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Looking for the totem or the zeus lightning bolt
All my keys
Looking for 30 cs go keys, more in TF2 :)
Looking for 29 cs keys or item overpay

NO TF2 Stuff :)
I'm looking to buy a cheap knife with my 15 keys :) So if you have something I'd be more than happy if you would offer it
The mighty bird demands to be bought ! Maybe you want him :) ?
Looking for a cheap knife, max 20 keys :)
1 key + ref for a a CS key :)
The mighty bird demands to be bought ! Maybe you want him :) ?
Selling for ~ 9-9.5 keys :)
I'm looking if 16 keys can get me a knife :) working on getting more but can't hurt to open this now can it ?
Looking for 1 -1 trades :)
Haunted Chicken Kiev for 3.25 keys :) let's do some trading
Looking for Binding of Isaac afterbirth > for 3-3,5 keys :)
Looking the DLC :) make me an offer and I will replay asap !
looking for offers
A nice cheap FoW :)
Looking for ~8keys for this lovely team colored horace with a chromatic Corruption spell !

Item offers are acceptable too :)
Just some earbuds to keys trading :)
2.5 keys for crate :)
Just send me a trade offer :)
I'm looking to sell this Archimedes Strangifier ( worth 11 on BP and SSCM ) for 9-10 keys

8 keys fast
10 keys > delayed
A haunted chicken kiev for 3.5 keys :)
I'm selling this Strange Professional Killstreak Overdose for 1,25 Keys +-( Singularity effect and violet sheen ), others are sold for 3 keys !
I prefer pure but offers can't hurt :)
Earbuds for three lovely keys :) just the usual thing
Up with it another one to go :)
Selling both of these lovely crates each for 2 keys :)
Selling this tasty sandwich for only 4.5 keys :)
Selling this strange original for only 5 keys :)
My Graybanns for only 12 refs :)
Selling for 12 ref, send a trade offer :)
Hey, I'm looking to sell this three strange weapon, offer me something and you might have one or more new weapons :) I'm not looking for a high price so I'd prefer pure but just offer me something and we will work something out !

Rocket launcher no longer available !

Scattergun only 7 ref :)
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Selling this strange scatter gun with scout and point blank kills for 14refs fast ^-^
Selling this australium gold painted nunhood for 8 refs :) pure offer or add