Looking to sell these, Add me if you can do a trade of keys
Will trade for keys, Add me if you can trade in pure keys
Humble Bundle key (Above Average) Ill add some sweetners
24 keys Add me, Dont bother posting here.

Add me dont post here
Need it really quick, Add me if you can do it.
Your good ol' Minin light to keep you company! When your an engi and your in the depths minin away what do you do? What do you do? TURN ON YOUR MININ LIGHT!

Buy my mining light.

Accepting all kinds off offers.

Your in the outback, Desert for miles the sun's burning away at your back ONLY one thing to do RANGLE yourself up a croc skin him good and get yourself a crocleather slouch!

Terms and Conditions apply.

B/O: 6 Buds(Straight Promos/keys/metal)

C/O's: None.
Offers please.

B/O: None

Current C/O's: None.

Please just add me if you think you have a good offer (Over 21 keys worth)
C/O:22 keys
B/O:22 keys + 2 ref
Im looking for about 15 ref
Place your offers in keys and keys only(I value keys 2.55 ref so yea)
No idea how much they are worth but offer up
Selling Left 4 dead 2 put your offers up (The game thing is for search purposes)
Add me and tell me your price.

Just got Atom zombie smasher only need killing floor now.
No Im not paying 8 ref Add me to discuss the price (Game is just for search purposes)
Im looking for someone to sell me games that I want from the steam great gift pile.

Im also buying really cheap games(Give me offers)

Currently looking for :
Frozen synapse
Fate of the Worlds

Please add me.
Im looking for Toki Tori + Polynomial:space of the music or whatver :P Add me to discuss or do it here But adding me will be faster >.>
I've got 15 Add me 2.55 ONLY
I dont care if your buying it to resell or w/e right now when its on sale Im selling it cheap and after sale it'll be more expensive It's Trainz simulator 12
Ref/key offers Im looking for 18 ref ref.
For Energy/CE in Spiral Knights and Crowns please add me. Mods I dont know if this isnt allowed if it isnt feel free to remove this trade.
Please only offer in keys and/or ref I dont want games or real world money or anything else like that.
Buying holiday coal from the great gift pile :D
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!
We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!