Searing Plasma Bot Dogger
B/O: 22 Keys

Hot Polar Surprise War Paint (Minimal Wear)
B/O: None; current suggestion at 28-37 Keys:
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Massed Flies Frag Proof Fragger
Assassin Grade Hat
B/O: 25 Keys
Currently on community market, comment & add me to offer
Misty Skull Front Runner
B/O: 100 Keys
Purple Energy Company Man if I add 5 keys
Duped Peace Sign Exquisite Rack
75 Keys
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Electric Hat Protector Phononaut
B/O: 20 Keys
C/O: Searing Plasma Bot Dogger + 2 Keys
Offers, LF ~200. Negotiable
Taking offers on these fine hats.

Notes and histories available here:

Beanie is currently on community market, add me/comment offers

Class Crown sold for Spellbound Bot Dogger + FT Energy Orb Black Dahlia, Letch's LED was dumped to a bot, Hellmet sold for 45 Keys
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Taking offers on these fine hats.

Notes and histories available here:
Taking offers on these fine hats. Notes and histories available here:

Sold Toadstool Topper for 28 Keys, quicksold the Glove + Big Chief to bots for keys
4 keys per snek

go fast
1 of 1 in the world, looking for ~100 keys or offers. Negotiable
Looking for offers around ~33 keys, negotiable - Clean & 1 of 1 for sale
Looking for offers, preferably around backpack.tf price of 78 keys, but negotiable. Clean & only one for sale
Offers - looking for ~32 keys but negotiable - Clean & 1 of 1 for sale
Looking for offers around ~26 keys, negotiable. Clean & awesome!
Looking for offers. Clean & only one for sale. Keep in mind that one of these sold for 70 keys pure recently.
looking for offers around 18 keys, but negotiable. 1 of 1 for sale
Offers, looking for ~24 keys but negotiable. Clean & awesome!
Bubbling Reggaelator - Clean, Team spirit paint, only one for sale. Looking for 11 keys or offers.

Professional Killstreak Batsaber - Cheapest one out there. Looking for 10 keys or offers.

Strange Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand - Decked out in parts, cheapest one out there. Looking for 12 Keys or offers.
Only clean one you'll ever have a chance at
Quickselling for 18 pure! More in items. Clean!

(Price updated 3/16)
Looking for offers around 29 Keys - Negotiable

Clean & only one on outpost
Looking for offers around 37 Keys. Negotiable.

Only clean one for sale on outpost.
Looking for offers around 36 Keys on Chieftain, 17 Keys on Kabuto. Negotiable

Both are clean, Chieftain is only one for sale
Looking for offers around 25 Keys. Negotiable.

Clean & the only one for sale.
I don't know

Make me an offer I can't refuse
1 of 2 in the world, clean soldier hat!
Yes the price is old, feel free to offer below the current price
Offers. Nice engineer hat with a 1-man history! Also the only one for sale!
Looking for offers around backpack.tf price of 51 keys.
Ballpark prices (not firm, feel free to offer):

18 Keys for Rescue Ranger (1 of 3 for sale)

Let me know if someone's willing to sell for lower and I'll beat their price.

Please send trade offers, thanks. If you want to add to trade, comment here or on my profile first.
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Offers. Clean & Awesome Soldier hat!
Looking for offers around backpack.tf price of 57 keys
Offers. Clean Engineer hat, 1 of 1 in the world!
Backpack.tf price is outdated at 54 Keys. I might consider offers near that in pure, but definitely more in other items.
Offers. B/O 11 keys. Will sell lower than any other unusual Second Rate Sorcery.
14 Keys or other offers - currently on marketplace
13 Keys or offers. Will be cheapest for sale, always.
Looking for offers. Peace sign sold for 20 pure keys, so probably around there, maybe a little lower.

Second owner, 2-man history. Clean and awesome!

Send trade offers, or comment and then add me. Thanks
  • Completed
13 keys or other offers
Entertaining offers around backpack.tf price for both. (Which is 35 on vaccinator, 18 on rescue ranger)
Both have ~1 key in add-ons if you're in to those.
Both are 1 of 2 for sale and will be the cheapest one, always.

Vaccinator sold for 34.3 keys, took 3 days

Holy Grail Burstchester for Vaccinator (not interested in unusual taunts)
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QS - 15 Keys, looking to get rid of it quickly. Clean, short history. Other offers must be overpay on current bp.tf price of 19,5 keys.

EDIT: Sold within 18 hours

14 Keys
Screaming Tiger Buy a Life + Yeti Punch
Infernal Flames Spent-Well Spirits (lowball)
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Looking for offers around backpack.tf's price of 11 keys

First owner, won't find a cleaner one out there.

EDIT: Well that was fast. Came home 5 hours after post to find an offer of 11 Keys pure for it.
  • Completed
Offers, it's a StatTrak Ruby if you look at it in the trade offer, but not on the site for some reason
Midnight Whirlwind Mannrobics

Looking for around 65 Keys in item offers, less in pure!

Not on me, its in the market. Just comment below.
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Quickselling for 45 Keys! Sorta flexible as long as its mainly pure!


Just priced with 3 pure sales at ~50 Keys!
2 Keys 20 Ref each.