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Green means heals, right...?
Well, whatever is coming out of this thing surely must be healthy!
This Minimal Wear Isotope Medi-gun is on the spotlight for 60 keys pure!
Unusual offers? Great! Although, I am picky...
Not a fan of Scout/Demo/Engineer/Sniper/Spy. Will not accept unless they're overpays.
All the rest, I do like and will consider! Especially Medic.
Feel free to add me or even trade offers!
Cheers m8s
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Looking to 1:1 (For MW/FN) Star Crossed Isotope warpaint on a Medigun or the warpaint itself.
OR 85 keys.
Feel free to add me, or trade offers.
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As the title goes, this thing really hurts my actual eyes
This is actually a set I love and can sit with. Man, I don't mind having my pupils take one for the team to stare at it all day as I don't heal said team.
These two hats are the only hats for sale that aren't duped. Ain't that nice?
Gonzila has a spell that burns your toes. (Rotten Orange)
Beak is one of the few that are on sale that isn't duped, howbowda?
Together makes a damn bright white effect! Or a watermelon, two different people.
I will sell this AS A SET, together at 195. Unusual offers at 200+
Feel free to add me or comment here! Trade offers must add me, I don't want to decline something just for someone to be upset that I didn't give a fair chance.
Also: With a Unusual Medigun, this set will MAKE YOU BLIND FOR LIFE
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"The burning you feel? It is heals"
Mainly looking for my all time favorite hatte, Grimm.
Scorching, Stormy 13th, Secret, and Harvest Moon only.
Offering this clean short history Disco beat Down Crone. If anything, I have pure to add.
Feel free to add me, trade offer me, or comment down below.
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"Go Green!", says the RED mann.
Looking only for Scorching/Green Energy effects!
Unusual Medic weapons are also in search!
Anything dupe and or gifted will be cut in half.
Have 67 keys pure AT THE MOMENT, can get more if necessary.
Feel free to add me, trade offer, or comment here.
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Back way when, you had to have money to have such protection against the plague. Now, you ARE the plague!
Looking for 35 keys pure. Clean and has Spectral Spectrum!
Anything other than requires an overpay.
Feel free to add me, trade offer me, or comment here!
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1 of 1 apparently, please offer with care
Feel free to add me! Or offer here.
EDIT: Now Tradable! Feel free to send trade offers as well. Please keep it resonable!
Thanks Renriett, A.K.A Heartlyss for another year of luck!
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Green hotter than red? Unheard of.
Looking ONLY for Scorching or Green energy Medic hats, can be multi/all-class.
Pure keys are accepted as well.
These two beautys are up for grabs. Isotope Minigun can be thrown if necessary.
Feel free to add me or send me trade offers. I am negotiable!
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Getting plowed by a green spinny thing must be embarrassing...
This green drill THAT ALSO SHINES GREEN is on sale for 30 keys pure! Trade offers for this.
Any other item offers are up to 50 keys, add me to offer if this is the case.
Thank you!
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Stars across the blue sky!
Mostly Cool or Isotope, other ones are cool too :^)
Keep prices fair.
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Medic mains! Struggles are real!
*25% off for keys offers*
Selling this beautiful 1 of 1 Strange Heer's Helm that is painted and has 3 strange parts!
Mostly interested in Medic Unusuals/Sets/Weapons<Keys<Multi-class unusuals.
Keys pricing I have on is 200 for item offers, 150 for pure keys.
Overpay in other Single-class items!
Feel free to add me, message here, or trade offers!
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Payday is fun when you get paid.
Looking for specifically Medic Unusuals and his weapons.
100$ is my spending limit for now.
Feel free to add me or offer here.
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Damn, in September?
Flamethrower (Spec KS, 3 spensive parts) = 8 keys.
Shotty (Spec KS)= 3 keys
Jag= 1key. Sold!
In total as a set= 10 keys.
Feel free to add me, trade offer, or offer here!
Item offers overpay!
