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Selling Amaranthine Antlers.
~High Tier Halloween 2014 all class hat
~You can wear multiple antlers in a single load out
~1/3 in the world & 1/2 on Outpost & with short history
~No other 2014 effects (ooze, stare from beyond, bonzo, etc) have been unboxed to this date!
~50 buds firm. Pure Only~got offered 2 hats worth 45 buds; 1 Morning Glory Dread Hiding Hood; Ooze mohawk+ TW Executioner+ SP towering pillar hats~ but Pure is king. (Keep in mind 1 other owner sold his for 75ish!)

Please send me a trade offer if interested (Everytime I bump my trade I got at least 2-3 scammers adding me):
To see how well this all class hat mixes with other effects:
Sniper: https://www...g?dl=0
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Selling a couple of unusuals:
EOF Defiant Spartan: 39 keys
Bubbling TC: 39 keys (sold)
GC grenadier's softcap: 18 keys (sold)
Dead president flamboyant: 15 keys
Strange OF private eye: 14 keys (Sold)
MF handyman handle: 13 keys fits the theme very well (Sold)
N&B Slope Scoper: 12 keys
Pure only! Now taking 1 bud=11 keys; 1 bill=3 keys.
Please click trade button to offer as I seldom check the posts here. Don't add me directly. I will reply as soon as I get online. Thanks
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Selling MvM canteen. 4 ref each. Send me a trade offer.
Selling strange EOTL items PURE only:
S. Mistaken Movember: 1 key 6 refs (2 in stock)
S.Crossing Guard: 4 keys
Normal Crossing Guard: 3 ref (5 in stock)
S. Boxcar Bomber: 1 key 6 ref
S. Brooklyn Booties: 1 key
S. Screamin' Eagle: 1 key
S. Coldfront Curbstompers: 1 key 3 ref (2 in stock)
Please click the trade button to offer or go to
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  • Completed
3 keys pure to own
Send a trade offer/ comment before adding.
Selling spy items:
Backstabber's boomslang 5 ref
Crafted Janissary ketche and the rest 1 ref ea
Please click the trade button to offer
Selling all class hat with terror watt effect:
7 buds/91 keys pure
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