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You can have this when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. And even then, good luck! Because I will have glued it to my cold, dead hands
nothing less than 130
just looking at offers
Just offer
Please don't lowball
I prefer pure
Over pay in items if they're easy to sell
No longer has white paint

offers of 70 pure and above will be considered

Nice offers:
Helfire tam o shanter

Sold for a anti freeze hoc (i added most of my inventory)
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Max's head and keys:
Considering that I value this hat at around 80 keys (if you don't agree that's fine but piss off) and considering that max's heads are valued at around 30 keys currently, I would let this hat go for 50 keys and a max's head (preferably painted black)
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I've got metal and I'm buying most vintage weapons for .22 or .33 each
I don't want double ups so once i have one I'm not buying another

Leave an offer below and then add me

Have a nice day :)
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Just looking for offers:
I dont mind over pay in items
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Simple: 2:1
not really willing to barter but open to anything
add me
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Hi, I'm taking offers on this nice hat
Not that interested to sell but would sell for the right price

I am looking to get rid of this thing and am prepared to take basically any offer
I am looking for spy offers

No set price although I'm not going to sell for under 16 keys
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Im looking for a detective noir preferably with miami nights but will acept other affects with a little over pay
Pure I'm looking 20 keys
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metal offer or item over pay
add me
Looking for offers on these skins
Im not an idiot
The glock has a howling dawn sticker on it so keep that in mind

Before adding me put an offer below
7 ref = Dread Hiding Hood
5 ref = Black Box
Key or festive sniper rifle for both
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3 ref easy and fast
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Hi there
im looking to sell my whole tf2 backpack for a low end gut knife, flip knife or keys
please offer me bellow

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Hi, I'm looking for a low end flip knife or gut knife dont care what condition just as long as it is a flip or a gut knife

I'm offering my whole tf2 backpack

Thankyou for you time
Hi there,
I'm looking for a low end flipknife for the whole of my tf2 back back
Dont care what condition or type just absolutley any flip knife
Thank you for your time