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Hey there!
As the trade implies, I am looking to sell my beautiful 1:1 very clean Strange Secret Heer's Helm with 3 strange parts painted Balaclava.
Price? am looking for about 380$, more depending on what where you want . 250$!
I will also accept keys! 150 pure! %
You go first to pay. If you feel skeptic, we can
Feel free to add me to discuss :^)
If you feel the need to offer literally anything else, I would ask for an overpay. Not much, but I am picky.
EDIT: Moved the Heer's to . Please add me or offer here if you have any questions/offers c:
https://mar...trange Link to Heer's.
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Tis' be 1 of 1 and clean, no worries of what lies hidden within it.
Super nice hat.
Something... strange about it, though.
Feel free to offer whatever, whenever, and however.
But I am interested in Medic unusual combos, or even a bundle of unusuals.
Goodluck tho
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It's that time again, fellas.
The Condor with the sunset makes you wish you were at a Condo at the sunset.
That Bubbling Neckwear is... Strange.
My asking price for Condor is 120 keys pure, will take offers.
Also for the Strange Neckwear is 80 keys, will also take offers.
Both super clean!
Feel free to add me, send trade offers, and or comment here.
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Rockets propelled by a sub-zero rocket launcher? Hell, I'd be honored.
I have 7 keys and or items to toss in the mix if that's the case.
This thing also has a Pro KS on it! How awesome is that?!
I am interested in plenty, but my focus is on keys, Medi-gun unusuals, Medic unusuals, unusual offers, or even Rocket upgrades.
My asking price is 60 keys, price is negotiable. Open to anything though, don't be scared!
Feel free to add me, comment here, or trade offer me!
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Hello to all and all a good hello
I am selling this amazing Unusual taunt with tiny cyclones that circle around you while you wait to be killed by the enemy that doesn't like to see waste of space on the server.
My asking price is about 60 keys pure, but I am also taking Aussie/Unusual Mediguns+ keys/Sweets OR Aussie/Unusual Rocket Launcher + Keys/Sweets. Negotiable.
Feel free to add me or trade offer, I don't check Outpost that much so it's recommended to do the other two.
Have a lovely day~
Tis' be the season to be... all geared out.
I am putting all these unusuals, for an amazing set for either Soldier/Medic!
Unusual weapon, U. Hat, U.misc to complete me a god-tier set!
The 3 hats shown above is mostly sought after by me, with effects:
Frostbite/Burning Flames/Scorching Flames/Starstorm/Energy.
But you can offer any of the 2 class specific or multiclass hat for any of these unusuals!
Unusual weapons can be any effect but I am searching for Cool/Isotope effect.
I am also selling for pure as well.
In-total for all these unusuals I have is about 325~
Feel free to add me, comment here, and or trade offer me!
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Ain't it fun?
Metal Slug: 65 keys pure/80 in Unusuals
Scotsman's Stove Pipe: 70 Keys/ 85 in Unusuals
Outdoorsman: 65 Keys/ 80 in Unusuals
Skullcracker: 80 Keys/ 100 in Unusuals
Vintage Tyrolean: 60 Keys/ 75 in Unusuals
I love All-class/Multi-class unusuals, top priority. Soldier and Medic are also up there, Unusual weapons is highly preferred.
Feel free to add me, offer here, or trade offers.
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Let me say: I am IN LOVE with this hat! So damn sexy
It's a god-tier hat with a pretty damn nice effect.
It goes perfectly with a witch theme!
I am mainly looking for offers, but they must WOW me if you want to pry this from my cold dead hands.
I will not consider offers under 350+ keys, but will take pure instantly.
Am planning to rename, desc, and paint this hat soon, who knows what it'll be.
Feel free to add me to discuss, but please don't send trade offers without talking to me first. That's rude, unless it's pure then you're being too generous.
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Looking to do a 1:1 for it, or 1:2 for the bandana and the paint can.
Will also do 6 keys pure.
