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I am selling a Strange Non-Craftable Pro Killstreak Cow Mangler
Sheen: Team Shine
Killstreaker: Flames
Spells: Pumpkin Bombs don't work. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Leave your offers here. Pure would be preferred but feel free to offer whatever you wish.
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Hello, everybody!

I am looking to sell this lovely laser beam of happiness and death...
"The Loser Beam", a Strange Uncraftable Pro Killstreak Cow Mangler with Pumpkin and Exorcism Spells
Team Shine Flames

I am looking for: Pure(preferably keys), Vintages, or Binding of Isaac Trading Cards(from either game)!
Do not add unless specified in comments, please.
Feel free to leave an offer, I will be open to most as long as they are TF2 related or Isaac cards. (NO CS:GO items)

Offers below 3 Keys pure will be hidden.
I will not part with this item if I do not get an offer of 5+ keys Pure (or 6 in mix)

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Hello everybody!
I am looking to see what I can get for my Prof. Killstreak, Strange, Uncraft Cow Mangler (It is now tradable, just not updated)
-Effect is Flames
-Sheen is Team Shine
Pumpkin Bombs (doesn't work with this weapon...) and Exorsism Spells

Feel free to offer here, or if you're gonna add me message here first.
Keys>Metal>Vintage>Gen/Strange>Normal offers
Hoping to get 5+ keys out of this.

C/O: None
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Looking to sell this Team Shine + Flames Cow Mangler Kit!

Feel free to offer here or add me. I will list trade offers under the C/O section
(Kit will be put on Market for a bit)

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Looking to sell my Sinister Staining (Drably Olive) Spell for 1 ref pure or 1.33 ref in items.

Add me or send me a trade request.
Selling my Lumbricus Lid for 5.33 ref pure or a V. Trophy Belt and 1 ref pure.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
Buying any of your unwanted hats for 1 ref each!
I will not add for paints, sorry.

Add me, leave a message here, or send me a trade request.
Have a nice day!
Taking offers on my Quadwrangler

Looling for 4 ref pure, 4.33 item/pure mix, 4.66 in items.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
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Looking to sell my Laurel for a Blighted Beak and 0.33 ref.

Add me or send a trade request.
Looking to sell my Strange Eyelander w/ Scouts Killed for:

1.66 pure
1.88 mixed
2 ref in items

Add me, or send my a trade request!
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Looking to sell this Baronial Badge with craft #4500

Looking for either:
1.33 ref pure
1.66 in item overpay (can be anything, really)

Add me, offer here, or send me a trade offer.
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Selling any of my spare weapons?

Looking for 0.11 ref (a scrap)
or 2 other random weapons!

Add me or send a trade offer!
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Selling my Kabuto for either 1.66 pure or a craft hat + 0.33

Add me or send me a trade offer.
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Looking to trade my Uncraftable, Gifted Veil for a Clean, Craftable version.

Add me or send me a trade request.
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Selling my Anger and S. Baby Face Blaster for a Villain's Veil.

Add me or send me a trade offer.
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Looking to sell this Team Shine Specialized Killstreak Vintage Ubersaw.
I am looking for 4 ref in pure, or 5 ref item overpay
A different UNIQUE SPECIALIZED Killstreak weapon

Add me or Send me a Trade Request.
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Whiskey Bib - 2 Ref (2.33 item overpay)
Weight Room Warmer - SOLD
Robot Parts:
Bulb - 0.66
Humor (x3) - 0.11 each
Taunt (x2) - 0.22 each
KB - 0.22
Furnace (x5) - 0.22 each

Add me or Send me a Trade Request!
Taking Key offers as 7.33 Ref each (would prefer metal though)
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Looking to sell this Festive Crossbow!

Looking for 1 Ref. pure, or 1.33 in items.

Add me or send me a trade offer. :)
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Hello everybody.

I am looking to sell these to specialized things for primarily offers.
The Backburner is Team Shine.
Cow Mangler is Violet.

Looking for around 2 keys for the Kit or 1 key + another cheap Spec kit.
Looking for something other than fabricators for the fab.
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Looking to sell this Genuine Scotsman's Stove Pipe!

