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Conga Taunt:
Rancho Relaxo: 8 ref
Conga: 7 ref
Strange Medigun: 1 ref
Send me a trade offer at https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=125257878&token=JqafJ8Cv

Any cs go skins are good as well.
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Cashing out all tf2 items to CS:GO!
Shoot me an offer for anything in my inventory for tf2 keys or cs go keys/skins.
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Hello TF2ers!
Let me ask you a few questions:
1:Are you dying in an avalanche of a certain hat?
2:Are you just trying to get that cheap unsellable hat that you just can’t get rid of?
3:Got any hats that you don't really want, but still want to seek a profit from it?

Well, here I am! I am here to buy YOUR trash craft hats for 1 healthy, good-looking ref! That's right! All your TRASH! I am willing to buy ANY FREAKING SHITTY craft hat for 1 ref, not including parasites or gibuses.

Add me or just shoot me an offer, I don't really care.

Happy outposting guys! Remember to be careful of phishers and shit!

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Selling for lower than backpack.tf price (10.88 ref SALE!). Add me, and give me a heads up in the comments section!
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Buying these cosmetics:

Merc's Muffler - 4.22
Snow Scoper - 4.77
Kringle Collection - 5.11
Sub Zero Suit - 11.55
Dogfighter - 5.55
All-Father - 8.66
Skullcap - 3.77
Cold Snap Coat - 11.11

Trade me here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=125257878&token=JqafJ8Cv
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Tossle Cap for 2.22 ref
Anger for 2 ref
Last breath for 4 ref
Villain's Veil for 3.33 ref

Friend me and tell me that you are buying below.
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Buying these items for following prices :

Awper hand - 2.33 ref
Sharp Dresser - 1.66 ref

I will buy multiple of each.
Items must be craftable, only paying prices above.
This trade is useful if you need pure quickly.

Friend me, and also tell me what you want to sell and that you added me down below.
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Sharp dresser: 2 ref (backpack.tf price)
Wanga prick: 0.33 ref

Add me and post a message below if you are interested!
Available for Individual sale.

Strange Flying Guillotine: 0.66 Ref (CHEAP!)
Bonedolier: 0.66 Ref (CHEAP!)
Lieutenant Bites: 2.66 Ref
Villain's Veil: 4.66 Ref
Ol Snaggle: 2 Ref SOLD!

Prices are negotiable.
Add me on steam if you want to buy.
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