Trade offers preferred, but you can add me.
  • Completed
This hat has been with me for a while and I love it, but times has changed.
I am selling this wonderful hat (Complete with 2 great spells) for a whopping 45 keys.
Other offers and such will need an increase payment, because I am in need of keys.
This hat is of course 1 of 1 in the world!
Feel free to add me, offer here, or send trade offers.
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"It's a beautiful day to save lives, everyone..."
This beautiful piece of gold is just beautiful, but sometimes you just gotta let go the ones you love. Quickly.
I am MOST INTERESTED in keys and unusuals with Starstorm effect. My main hunt is Lil' Bitey with really any effect!
In keys I am looking for 40 keys pure, an increase of other offers that aren't Starstorm or Lil' Bitey.
Feel free to add me, offer here, or send a trad e offer!
(I have 19 keys to add) FYI: Medi-Gun is on the market, just add me so I could remove it.
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I have heart and determination. I will try!
This Summer shades isn't Summer anymore, it became SPOOK SHADES!
Spells turn it to become Halloween Shades, screw sun and being social! I wanna hide eyes from the horrors of the dark.
Spectral Spectrum to show emotions and the footprints to show them that you're an angry demon with a Gibus.
Strange because those glasses ain't right, boy.
The price? A sacrifice of a bunny head. So I can use to strike fear in my enemies! On me head. That'll be merging with another hat. Don't judge...
Feel free to speak with the devil [Adding] or leave a love-hate letter on here. But I prefer adding because why not. I'm nice?!
B/O: A Max's (Any will do)/23Keys/Unusual offers

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"Well... Would you look at that?"
Heartlyss was my main motivation for this creation to be set into reality. I owe him a ton.
This is my FIRST EVER Unusual unbox and I should say, I screamed!
Unfortunately, So was many others. It's 1 of 5.
1 of 1 in the market anywhere though!
Since it is that, this is UNPRICED, but super clean for I am the origin!
I have NO price set WHAT so ever so don't ask me, just offer.
Feel free to offer here or add me, no trade offers!
New Edit~ No offers UNDER 250+ keys will be considered!
A hint: I love Starstorm Insomina/Slumber on All-class hats!
Hat is NOW tradable!
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Looking to sell this beautiful thing for 40 keys pure or unusual over of about 10+ keys more
Feel free to add me, offer here, or trade offers.
Thanks :3
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I'm sliding more into Medic and I want to make him the fanciest guy ever.
Beginning with the main-est of things he uses, the Medi-gun!
Aussie really makes everyone think you know your stuff and wants your heals! Not like they wanted it anyway...
It can be either regular or ONLY Professional Killstreak (No less than Pro)
Preferably one with Team Shine, Hot Rod, Vallinous Violet with Flames, Fire Horns, and Tornado.
Also plus X amount of keys (Depending on what is attached on the Medi-gun)
B/O 40 keys.
Please feel free to add me or offer here. No Trade offers!
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It's Halloween! somewhere.
This burning pumpkin is just the most important thing to a part, the pumpkin, the fire, and the mysterious person holding a burning man.
I am looking for other sorts of Pyro unusuals. Preferably something Halloween, but anything really. Flamethrower is a big one too, I'd love it being strange tho.
Max's is an option too, but you MUST add.
Soldier unusuals I am only really looking for the one, but offers are fine. Condors is my main one I will be searching for.
Medic unusuals, miscs only. Medi Gun is also a high search for, preferably strange.
My B/O: 40 keys/Anything above.
Feel free to add me, offer here, or send trade offers.
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Alright, let's give this one a go.
As far as I know, and what Backpack is telling me, it's 1 of 1 in the world with this effect and I hear it's one of the better recent Halloween effects.
Extremely clean, Heartlyss kept it cleaner than my life.
It has no price what so ever due to it being the only one, so I am curious to see what it would go for.
