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Looking for 3 keys on this direct hit, its lvl 3 due a mvm glitch that happened 5 years ago, probable the only one left out there.
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Looking to sell this nice strange weapon with a Factory new skin for 4 keys.
Strange, painted White, with kills and assists strange parts for 6 keys pure.
Flapjack: 4 ref
Warmer: 7.33 ref

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Quickselling for 20 keys pure
Selling this clean Stormy 13th hour Capotain for 50 keys pure or 60+ in unusual offers.
Look at this beauty, strange FN Prof. Killstreak Night terror with Strange Parts, im looking to sell this weapon for pure, but can also accept unusual offers. The weapon itself costs like 16 keys + prof killstreak (15 keys) + 6 keys ins strange parts, im not going to let this go for cheap.

B/O: 32 keys

C/O: None
Pommade Prince: 60 keys pure/ 70+ in unusuals

Scattergun: 32 keys or unusual offers

Mainly looking for pure but can also accept soldier unusuals.
Hello there, im looking to sell this sweet looking engineer unusual for pure, or upgrade it to one of the listed classes, i can add to 8 keys if your unusual is more expensive, but always looking for a little overpay.

C/O: None

B/O: 60 keys pure /70+ in unusuals
Im selling this nice looking gud´ol engie unusual. Looks very nice and you can combine it with other hats because its a misc. Im mainly looking for soldier unusuals with same price (64 keys) or more expensive, i can add to 10 keys if necessary (looking for a little overpay tho).

B/O: 60 keys pure/ 68+ in unusuals

C/O: None

Please do not add me, offer here first.
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Looking to sell this sweet looking unusual, it has a very short history and its a first gen effect on one of the oldest hats. Im mainly looking for pure but i can also accept unusuals offers, and my favorite classes are engineer and demoman.

B/O: 60 keys Pure/ 70+ in unusuals

C/O: None
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Fedora (Short history): 60 keys/70+ in Unusuals

Veil: 35 keys/40+ in Unusuals

Pretty interested in cool engineer unusuals.
Hello everyone, im looking to sell this rare demoman unusual, is a limited edition hat which means it will never be unboxable again. Also it is the only scot bonet in the market, Im mainly looking for pure but i can also take other demoman unusuals (same or higher price please).

B/O: 90 keys pure/100+ in unusuals.

C/O: None
Looking for offers on this partying hobo set.

B/O on the Bonet: 80 keys

B/O on the Liquid Asset: 16 keys
Hello there, im here to buy good demo unusuals, i have 80 pure keys and looking for discounted prices (10 or more keys under price) and i also REALLY interested in those 2 hats, so if you got one, im going to eat your soul :D. (jk)
Hello there, im selling this sweet SPOOKY soldier set, the unusual is clean, 1 of 1, and with a top tier effect . Im looking for pure offers but im also very interested in other Soldier or Demoman unusuals, with a little overpay. Not in a hurry to sell this set. Its the only 2011-2012 Halloween Effect on the Scopers, so that makes it a lot more rare.


B/O: 85 keys pure/ 95+ in unusuals. (SOLD FOR 80 PURE KEYS)

C/O: P. Fetti Modest + P.Fetti Merryweather + 6 keys (96 keys mixed)
G. Energy Old Man Frost (92 keys)
75 keys pure

PICTURES COMING SOON! SFM art on my profile.
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Selling my beautiful Sasha, a strange minigun with name tag and description tag + a strange parts of scouts killed (2 keys)

B/O: 1 key.
8 refined, add me if youre paying the price.
Medal: 2 keys

Purple uniform with chromatic corruption: 1 key

Booty: 8.44 ref
3 ref
Selling this amazing unusual, its 1 of 1, clean, top tier class and effect on a mid tier hat, ITZ 3 SPOOKY 5 U. Looking for pure but im also interested in Soldier or Demoman Unusuals with a small overpay.

B/O: 90 keys pure/ 95+ in unusuals.

C/O: None...
Selling this sweet looking soldier unusual, best halloween effect 2014, its 100% clean and 1 of 1 in the market. Looking for pure or unusual offers, Soldier unusuals are welcome and Halloween Effects are my priority. DON´T ADD ME, post your offer here first.

