, that's why it is over 100 keys discounted.
★ Cheapest on the market by a long shot

Listed price is pure only. I also take unusual offers as long as they constitute appropriate overpay.

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Some taunts for sale ★★★

★ Hellish inferno party trick: 60 keys
★ Infernal smoke results are in: 60 keys
★ Hellish inferno deep fried desire: 45 keys

At this moment, my prices are on the high side. This is because the market is saturated and undercutting results in these being tough to sell. Im aware of this, yet I am in no rush to sell. Im okay waiting out the hype, waiting until the market thins out. Once these are going to be scarely for sale, they'll increase, just like the first influx of unusual taunts did (as clearly, all of these are visually more appealing than the lowest tier old effects, and most of them are priced or sold below even whirlwind and cyclone). Their absolute rarity - compared to older taunts - is pretty equal to that of the old ones. It's the relative rarity (i.e the amounts on the market) that makes them seem far more common.

As such, Im also open to exchanging them for other taunts with new effects (giving you relatively good deals compared to what Id be asking normally). There are a few specific ones Id be interested in, listing at the top. Wherever I have not listed an effect, the order of preference will be:
Infernal flames = infernal smoke > spectral swirl > hellish inferno
This also goes for unlisted taunts. I listed my favs, but am also interested in other allclass ones for instance
★ For scout, im also interested in deepfried desires. Effect preferences there are flames > swirl
★ For soldier, Im equally interested in the RIP taunt as in the fubar fanfare. Only interested in flames there.

Also interested in older taunt effects. From those, Im only interested in showstopper, screaming tiger, holy grail, and (to a lesser extent) fountain of delight

Other notes:
★ I have two smoke results, but im only selling one. Im not specificly attached to either, so either of the two is fine.
★ I can add other items for upgrades to favored taunts, but im not investing insane amounts in a single one (i.e Im not gonna spend 500 keys worth on any of them, so Im likely not interested in any victory laps or pool parties.)

Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
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Its growing!
more burning heavy hats. This one is better than counters and mongolians so 38 keys

Sold for dbd tyrants + strange parka
Isotope brick house (battlescarred): 37 keys recently sold for 37 pure; I intend to replicate that action.
glorious tip
BO 200 keys; open to any kind of offer

Sold for mw hot mercstained minigun, wellworn macaw tomislav and fieldtested bamboo brushed rocket launcher
50 keys for this infernal flames results are in.

Willing to swap for an infernal smoke Meet the Medic.
Other taunts for sale:

~Foamy :3
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★★★ Showstopper results are in: 45 keys each ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Top tier effect medic taunt

Looking for 45 pure or offers. I count maxes and vanilla aussies as pure, and do not add value for strange parts or basic/spec ks.
Would likely take an aussie RL with parts like dmg dealt and dominations
One of them sold in bulk.

Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
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500 200 40 40 50 60
Being brokered, may not be in my inv.

The requiem sold for a flies danger Frostbite birdcage and a kill-a-watt drills. The danger was offered by accident and was supposed to be the birdcage, so I have reimbursed the offerer, adapting the trade.
The chullo sold for a burning flames company man, an atomic spaceman, a spectral swirl conga and 5 pure.
  • Completed
★★★ Searing plasma dead cone: 20 keys ★★★

★ The last hat left from a backpack I am cashing out ★
rip, missed a 20 pure offer; he got another one before I could accept

May be listed on marketplace
20 keys or offers. Im not interested/able to upgrade. Only looking for pure or mixed offers, or unusual offers that constitute substantial overpay. I count maxes, promos and vanilla aussies as pure at their lowest classified seller.

I am brokering these unusuals for this user:
If these unusuals do not appear in my backpack, they may reside in the original owner's backpack. Any contact regarding this trade will be done through me, as per brokering agreements.

~Foamy :3
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