Please, do not add me or send trade offers because mostly likely I will decline them. Offer here

EDIT: Pricing is 90 keys as MY buyout. More in Unusuals.
If you have PURE, feel free to add me to discuss. Offers either here or add me, though I am picky with other offers.

UPDATE~~ 700+ views with 5 bookmarks and nothing?! Lordie lord.
UPDATE #2~~ It's getting close to that time of year, fellas. Where the skeletons spook and the ghosts boos, this glorious face hole thing will eventually get BIG, so, yeah that's gonna be cool. I think.
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I would like to do a 2:1 trade with this FT-Blue Mew Rocket with added parts,name tag equipped, and 1 key for a Strange FT-Shell shocker. Feel free to add me to discuss or to send a trade offer. (I have Mobile on so no need to worry for that 15 day wait.)
  • Completed
I honestly love this rocket but I feel to make me want it more it must be perfect.
I am wanting to upgrade the exterior for the Shell Shocker to Minimal Wear and to get that I am putting all the rockets (Except Sand) to have it
If you want something else than those rockets feel free to discuss about it.
if you want add me, comment here, or send a Trade Offer.
Thank you :3
  • Completed
Looking to do a 1:1 with this.
Only wanting a Strange Shell Shocker in Minimal-Wear or Field-tested. (Or a Sand Cannon in whatever wear, strange only.)
Feel free to add me or send a trade offer. <3
  • Completed
Looking to do 2:1 for either one of those (STRANGE) rockets in Field-Tested or Minimal Wear (In retrospect I probably won't get)
Feel free to add me or trade offer me.
Looking for ONLY Soldier unusuals!
I have 14 Pure and a (ALMOST) done Pro KS Fab kit for a Machina!
To be specific here on effects, I do not like 3rd gen EXECPT for C9 and Terror-Watt
Hats shown are hats that are mostly wanted, you can offer other hats however.
If you offer any other class I would expect to be a good quick sale.
I do not want Dupes or Gifted unusuals, again, I would expect a good price on it.
Feel free to add me or send a trade offer, thanks :3
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I loved this game so much I decided to make a badge.
I am offering stuff, and when I say stuff I mean either Tf2 stuff or Steam stuff
Don't make me over pay, you will get shot
I would prefer Trade Offers, but you can add me as well.
FOILS! That would depend on pricing you will give.
  • Completed
Lookin for offers on this beautiful hat
1 of 4 in the world and 1 of 2 on the market
Painted white and SUPER clean!
Looking for offers on whatever, also looking for Decorated weapons (Strange preferable)
Offer here please, or if you want to send me a trade offer.
  • Completed
Trading my Well-Worn Aqua Rocket Launcher with Stat Track for a Woodland Warrior that's STRANGE
I am adding keys depending on Exterior:
Battle Scarred 1:1 for my Rocket
Well-Worn 1: 2 My rocket and another Skinned item
Field Tested 1:2 Rocket and Key
Minimal Wear 1:3 Rocket and 2 keys
Factory New 1:4 All shown
Feel free to add me or trade offer me.
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Looking for an Earbud
3keys+10 ref
Please let it be clean c:
Add me or Trade offer
Looking for Quicksales!
As of the moment, I have 25 keys pure, not much to add.
I am ONLY looking for Pyro and Soldier unusuals (And maybe some Decorate stranges for those two classes)
Max's too for only 23 keys (Clean) if duped 21keys
Please do not offer anything else, because I am only wanting these two classes.
  • Completed
Lookin' for any offers for this beaut :3
This Max's is:
-Sorta long history but isn't duped
-Rare? Halloween spell that makes your feet hot so bad you wish they weren't on fire
-What else?

-All Class preferred but sorta picky on them
-Not interested with: Spy, Sniper, Heavy, Demo, Engineer, and Scout
-Mostly interested in: Ones not listed above (IE want Soldier/Pyro/ Medic)
- Multi-class is nice
-No Robo hats/effects (Besides Anti-Freeze and Robo active and Terror-Watt)
-No 3rd Gen (Except Cloud9

Offer me anything, but please restrain from spamming me with adds or trade offers :c Unless it's a good overpay, don't do it please.