Picture: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497653980 made by ✯Seto (you can ask him to make your loadout posters).

B/O: 80 keys pure/90+ in unusuals.

C/O: Sulphurous scotch Bonnet + 35 keys.
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Shortstop: 1 ref

F. Grenade Launcher: 3.33 ref

Liberty Launcher: 4.33 ref

Black Box: 6.44 ref
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You guys wont believe me, crafted lvl 100 flapjack, crafted a crappy sniper hat, mixed with other hat and BOOM, lvl 69 flapjack.

Selling these for 11 ref each, only add me if youre paying the price.
Selling this strange stickybomb launcher with domination kills (3 keys), critical hit kills (3 keys) and building destroyed (10 ref) for 3 keys.
Just for you, stickyspam lovers (i hate you).
Selling this Prof Killstreak Collector´s Postal for 6 keys pure. No more, no less. If you are paying 6 keys you can add me.
2 keys, give or take.
Selling this factory new woodland warrior for 2 keys pure.
Selling this cool looking sniper hat. High tier sniper hat with mid tier effect, also its cleaner than my own bathroom and 1 of 3 in the world, not letting it go cheap.
If you offer unusuals im mainly looking for soldier ones and im a big fan of 2011-2012 halloween effects.

B/O: 70 keys/ 80+ in unusuals.

C/O: Vivid Plasma Caribbean Conqueror

Rejected offers:
Demon flame pyro´s boron beanie
Steaming Neckwear Headwear
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Nice, just crafted this lvl 100 flapjack and im selling it for 1 pure key, add me if you are interested, but post here first.
Selling POOTIS fairy set for metal, you can buy the items individually or as a set.

Tiara: 3.66 ref
Wings: 3.00 ref
Tutu: 5.33 ref
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Selling this awesome soldier unusual, 1st generation effect on a good hat, also, its CLEAN (dat history tho)
If your offering unusuals, im mainly looking for soldier ones and im a big fan of 2011-2012 halloween effects.

B/O: 62 keys / 70 keys in unusuals.

Rejected offers: Frostbite Glaslow

Anti freeze Jeep cap
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Cock fighter: 3.00 ref

Noisemaker: 13.00 ref

Sammy cap: 1.44 ref
Selling this awesome soldier unusual, 1st generation effect on a good hat. If your offering unusuals, im mainly looking for soldier ones and im a big fan of 2011-2012 halloween effects.

B/O: 62 keys / 70 keys in unusuals

C/O: None
I have 46 keys and im looking for good soldier unusuals (i like halloween effects a lot), so posts your soldier unsuals here and please dont offer unusuals that cost less than 40 keys.
Scarf: 3.33 ref

Aperture: 5.00 ref

Cockfighter: 3.00 ref

Fireworks: 13 ref

Flip-Flops: 3 keys and 5 ref

Tossle: 7.00 ref

Lvl 99 Stash: 1 key 5 ref

Drill hat: 10 ref
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selling these 2 hats for 3 ref each, add me.
Selling this awesome soldier hat, its TS painted and lvl 99 for 1 key and 3 refined. Add me only if you are paying the listed price.
Cockfighter: 3.00 ref
Tossle: 7.00 ref
Drill´s hat: 10.66 ref
Ushanka: 7.00 ref
Heavy lifter: 5.66 ref
Egghead's Overall: 5.00 ref
Hornblower: 5.33 ref
Scarf: 3.33 ref

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Im selling dis nutz... this weapons for the following prices

Medigun: 1 key

Wrench: 12.33 ref
Selling this beautiful hat for 8.66 ref
Selling this sweet summer set for pure keys, metal or offers. Im trying to only sell it as a set, but if you show good offers i can sell them individually.

Summer hat: 6 keys (SOLD)
Flip-flops: 3 keys
Lucky No.42: 1 key and 3 ref
Summer shades : 3 keys (you provide wrap)
Noise Maker : 1 key
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Hornblower: 5.33 ref
Mann of the house: 2.00 ref
Lvl 99 Eye-Catcher: 3.33 ref
Gold Tossle cap: 7.00 ref
Level Three Chin: 6.00 ref
Egghead Overall: 4.66 ref
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Selling this taunt for 13.00 refined.

Add me only if youre paying the price im asking for.