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lookin for 80 pure, $145 USD over paypal, or other offers! send me a trade!
Looking for 45 keys pure, unusual offers of 50 or more keys, or $84 USD over paypal
90 keys pure or offers (will not go below 90 keys)
Looking for 85 keys pure, unusual offers of 90 or more keys, or $158 USD over paypal!
70 pure, 86 in unusuals or $133 paypal
Looking for pure/cash/unusual offers for this neat scout set!
Looking to sell these for pure/paypal or downgrade.

Baseball Bill's: 70 keys or $133 USD

I will buy keys for $1.87 USD!!!

I currently have 12 rep on for buying via paypal, 14 in total.

I prefer people with higher rep, that way i can go first and trust they'll follow through, but if you have less rep than i do, you must go first.

I am less likely to trade with you of you aren't in the US, unless your rep for paypal is good (25+)
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Selling these 4 scout unusuals for either paypal or keys/offers!!!!

1/1 Baseball Bill's sports shine: 60 keys or $120 USD

Forever 1/1 Bonzo Leadwear: 80-90 keys or $164-189 USD

Airdog/Bonkboy: These 2 are selling as a combo, no negotiation. This is the only strange neutron star airdog, and will always be the only strange one. I currently have an offer of 65 pure from a collector.

If you can do better, its yours.
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Taking offers on these two hatless unusuals.
The Bill's is 1 of 1, so I'm taking offers on it, leave me an offer in the chat or sent me an offer on steam. We ca negotiate if you would like, but I'm looking for over 50 keys.
The Ritzy Ricks is 55, and I'm currently the lowest seller, so send me an offer for that one as well
I'm looking to quicksell this sweet Morning Glory Danger for 110 keys pure or 120-130 in mixed offers!

I'm open to, and will consider, EVERY offer, no mater how unlikely you think it might be, so there's no harm in sending an offer if you would maybe consider having this hella sweet hat!
Looking to buy keys for $1.80 each!!! I have 2 trust for buying via paypal, and 1 for something unrelated!!!

If your trust is lower than mine, you MUST go first! if it's higher, I will go first!!!
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Taking offers on these 2 unpriced hats.

The neutron star is, and will always be, the only Strange Neutron Star Airdog, and the burning flames is the only one so far that is Strange

Since the Elf esteem is the counterpart of the big elfin deal, im looking for offers around 70 - 100 keys for it. Idk what to price the airdog for, its mainly for collectors i guess.
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I have the only Strange Neutron Star Airdog


Looking more for pure offers, but i might take unusual offers if they're pretty good.

Either leave a comment with your offer, or send me an offer on steam
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13 keys for the Stormy Storm Heavy Duty Rag, 32 keys for the Cloud 9 Burning Bandana, and 38 keys for the Only Strange Neutron Star Airdog there is.
I can take unusual offers, but i would prefer pure/aussie offers
Selling these 2 clean unusuals for 20 keys each! willing to take 2 cheaper unusuals, or a more expensive unusual! I'll also take items, depending on the items.
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Both clean, looking for 14 keys for the Rag, and at least 40 for the Strange Unusual Airdog, no other strange neutron star airdogs unboxed (that i have seen, if you can find one, link me to it, and i'll adjust the price accordingly ;) )
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Strange Unusual Airdog, taking offers currently
Taking offers on this new Strange Unusual Airdog. Tradeable in a week, unpriced.
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Looking to sell this Minimal Wear Sand Cannon for 6 keys. that's pretty low for a Minimal Wear Elite grade skin.
Trying to buy Overwatch, please help me out <3
Selling this unusual for 14 - 15 keys, it's clean.
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Taking offers, the only other seller is selling it for 30 keys, I'm willing to sell at, or around, 8 keys
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Selling the conquistador for 23 and the Bandana for 34

They're both really nice, but i think the Conquistador looks best with the Lone survivor and the Dead of Night, while the Bandana looks best with the sub-zero suit and most misc. for eyes!
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Selling for 60 keys! extremely nice hat!
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Selling this sweet baby for 60 keys!!! that's about 33% off!!!!!

EDIT:: Just found out it doesn't show what the skin is, which is a Warhawk Rocket Launcher.
A very nice looking unpriced unusual.

so far, I had an offer of a Potassium Bonnet(when it was 13 keys) and 35 keys = 48 keys.

Paying in mayflower crate keys is slightly cheaper, and I am taking Unusuals, depending on their hat and effect, that are worth more than, or equal to, 55 keys.
Taking offers, please
Every price here is negotiable. If i decline your offer, it's me politely saying i'm not interested in what you've offered. I may send a counteroffer, if you dont like that just re-send your original offer and i might re-consider!
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Clean, Medium History, nice effect! 3 keys Cheaper than it's worth!
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It's Clean, 4 person History, looks HELLA good on BLU. And it's a neat motherfrickin effect
Only 2 of these hats with this Theme effect exist, and the only other one is NOT strange and the owner is selling it at 200 keys, i am selling for considerably lower
I am looking to sell for around 130 keys, but i might go lower for a good offer.
If you want to buy it with Money, im looking for maybe $330 USD

I've already had 1 attempted Paypal scam. I check Trust Levels, so don't pull anything please..

IF PAYING IN MONEY, WE MUST USE A BUFFER, THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE (unless you're a highly trusted person on or a trusted middleman yourself, in which I will trust you)

Upon receiving payment in any form, I will most likely +rep you ;) wonk
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Clean! Newly All-Class, Themed, and Extremely Sexy ;) *wonk*

Selling it for 100 keys, or 120 keys in Unusuals, or 125 keys + sweets for items
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Salty Dog: Looking for 100 - 125 keys pure, maybe 140 in unusual/items + Sweets

Razor Cut: 40 - 46 keys pure, maybe 50 in Unusual/Items + Sweets

If i decline your offer or hide your post, it's just a polite refusal. You're welcome to try again every once in a while
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Stormy Storm Salty Dog: 110 Keys Pure
Tradable in a Week!
Selling at a Discount!

Taking offers also
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Wasted 5 keys Trading up for this piece of shit, someone please take it away from me...
31 keys or offers
I'm looking for Either these 2 Unusuals with these Exact effects, or ones like it with the same effect.

I'm looking specifically for Stormy Storm hats. but I'll still take other offers as long as it's a decent effect.

I have 34 keys in Stock
QUICKSELLING!!!!! 20% off!!!!

||| SCAMMERS SO FAR ||| --> 4

This unusual is Clean, and is 25% off!!!! get it now while you still can!

||Tempted scams for it|| --> 4
Memory Leak Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats

32 keys pure, or be 32 - 44 keys in Unusual(s) (varies depending on the hat, effect, history, etc), Or 38 - 48 keys in Items

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Memory Leak Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats

36 keys pure, or be 38 - 44 keys in Unusuals (varies depending on the hat, effect, history, etc), Or 48 - 52 keys in Items
selling** this sexy 36 key Unu for 35 keys pure or at least 40 keys unusual overpay, or at least 46 keys item** overpay.

3 man history, no shady people

**NOTE: If paying in items, the value of the items is not only price, but on how often people want them

**No, i am not interested in quickselling, so please do not bother.
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5.33 ref for the Rocket Launcher and 12.33 ref for the Knife
Buying Quicksell Unusuals!!!

Any hat for 8 - 9 keys

Buying dupes for 6 - 7 keys
Buying Quick-sell Multi-class Unusual Hats

25% - 35% off of the hats

-10% if the hat is Duped
anywhere from 14 - 18 keys for this unusual, but i wont pay above price unless it's got something good on it
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13.5 keys pure, i don't do quick trades and the paint isn't adding to the cost.