very interested in these weaps with exorcism. strange only, willing to pay above market price (so long as you don't try and shark me with 6 keys for a 1 key item :ok_hand:)
just in time for christmas :^)
themed pyro unusual, not duped, b/o 60 pure or 65-75 in unusual overpay, depending on the unusuals offered.
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45 pure, 60 in overpay, although all offers are considered
Pure only: don't offer anything else
Launcher: 16 keys
Sticky Launcher: 7 keys
Medi Gun: 3 keys
Knife: 3 keys
Sniper: 5 keys
Robro: 5 keys
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No set B/O, looking for any and all offers

High-Tier Solly > High-Tier Demo > Pure > All-Class > Rest
25 pure = B/O
will consider all offers however
B/O = 80 keys pure
Scam attempts: 1
http://steamcommunity.com/id/frostsSz/ report this guy :^)
Kabuto is 1 of 2, with the other one for sale being the duped version of this hat for 65 keys pure. This kabuto shall also be 65 pure. or 80 in items, 90 in unusuals.
Razor Cut is 1 of 1, starting at 40 pure, costing 55 in items, and 60 in unusuals.
Special Offer: Buy both for the price of 95 pure, or 130 in unusuals :^)
Do not be afraid to offer. These prices are general guidelines, but i will consider every offer sent.
1 of 1 for sale, starting at 45 pure, or offers. expect to overpay accordingly
(keep accidentally closing the trade) only clean one on the market. 64 pure or overpay accordingly. open to all offers, soldier unusuals preferred.
very interested in a stattrak factory new autumn grenade launcher. Willing to pay up to 15 pure for one. If i don't have pure in my backpack add me and i'll pick up pure ASAP to purchase :^)
65 pure, or 85-90 in overpay depending on items offered
very interested in a stattrak factory new autumn grenade launcher. Willing to pay up to 15 pure for one. If i don't have pure in my backpack add me and i'll pick up pure ASAP to purchase :^)
7 keys 25 ref for a strange giger counter :^)
40 pure, price not firm, so taking offers too, expect to overpay accordingly, happy hunting
do not be afraid to offer, i take all offers into account
Edit: Very interested in a stattrak factory new grenade launcher and stickybomb launcher. will make some sort of special deal if either of these items are involved, contact me c:
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Not letting go for cheaper than 60 keys pure, or offers.

Edit: Very interested in a strange Potassium Bonnet, if anyone offers a strange bonnet i will only ask for 30 pure on top of the bonnet, costing a total of 50 keys in mixed.
Just to test for offers. Not willing to let go for any cheaper than 2 keys.
2.5 keys each, both for 4.5 keys. (jag is also festive)
Looking to sell. 26 keys pure (worth 28.97 on bp.tf) or overpay in items. expect to pay around the 30-35 key mark if overpaying in unusuals/items, etc.

cap quicksold for pure
elf esteem+gunslinger traded for aces high warpig

Don't be afraid to offer on any (or all) of them, expect to overpay depending on the quality of items you're offering.
Looking for a strange professional killstreak pumpkin bombs original. Willing to pay up to 20 keys pure. Killstreaker/sheen must be decent, and will pay 21 pure for the below combinations.
Will also pay 8 keys for just a pumpkin bombs strange original.
Fire horns/manndarin
Fire horns/team shine
edit: feel free to add me to discuss
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parts make me think this thing is worth around 9.5 keys pure, 11 in overpay xoxo
Looking for 20-ish keys, due to spells
Quickselling Professional Direct Hit + parts for 7 keys
Some hats, offers, no set B/O, will probably refer to BP.TF prices though
Got this nice little hat for semi-cheap
No b/o due to it being sold for varying prices, but i'd keep it around 70 keys, would split into two or three unusuals that add to 70 keys
Clean, 2-person history, me and the unboxer, none-duped
(Now tradeable)
Quickselling for three keys, or two keys and gift wrap
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Sniper - 1 key (Parts)
Wrench - 2 keys (Parts)
Or offer, i don't mind, both for 2.5 keys
Quickselling a professional launcher, hypno-beams and team shine for 10 keys, has pumpkin-bombs too. 10 keys can be in items, will go down to 8.5 keys if needed
Selling these for top BP.TF prices,
Unus is for offers, B/O is 27 keys
I'm still new to trading despite my hours on the game, so...
Selling random stuff
Sandvich Case = 1.5 keys
Wrangler = 1.2 keys
Breakdance = 1.1 keys
Original = Offer, backpack.tf recommends 9.91 keys, so B/O will be 8 keys
Happy trading folks, have a nice day,
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Will trade these hats for those items, add or trade offer i don't mind
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Selling for 1 key, Disregarding the price of the hat itself as it's pretty much nothing, add or trade offer i don't mind :>
Nice hat, ok history, non-duped, sniper misc so you can put any hat over it, looking for unusual overpay offers (Around 25 keys), this hat is worth 23.5 and really nice looking when paired with lots of cosmetics! (Try not to offer 3rd gens ples ;-;)
Selling this voodoo for 11 keys, has paint and you get a powerhouse case + that hat too just because they're there, overpay in items is also accepted, happy hunting :3 Not duped, i don't know much about it's history however
Noice hat, ok history, non-duped, B/O = 23.5 keys, offer away
Would also take two orbiting flames brainless buckets, don't ask why
Selling this beautiful hood for 12.5 ref,(9ref for hood + 50% of paint) the lowest it could be in the BP.TF price range, trade offer or add, either way is good with me
Knife is 4 keys (worth 4.32 according to BP.TF, if you want proof just ask) pure because of the killstreaks and parts, negotiate for beard as it is rare, trade offer for knife
3 keys pure or 5 keys item overpay , we can negotiate however just add if you wish to, trade offer otherwise
(It's a strange genuine camera beard)
(I got called a scammer after adding Jim, if you've been on the raffle page of Scrap.tf you probably heard of Jim at some point lmao http://prn...83dbjg)
3 keys pure or 5 keys item overpay (No that's not a mistake), we can negotiate however just add if you wish to, trade offer otherwise
(It's a strange genuine camera beard)
Selling these for BP.TF price, pocket raiders for 8 ref as they are level 100 and the backburner will be three keys+gift wrap, bat is 4.5 ref because of the spell
Selling this engi set for 7.5 keys, or 8.5 keys in item overpay, add if interested
2.3 Keys each
Selling for 14 keys
Looking for 4 keys for this bad boy, Pure
Selling this luxurious killstreak kit for 4 keys, it's a bargain. Send a trade offer if you want.
Looking to sell for 8 keys or overpay in items, add if you want to negotiate or trade <3
Looking for offers on these, had them for a while but it's time to move on
Add me if interested for negotiation :)
I have spare ref, gimme some offers on it :D
4 ref or 4.33 item overpay. You can add if you want to negotiate price