Looking for:
1 Key
7 Ref Pure
7.33 in Items
2 ToD + 1 Ref Pure/1.33 in items
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Hello everybody!

Selling this Mint El Muchacho for about 5.66 in pure or 6 ref in items.
I will take ToD Tickets for 2.44 ref each.

Add me and/or trade me!
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Hey guys.

Looking to sell these Fabricators above.
Leave your offers here.

Also selling a Dirty Pink Veil for a key.
Trade me!
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Looking to sell these fabricators.

Leave your offers here or add me.
Looking primarily for metal.

Also looking for an Amputator killstreak kit.
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Hey everybody.

Buying killstreak kit for the amputator for 2 ref.
Add me!
Hey everybody!

Looking to sell the items listed above along with any duplicate crates.
Sight For Sore Eyes (Level 100) - SOLD
All-Father (Painted) - SOLD
Secret Saxon - 0.44 Ref.
Ye Olde Rustic Colour - 0.88 Ref.
Villain's Veil (Dirty, Pink) - 1 Key + 0.66 Ref.
CRATES - Most are 5 for a weapon 11 for a scrap, others go by prices

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Hey guys.

Looking to 1:1 the keys I have for a Robocrate key.

Really want to see if I can uncrate anything good!
None of the keys will be sold for profits.
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Hey guys. I'm back from a few weeks of not playing TF2!

Well, Selling the items listed above.
G. AWPer Hand - Sold
S. Bottle - 0.22 ref
Melee Token - 0.16 ref

Have a nice day. :)
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I have decided to do something crazy!
Buying 11 crates with 1 scrap. Higher-tier crates will be priced at suggested prices.
Also looking to 1:1 spare crates I have.

37, 43 (x10), 44 (x8), 45 (x14), 47 (x6), 49 (x23), 54 (x11), 55 (x22)

Crates I have:
7, 8, 16, 17, 26, 27, 29, 32, 34, 37, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 49, 54, 55, 56, 57
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Hey guys.

I'm selling this LEVEL 200 Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle.
Yes, this is a legit level 200 weapon. This is the highest level any botkiller can get.
I'm really looking for keys, metals, and hopefully a low tier unusual. :D

Leave your offers here!
B/O: 15 Keys

White all-Father
6 Keys + 2 Ref
8 Keys + 4 Ref [RETRACTED}
12 Keys
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Looking to sell this really nice collector's level Dead Ringer!

Leave your offers here. :)

B/O: 10 Keys Pure, 11 in an unusual (Hopefully...)
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Buying Keys at 3.88 Refined each.
Guys, keys have been inflating for a long time. It's only been about 6 months and they have nearly DOUBLED in price! It's insane. I will not be changing the price of this trade. It's just gonna get harder and harder to buy keys if you are a player with little metal or a low-value backpacks. I am trying to help stop the inflation and bring the price of keys back down. So, if you would care enough, sell me a key or two. I really want to stock up on some keys. The main goal I have TF2-wise is getting the priced back down to under 3 Ref.
(\m/)_ (>u<) _(\m/)
Thank you. :)

Metal Stock: 3.66
Keys Bought: 1
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I'm buying Bil's Hats for 7 keys each!

Keys in stock: OUT
Bought: None yet

Have a nice day. :D
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Hello everybody!

Selling this Festive Scattergun gifted by Santa!
A thing to note, Santa isn't on the items history. :D

Leave your offers here or add me.
Have a nice day.

G. Menpo, G. Rouge, G. Chief Constable, Festive Ambassador, Mutton Chops (2.5 Keys)
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Hey guys.

I'm selling this mighty fine Waterlogged All-Father for a simple price of 3 keys!
If offering in metal, I will take 3.88 as a Key.

C/O: High-Five Taunt + 1.88
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Hello everybody!

Selling this Black Swagman's Swatter with a really nice craft number.
Mainly looking for metal on this one.
Really nice hat. :D

Leave your offers here!

Black Crocleather Slouch
White Crocleather Slouch
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Hey guys! :D

Looking to sell this TS Operator's Overalls Bill's Hat for some offers.
I sold my TS one for this and a few other sweets... Sorry...

