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Hi there! Selling a Pro Killstreak Classic Kit for 5 keys, grab it while you can!
Team Shine, Cerberal Discharge!
Will take 25% Overpay.
Send a trade offer, comment, and DON'T ADD or block!
Hi. I'm selling this Pro. Killstreak Classic kit for 4 keys, or item overpay by 20%.
Add me to negotiate BUT leave a comment below first.

Price is FIRM.
Good luck, happy trading.
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HI! Selling the B-eautiful Vintage Glengarry Bonnet painted in Australium Gold for 5 ref, or an item overpay - if an item overpay, please don't pay in haunted stuff. Feel free to add me if you want to.
Price is firm.

Good luck, and happy trading!
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Hi there! Selling the Conga taunt for 1 key, 1 ref, or a item overpay of around 50%.
Feel free to add, but DO NOT send links to join steam groups ETC as I will assume you're a phisher.
Price is non-negotiable.

Happy trading!
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Hi. Selling a Strange Spec. Killstreak Scattergun with a custom description, name, and a really cool effect for the bargain price of 1 key, or a 50% item overpay.
Put a comment below before you add me, or I will report you for phishing.

Happy trading!
Hi. Selling the [color=#Blue]Vintage Glengarry Bonnet[/color] painted [color=#Orange]Australium Gold[/color] for 5 REF, the Backpack.TF price. :) Trade me!
Hi. Selling these weapons for a scrap each. It's prefered that you don't add me for trading and just send a trade request, but if needed please do.

Happy trading. :)
Selling the King of Scotland for 2.44 or item overpay. Feel free to add if you want to negotiate.

Happy trading. :)