This is going to turn out horrible
Looking for quick sells

Stock : 31 buds

c/o - first ( tacos)

offer , tacos is gay and wont sell me his tc lol
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Diz iz tecos card ... 1 bud m3g4 quicksell !!!!!1111oneoneone huryyyy inb4 he notiuce
lelele taking off market lelelelele trold hurd
CRATE #59 1 scrap each , add me for fast trade
This is what unboxing does to you

2 crates for 1 scrap

Can pay keys for a lot
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Looking for mostly dead president ... offer only this hat
it has parts ... idk why i put them on lol
Looking for cheap new unusual effects from crate #59
1 bud a pop , add me for quick trade
Just buds , will sell as set or indv ... offer
keys or more crate 59
Name your price , not paying more then 40 usd per bud

Need a lot ( ~ 100 )

Bought - 65 +
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Looking for crate 59 also keys to use with ( buying a lot i guess )
Offer ( i have another with hs part on it )
New hat with old effect <3 1 of 1
Looking for csgo , add me
Looking for a burning bomber only ....
I have 30 $ and i dont know what to do with it lol .... offer