Well, have a nice day/night.
9 Keys

TUX + 1 Ref. (??? + 1 Ref.)
32 Refined (8 Keys + 2.77 Ref.)
SF. Ambassador + 1/2 Keys. (6.5-7/7.5-8 Keys)
SF. Sandvich (8 Keys)
7 Keys + Tooth Kickers + 1 Ref. (8 Keys + 2.88 Ref.)
S. Sapper (8.5-9 Keys)
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Hey everybody!
I'm selling my collection of V. Pyrovision Goggles with ALL 100 levels.

Pure offers take higher priority. TF2 items>games
Place your offers here!
Look what one set went for:

Other trade:

B/O: Only 12 Keys

C/O: BIT.TRIP RUNNER ($10 in store)
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Looking to sell this Lime Executioner for 1 key + 1 rec.
Selling an assortment of items. :3
Keys will be priced at 3.00. No negotiations on that.
Cool Breeze - SOLD
V. Officer's Ushanka - SOLD
Grizzled Growth #312 - 3 keys
V. Foster's Facade - SOLD
Made Man - SOLD
AWPerhand - 2.22 (Note: Sold the one listed, but I have another)
Level 69 Dillinger's Duffel - SOLD
S. Scattergun - SOLD
Also selling spare weapons for 0.11 each.
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Selling my Grizzled Growth #312.
I still want to keep it, but I also want to get some metal and keys and stuff for it.
1. Keys will be priced at 3.33 refined.
2. Craft hats will be taken as 1.11 ref. NO DIRTY HATS PLEASE.
3. I'm not a big fan of painted hats. If offering one, I like Team Spirit and Balaclavas.
4. BP Expanders will be 2 keys and 1 ref, Upgrade to Premium will be 2 keys and 1.55 ref.
5. Please be respectful. I will respect you if you respect me.
6. Don't add me. I will add you once I decide I will sell it to you.
B/O: 3 keys
C/O: Lime Executioner + 2 ref
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Looking to start a level 64 vintage weapon collection.

Total: 0 :/
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Scrap banking.
Metal reserve: 0.44 ref.
Hi everybody!

Just selling some of my leftover Halloween stuff for metal and stuff.

This is all that I have left.

Leave your offers here. (I'm mainly looking for collectors)

B/O: [Unknown]

C/O: None yet
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Seling weapons at 1 scrap each or 2 random craftable weapons.

Have a nice day!

-Mad Milk (2)

-Liberty Launcher

-Rainblower (2)

-Claiheamh Mor
-Eylender (2)
-Scottish Resistance
Charge 'n Targe

-Warrior's Spirit
-Eviction Notice

-Short Circuit
-Eureka Effect
-Pomson 6000
-Frontier Justice



-Ambassador (2)
-Enforcer (2)
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Selling this Halloween Spell for 0.11 ref.
  • Closed by staff
~Selling things on Spiral Knights for TF2 metal~

-Brimstone (1)
-Iron Gear (1)
-Monster Bone (3)
-Critter Carapace (8)
-Owlite Feather (1)
-Gel Core (3)
-Bronze Bolt (13
-Scrap Metal (19)
-Ecto Drop (11)
-Beast Scale (9)
-Gel Drop (18)
-Sharp Fang (12)
-Light Shard (33)
-Red Shard (6)
-Green Shard (19)
-Dark Shard (4)
-Blues Shard (10)
-Primal Spark (4)
-Grim Spark (1)

Leave your offers here... because IDK what these sell for...
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Hey, guys. How's it going?

1 of 22! :D

This is rare! You can no longer get odd level weapons from MVM.

-I would prefer Metal, Keys, Bill's Hats, and Buds
-I would prefer Unusual hats for Soldier, Scout, Pyro, and Heavy
-Any unusual offers are fine by me. :)

~Effects I would prefer~
-Massed Flies (THEMED ONLY)
-Nuts n' Bolts (THEMED ONLY)

B/O: Nuts n' Bolts Virtual Reality Headset
C/O: None
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-Metal in stock: 0.22 ref. (I'll get more metal eventually)

-Have a nice day. :D
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1 weapon = 1 scrap

Claidheamh Mor
Eureka Effect
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