I understand the Decorated weapons are new, so don't try to overprice it as such. Be reasonable, I won't overprice my stuff either.
EDIT: I took notice that more strange Decorated weapons are being big, I am taking interest into those. As said before, I am interested in Soldier/Pyro/Medic items. Just don't over price it for 1:1, mostly will do that if it's Factory new and stuff. If you have questions about this feel fre to add me.
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Selling these lovely Spec Killstreaks with nice sheens.
V.Uber Saw w/ Agonizing Emerald for 1 key
S.Spy-Cicle w/ Villainous Violet (1 spell) for 1 key SOLD!
S.F.Black Box w/ Villainous Violet (Renamed, Des, 2 spells) for 5 keys (SOLD)
I normally don't ask for item overpay, but since I am needing keys specifically I would need it. At least a key overpay in items
Add me or trade offer me!
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  • Completed
This hat is pretty damn amazing, I had my doubts and they were wrong.
Since I have two Medic unusuals, I would prefer to have another class or a Medic unusual Misc
Max's, +sweets if clean
What bout the hat?
-Super clean
-1/4 in the world
-1/2 on the market
-Has Spectral Spectrum
-Mid Tier

My B/o? About 11.5 buds= 50 Keys
I recommend offering here but feel free to add me or send trade offers.
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  • Completed
Looking to get a Spec KS Strange Festive Black box for my old one c:
I love Festives because lights, wrappings, ummm stuff says my Black box is worth 3.42 keys (dunno exact but that's it) so I am adding a ref to it c:
The parts are pretty expensive but I am willing to give it for what I am asking
No I will NOT 1:1 for your regular S.F.Black box, I will only do it if you add at least a key more to it.
Sheen? Preferably Hot Rod or Team Shine
Add me or trade offer me c:
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All those for that bud
I also have a lot of Robo parts if you want some
Add me or trade offer me
  • Completed
Offer me unusuals!
I just like to have another because I like them :3
Class I prefer are Medic, Soldier, MAYBE demo & Pyro, and multi classed hats

Offer here :3 Thank you ~
Sorry if I don't bump/check my post every one in a while, it's hot in Cali and I usually forget about this due to that. If you REALLY think your offer is good feel free to add me.
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I love spells, they're amazingly amazing.
I want spells on a Max's, why? Because most of my items I use have spells on them.
I can add some stuff for the spells, but I am not willing to add a lot.
Feel free to add me, Trade Offer me, or even comment here.
Looking mostly for a paint spell and a footprint spell.
Wow this is beautiful o:
What's inside this wonderful Arcana? Well, it has Ships In the Night gem. An amazing dark blue color
It's also autographed by pc cold :3
What do I want for it?
I mostly want any Pink version of this arcana, preferably Exalted. If not, you must add.
The other Arcanas? It only depends what you are offering. Not willing to 1:1 for another Arcana.
Offer here or trade offer me, please comment here or on my profile before adding me! I have over 50 request and I can never tell your profile is hacked or an actual account
Thank you!!

(If it doesn't show in my inventory, it's on the Steam Community Market)
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  • Completed
Looking for a 1:1 for ONLY the Deluxe Edition, if you don't have the Deluxe edition I would be willing to sell it for 2 copies of KF2
Add me or offer down here, The Arcana has Ships in The Night gem and is autographed.
  • Completed
All for that coat
It is cold
California is hot and cold, but mostly cold for said reasons
Send help
Coat is needed
Hat is black
Add me or trade offer me :3
EDIT: Sold the Kringle, will add another misc to fill in the Kringle. If you REALLY want it, I got a spare.
EDIT #2: Sold the Weight Room, can add another thing to replace it. If you REALLY want it, I got a spare.
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